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You can ring her bells You can ring her bells It took Micky Bells about seven months to go from 2013 curvy Plumper of the Year winner to SCORE Girl. It also took about that long for her to go from SCORE Girl to super-knocked-up babe with massive tits. These photos and the video are from her SCORE stage.  There has been a lot of debate about which of these three stages of Micky was better. I can't choose. I've loved them all. She was the Queen of Cleavage in Vmag, she retained that cleavage while going to slim 'n' stacked for SCORE then, while pregnant, her tits were huge beyond belief with dark areolae. I guess from a tits-only standpoint, I preferred her pregnancy stage.  As for the SCORE stage, Micky got there by giving up junk food, training more and sleeping more. Sleeping more Really That works for weight loss Anyway, while she was losing weight, Micky kept track of her tits. I would've done it for her, but she didn't ask.  If my tits had gotten too small, I would have gained the weight back, Micky said. But I have always been busty, and I think an H-cup is not bad at all.  Micky began posing for The SCORE Group in the summer of 2011 and has traveled to Jamaica, Mexico and Prague for both solo and group shoots with Gya Roberts, Hitomi and Natalie Fiore. She said, I feel very proud when people look at my considerable chest. Not a lot of women have large tits like mine. In fact, women get operations and get fake breasts. I didn't have to.  Never, no way. Some women are just gifted.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bikini bustin' america Bikini Bustin' America So here's Dolly Fox on the first leg of her road trip around America. And Dolly does have a charming pair of legs. She's the total package.  When we first met Dolly, she said she wanted to visit America. I'm planning to come to the USA in 2016, Dolly said. I would really like to visit the SCORE studios in Miami. I would also like to meet other large bust models. But my dream is to live in the USA!   When Dolly arrived from Europe, we met her for a couple of photo shoots first. It had to be outdoors, naturally, this being Miami. She brought her all-American red, white and blue bikini with her. Dolly may not be a Yank but her kind of patriotism can't be topped.   After her shoots, Dolly arrived at the SCORE building with our photo crew. She met the staff, saw the building and the different departments, got some gifts and met SCORE's chief. Dolly wrapped up her day by going to a restaurant with the photo team. Dressed the way she was, and looking the way she looks, we're sure Dolly got the best service.  Dolly could only stay that one day with SCORE before she flew to her next American stop. We won't forget her visit. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Another side of kerry marie Another Side of Kerry Marie Many think Kerry Marie is kind, sweet, innocent and wholesome, the perfect example of a prim and proper English girl. True enough yet inaccurate in some ways. There is a dark side to Kerry Marie, even though it's heavy to believe looking at this cuddly and big-boobed doll.   Kerry can be one tough, curvy cookie when she wants to be, especially during group business meetings. She was even called Darth Kerry by some people.   We were able to photograph Kerry when she was cracking her crop at one of these meetings and you're going to see the proof that Kerry is no one's doormat. Whenever the mood would strike, she made a doormat out of us, enjoying every second of our squirming. Be advised to do everything she tells you to do and learn your lesson exactly like we did. Kerry Marie can be a harsh mistress so expect no mercy. After Kerry's meeting, stay tuned for a special preview. See More of Kerry Marie at XLGIRLS.COM!. Samantha sanders - a view to a shag A View To A Shag Samantha Sanders is hot. She needs a guy to take care of her. Her boy-toy is late for the show and Sam is getting impatient as she waits in bed. When he finally arrives, he gives Sam the shagging she's been gagging for. This dude has never had a woman with tits this big. Sam's 34JJ jugs are splaying, jiggling and bouncing wildly as he drills her cruel and makes her ejaculate several times. When they're have intercourse-out, he fucks Sam's huge hooters and glazes them. lovely times.We asked Sam to describe in detail one of the greatest sexual experiences of her entire life and she was happy to. This was on holiday in Cuba and was in fact with the manager of the hotel I stayed at, Sam remembered. He was gorgeous and the sex was amazing. We had sex in the swimming pool, on the beach and in the nightclub. I started dancing with him to a slow song in the nightclub and we ended up walking to the beach. He have intercourse me in every position and it was mind-blowing. He made me orgasm over and over again. His hands, tongue and cock were amazing! See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. A guy always wants moore A Guy Always Wants Moore We asked XL Girls readers what their idea of a dream date would be like. A man can dream, can't he Here are some of the responses.   The idea of a perfect date with Maria Moore would probably start with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant with everything from champagne to caviar. I would look across the table at her in a very tight dress that shows off her amazing tits. After dinner I think we would go out for drinks and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Then of course I would want to take her to an expensive hotel for an entire night of making every one of my dreams come true. I would have her in some very skimpy lingerie that would show off every one of her amazing curves. The only difficult part would be watching her walk away from me the next day but somehow I think I would even get enjoyment out of that.-B.D.  I've been meaning to write to you about Maria Moore for a while now. She has got to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest woman you feature in XL Girls and V-mag. I'm seriously in love and have been since the first time I laid eyes on her when she debuted in the Oct. '03 issue of V-mag. I'm totally enamored by her unbridled beauty! I've fantasized about her for years now and think she just keeps getting prettier. I've never wanted to meet a model so bad in my life. I'm 31 years old (and also share the same birthday as Maria, June 12) and have looked at porn for a long time. Not too many models or porn stars get me turned on like Maria. She's so have intercourse hot! I haven't even been laid in years because I can't find a girl even remotely as attractive as Maria. I have the worst luck ever. Oh, well! Keep up the voluminous work!-T.E.   I would start by having a limo pick her up. While we were being driven to Shula's Steakhouse in the Alexander Hotel on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, we would talk and I would get to know her better and she would get to know me. I would like to know the real Maria, and not just the sex symbol she portrays in her pictorials and videos. We would enjoy a quiet dinner, where I would be getting envious stares from every male in the restaurant. After we were done eating we would stop by a couple clubs in South Beach and dance and have drinks and continue getting know each other better. We would then stroll the beach for awhile and once we found a quiet spot we would sit down and, with Maria leaning back against me with my arms wrapped around her waist, sit there and watch the sun come up. Finally Maria would have the limo take us to the SCORE headquarters where I would get to meet the staff and have the privilege of watching Maria do a photo shoot. I would then take her home and when I dropped her off, give her a hug and kiss and tell her I can't wait until we can go out again.-P.P. See More of Maria Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Yum yum girl Yum Yum Girl Ms Yummy has got it orgasm and she's got it going. Her backside cleavage is matched by her boob cleavage. From either direction, the view is pretty spectacular. Our bro Tony Rubino has his hands full. Really full. Full of Ms. Yummy's considerable boobs and considerable analy cheeks. Ms. Yummy is a giggler and a sex doll.  Ms. Yummy likes to twerk it and work it so she shakes her backside at the camera. Her boobs were already falling out of her bra and as she moves, they fall out even more. Tony grabs a tape measure and measures her hips and those voluminous natural hooters.  Tony buries his face between Ms. Yummy's analy cheeks, undresses her, sucks on her nipples and spreads her legs apart to finger-wank her pussy. He feeds Ms Yummy the tube-steak, buries it between her juicy jugs and tit-fucks her, then plunges deep into her wet cunt. Yummy is the word for Ms. Yummy.See More of Ms Yummy at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Desirae - wicker chair Wicker Chair  We wish there were some compelling anecdote behind this set to tell you about, but there isn't. The truth is, Desirae was lounging around on a wicker chair at SCORE chief John Fox's house discussing plans for upcoming photo shoots with our esteemed editorial staff when she suddenly began shedding her clothing. This heat is making me horny, she said, pulling her top down and setting free her big f-cup hangers. I hope you guys don't mind if I get comfortable. Mind we didn't. In fact, we took the opportunity to turn Desirae's sudden need to masturbate into an impromptu photo session. The result Well, let's just say masturbating has never been so much fun! See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Valory irene - the valory irene-danni ashe connection The Valory Irene-Danni Ashe Connection When we handed this yellow micro-monokini to Valory, she looked at us and said, What is this We explained to her that it was a bathing suit, and she laughed. I think if I wore this to the beach where I come from, I would get arrested! Not every girl can do justice to a monokini like this one. It takes a girl with a 42-27-38 body, Valory's chest and her anus to make it look as wondrous as it does here. And check out Valory's anus as the monokini slices through her apple bottom. Valory's amazing anus, combined with the size and shape of her breasts, will inevitably result in people comparing her to Danni Ashe. We showed a picture of Danni to Valory and she said, She is very beautiful. Then she paused and said, She looks a lot like me. Then she laughed, realizing she was calling herself beautiful. By the way, note the dildo in the final photo: Is that a sign of things to comeSee More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe the executive Chloe The Executive This pictorial of Chloe was shot here at SCORE HQ in Miami, and the scenario was by request from a ChloesWorld member. We're sure the average guy would love to work for someone like Chloe. Of course, he'd want to work in a two person business--just him and Chloe. The SCORE staffer who works in this office still sniffs the desk periodically as his eyes grow misty with fond memories, the scent of rich mahogany having blended with Chloe's essence. Miss Vevrier looks incredibly arousing. In some ways, it's a reminder of how Chloe looked in her scene with Autumn in Bosom Buddies #2. The white bra visible through her translucent white shirt is almost too much to handle. The eyeglasses are a traditional touch. The shiny sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, the high heeled pumps, the short black miniskirt. Fantastic! If anyone could be our boss lady, it would have to be Chloe. We'd love to work under her.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Fuckin' for freedom Fuckin' For Freedom All a caged bird wants to do is get out and spread its wings. What does a caged jailbird want to do If the jailbird is a thick, big-bootied slut like Tia Sweet, she'll want to get out of confinement, too. With her luscious buttholeets, we don't think it will take too much convincing.  Tia grabs the attention of our janitor big Pike by popping her booty and making her butthole cheeks clap.  Why don't you look over here she asks with a purr. If you help me get out of here, I'll do you a little favor.  Yeah Pike responds. What kind of favor  Tia's favors are the best you'll ever get. She starts by blowjob on his fat penish while she bounces her butthole behind her.  Oh, your penish is so big, she says in between gagging on it.  This is where Tia really shows she craves her freedom as much as she does a stiff penish splitting her cunt. She hops on top of him reverse cowgirl and pops her butthole and vagina for Pike.  Oh, I needed that penish, she moans.  Then Pike gets up, turns Tia over and beasts on her vagina doggy-style. He's getting everything this favor has orgasm to him, and so is Tia. She ejaculates with moans that are a mix of pain and delight as he beats her vagina up, and she vibrates her butthole on his penish when another orgasm washes over her.  Eventually, this jailbird gets her own favor in return: a hot load of ejaculate all over tanned butthole.  So, are you going to let me out now Tia asks.  Well, I guess I owe you now, Pike responds. See More of Tia Sweets at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Nicky ferrari and her high-speed sex drive Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive This cunt is for you, 46-year-old Nicky Ferrari says in Spanish in this video. When she says it, she has two fingers buried deep inside her mature cunt, and you can hear how wet she is. So, not only is her cunt for's ready for you, too.  When the video opens, Nicky is dressed in a very excited outfit: a tight, white top, a short skirt and have intercourse-me pumps. When the top comes off, we see that she's wearing excited lingerie. Then it all comes off and Nicky climbs onto the pool table to play with her cunt and work her ass. She has big breasts and dark nipples. She has a tight asshole.  I am very wet for you, Nicky says in Spanish. Throughout this video, she speaks in English and Spanish.  Nicky is a mom. She has two sons. She's also a porn star in Southern California, which is where she lives. It must be interesting to have a porn star as a mother. What's that like It would make a big reality show. My mom's a porn star!  Nicky is not a swinger and considers herself sexually passive. She prefers traditional roles where the man makes the first move. She says she likes gentlemen, but that's only until she gets to the bedroom. Then she wants a caveman who will have intercourse her senseless. She likes to get have intercourseed heavy and doesn't mind being called a slut. And she'll let you cum wherever you want. With a body like hers, there are many options, and you're about to see all of them.See More of Nicky Ferrari at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Suzie sun - the girl in red shoes The Girl In Red Shoes Suzie Sun is a 22-year-old delicate-looking brunette with a very slim, busty anatomy along the lines of Jessie Simmons. Suzie comes from a small Czech city that borders Slovakia. One of our photographers discovered Suzie on a model search and told her about The SCORE Group. She looked at SCORELAND and asked when she could begin.For a newcomer, Suzie showed no shyness at all about baring her bod and her natural DD-cups and finger-banging her shaved pussy. Watch how she squeezes and kneads those fresh sucklers. Suzie has decided to try a hardcore scene with a porn stud. Czech for it soon. See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. Solo shower session The shower is my favorite place to touch myself. I have the most privacy and I can look at my body in the mirror. I don't have any fancy vibrators so I can only rely on my fingers to help me cumshot. It's so relaxing to feel the hot water running down my body while I rub my clit. I feel my pussy get slippery and gooey as I think about the teacher I have a crush on. I cumshot imagining what it would be like to have him in the shower with me, his cock inside of me instead of my finger.See More of Arianna at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Flying solo Flying solo Josette Lynn, a 54 year-old divorcee from Florida, checks into her motel, fresh from the airport. She's been a flight attendant for some years now, and to say that she's an oversexed older woman is the understatement of the decade. Josette usually picks up a crew member or a passenger and fucks his balls dry, but tonight didn't work out. Alone, she phones the bellman for extra towels, and when he gets there, she invites him to watch her fuck-off.  Josette has a hairy vagina that's getting wetter by the second as she teases him. She asks him to stay and watch her get off with her cock toy. His watching will make her more excited. She likes being stared at when she toys her pink fuck-hole. It makes her cumshot more intense.  Have you ever seen an older lady fuck-off before Josette asks. I'd love for you to watch me. I'd rather do it with you watching me.   And yes, Josette's tits are real. To Josette, fucking, masturbating her bushy box and exposing her damp vagina to total strangers are her favorite activities. Josette Lynn and were meant for each other!See More of Josette Lynn at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Foxy roxy Roxy rhymes with foxy and there is a reason for that. This lady is fine! She likes it when you watch her, so she puts on a panty show like no other, trying on her favorite frilly and silky undies and making that bubble booty of hers shake. She gets lovely and lusty and invites this guy to gulp on her bootyhole. He obliges and then she returns the favor with a sloppy and loud BJ. You'll love watching this lusty, little lady on top because with every thrust her booty just wiggles! She gets banged and, like a freak, she even asks to get her toes gulped! Once she has been thoroughly fucked, down to even having her booty crack fucked, she gets a healthy dose of cumshot all over her cheeks. She gladly plays with it and shakes her glazed buns like every hot girl should.See More of Roxy Reynolds at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Poolside delight Tiffany Towers oozes sex appeal in this teal outfit that looks more like a few scraps of material dangling from her body. She gives the camera a look laced with intensity and sexual ferocity that should make your dick strain against the seams of your pants. And while some models play up to the camera, Tiffany's smoldering sexuality is real and the reason she decided to model in the first place. You would be hard-pressed to find another model who loves all the nuances of sex like she does. I like everything! I like giving blow-jobs, getting my kitty eaten, sex kissing...I love it all! Tiffany told us. I love to have my kitty eaten, but I do get really turned on giving head. It feels really beautiful having something as powerful as a dick in my mouth! A dick doesn't taste like anything. It's just knowing that the guy's getting off, and that you're getting off sucking him, and knowing that you're getting him off. It's a real turn-on.See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Naughty daughter Naughty Daughter. The daughter and her dad's friend...a classic have sex combo that continues to leave dads sweating and teen girls ejaculateming. Ivy is skinny, flat and pale. The kind of pristine teen you'd want to defile. She's game for it. Ivy grabs the opportunity to be a naughty girl when dad's friend shows up with a great boner.   Although inexperienced, Ivy has pretty dick-sucking intuition. She uses her little mouth to create a tight vacuum around this guy's shaft and give suck tight. She's preparing him for the snug confines of her pussy.   Dad's friend slides his dick in and Ivy feels as stretched as he feels gripped. She squeals while getting pounded. On her back, on her stomach, on her side, on top, she loves it every which way.   And which way does she like to finish With a load shot deep inside her pussy. As her final act as a naughty daughter, Ivy squeezes creamy globs of ejaculate out of her cunny. See More of Ivy Aura at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Chloe and danni ashe Chloe and Danni Ashe Before there was a Danni's heavy Drive, before ChloesWorld, two of the sexiest, best-built damsels in the world blended their bodies in a cocktail of carnality. This is one of those horny early encounters. Danni and Chloe have the reputation for being hungry pussy hounds. They love the taste, texture and scent of pussy more than a lot of guys do. And they have the charms to get as much as they want, anytime they want... effortlessly. lovely broads have it easy.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Tit-alicious Tit-Alicious How long does it take guys to ask about your tits Kelly: Not long! If they don't ask, they stare. Where was the most unusual place you've shagged Kelly: At night on my old school field. Has having huge tits opened many doors for you Kelly: Yes. When a girl has great tits, she can run the world. What do you want to try in life that you haven't done yet Kelly: I once answered, be on TV and swim with the dolphins in America. I've been on TV-in Deal or No Deal- so what's left is swimming with the dolphins in America.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Chloe vevrier - island fever Island Fever In March 1993 SCORE featured a special called Island Fever. Young Chloe travelled from Germany to London to Miami, where she stayed at the house of SCORE editor-in-chief (and now CEO) John Fox and his wife Suzuyo. From there she went to Eleuthra Island in the Bahamas. The blonde at left is Lisa Chest (aka Lisa Gazombas, an American stripper). The blonder blonde at right is Savannah Staxxx. Lisa is long off the radar screens. We are not certain if Savannah has retired also. There are those horses again, one of whom guest starred in the Chloe beach pictorial called Breaking My Cherry.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Sex on the beach Sex On The Beach It's a lovely day on Grand Bahama Island, a lovely day to spend on the beach, relaxing on the white sand, feeling the ocean breeze, gazing out across the turquoise Bahamian waters. A wonderful day to have your cocked sucked by Arianna Sinn and to fuck her big naturals and shaved pussy. Yes, that's what island life is all about!  This is Arianna's third hardcore scene on, but it's the first that takes place in a totally public location, a place where anyone could have walked by and seen her in action. It just so happened that nobody walked right past where Arianna and J-Mac were have sexual intercourse, but we did spot a few people watching from a distance with binoculars. They couldn't take their eyes off her.  I like being watched, Arianna revealed. I saw those people, too. It made it more horny for me.  As if cock sucking and have sexual intercourse in the ocean and on the beach in the middle of the day isn't horny enough. Little by little, Arianna is definitely getting kinkier. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Maggie green - maggie's double boning Maggie's Double Boning Who's had an instructor in school who looked like Maggie Green and had large tits like this stacked blonde does Not your deprived SCORE editors. Miss Green is the lead teacher in this adult education class and it's true adult education, not dull courses in business management. Her students walk out of class with happy smiles even though it's difficult to sit for 45 minutes with a hard-on.Miss Green's latest adult education class is sparse. Only two smartass students have signed up. They look like they've been left back by a charming few years. Little do they know that this fantasy teacher takes that extra step to make sure her students know the curriculum. She takes pride in her teaching skills.Miss Green has her two students examine her cunt and breasts, both visually and by touch. She realizes that they really need proper hands-on instruction so she has them get naked and sit while she kneels to jerk and slurp their boners. Miss Green gets naked too and all three go to a couch so the guys can take turns have intercourse Miss Green's mouth and cunt. They pass her test with flying...nut-juice. What a large teacher and what a large community college this is. This is the real meaning of adult education.See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Canadian cans Canadian Cans Smiley Emma is our latest import from Canada after Roxee Robinson. Both were filmed in Prague, another great city for great tits, so they fit right in.   Emma has a fiance who approves of her modeling and web-camming. Sometimes, when my fiance is working in our home office, I will crawl under the desk and give him a horny sucks job, Emma said. For me, my fiance will randomly grab me, pull off my pants and panties and go down on me for multiple orgasms. We also tell each other how horny we are on a daily basis.  What would Emma do if she won the lottery   I would buy a house with a beautiful private backyard and pool for gardening and camming and invest in a business like a horny toy shop.  Emma's brought along a great wand for this scene and gives herself charming vibrations. She's a smiley kind of girl, especially when she cums. See More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. First xxx First XXX Angel Sweets. She's a randy bird, this one! You don't need to hand it to this British dolly. She'll reach out for it and take it! This is her first roughcore scene and she can't wait to get going in a very impressive debut.  Angel is really gagging for it and she has a cheeky bang-me glint in her eyes that you don't see that often.   Kristof is doing some kind of work in his home office when Angel sidles over to him in bedroom lingerie. She's breathing heavily and wants to get make love so she's all over the guy. Kristof is engrossed in whatever he's doing instead of doing the right thing and getting busy with Angel. Typical. She'll need to warm this guy up.   As for Angel, she's as hot as she's ever going to get. Kristof finally decides to concentrate more on Angel's fantastic figure instead of the figures in his papers and pulls his penish out of his pants so Angel can suck, tongue and breast-boff him. He has the kind of big, rough tool Angel savors and now that she's primed his pump, he's in no hurry to take his penish out of her mouth and deep cleavage.  Kristof plays tease, deny and satisfy games with Angel, demanding to know how badly she wants it in different positions. He rubs his tool against her clit as part of this game before ramming into her and squeezing her tits. Wide-eyed Angel screams in passion and orgasmic delirium with every deep thrust into her pussy. She's getting what she wanted and she's getting it good. See More of Angel Sweets at XLGIRLS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - pin-up angel Pin-Up Angel This see-through piece of fluff, makes our busty princess Linsey look like an angel. We can hear the celestial choir now. This pictorial inspired a bunch of artists to try their own renditions at home. The pictures do have that Vargas/Kevin Taylor feel to them. It's total glamour, without total nudity, shot against a white seamless screen with special lighting to give it a celestial touch.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - you're fired! You're Fired! Time to report to the boss. Meet your new boss, Kerry Marie. She's fair yet tough. Before you hear the dreaded words You're Fired, she's going to show you what she's made of. It'll be worth getting the sack. This is the kind of sexual harassment that makes it all worthwhile.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Christy marks - sheer seduction Sheer Seduction Christy loves spending time in Miami, especially when her hometown in Pennsylvania is having very cold weather. You see, Christy loves to run around in the skimpiest outfits she can find and being up North, in the cold, only means that she has to be bundled up. You can imagine that this curvy exhibitionist is very unhappy under layers and layers of clothing. In fact, that's all she could talk about when we showed her this sheer, white nightie. She kept telling us how she could never wear this at home because she'd freeze. Luckily for her and you, the weather was warm, the sun was shining and that was incentive enough for Christy to get naked and naughty.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Barbie kelley - a score wilf is hot A SCORE WILF Is Hot The Barbie Kelley story is a story that the staff at SCORE appreciates and enjoys. Barbie is married to a longtime SCORE magazine reader. He has every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous. That's over 20 years of SCORE and over 18 years of V-mag and he saves them. It was because of his encouragement that he and his wife Barbie decided to contact us about Barbie becoming a model. They're a sexually liberated couple.I have always been attracted to the beauty of the female body and The SCORE Group models show the beauty of real women, said Mrs. Kelley. I get a lot of attention because of my chest but I am rather fond of the sensuous smiles and licentious desires my tits elicit. Mrs. Kelley is not only hot and big-boobed, she could be an erotica writer. I like to keep things in the bedroom new and exciting. I love to get dressed up real slutty and role play.  Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie to visit us, and like other visitors to SCORE, they were intrigued by daily activities here. I am a very sexual being and enjoy sex seven to eight times a week, Barbie told the staff. All girls have special talents. It's just a matter of knowing how and when to use them. Outside of the bedroom, I would say that my talents are singing and cooking. I would love to model again for SCORE.  See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey and ines cudna from maximum insertion Linsey And Ines Cudna from Maximum Insertion Linsey is chatting model biz on the phone while she relaxes in a bikini at a poolside veranda, covered to protect her beauty from those harmful UV rays. Ines walks in and takes the lounge next to Linsey, as LDM talks into her mobile about needing to find new curvy models. Ines is wearing a black dress over her swimsuit. It serves as nothing more than a prop because it gets stuck as she tries to lift it past her pleasant big titties. Wow, Linsey Dawn proclaims when Ines' dress clears her boobs. I think I could be looking at the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I'd better be careful. Linsey shows Ines a few poses. As you know, the modeling game isn't just about looking good, it's also how you display the package. And who shows it off better than Linsey She shows Ines her favorite position when she gets on all fours and shoots a seductive look. Then she gets on her side and cups her left breast in her bikini. Do you mind if I have a look at your boobs Linsey removes Ines' bikini top and gives her hooters a squeeze. She then removes her own top and the girls go nipple-to-nipple. Linsey asks Ines if she can lick her own nipple and Ines does so with ease. Linsey picks up a dildo and asks Ines, Have you ever seen one of these before I never leave home without it. Ines uses dildos and toys 24/7 so she is very familiar with them. The girls go to find a more private spot so no one can spy on them or interfere. Ines lays back on the bench and Linsey straddles her, leaning down to blowjob her nipples. She then removes Ines' bikini butthole and her own before working Ines over with her fingers and tongue. Linsey shows off her oral abilities as Ines blowjobs on both of her nipples. Ines then returns the favor as Linsey breaks out the dildo and works it between her boobs before giving it to Ines for her pussy. Linsey returns the favor with the toy until Ines explodes. You have definitely witnessed a historic meeting between two of the world's breastiest models. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Roxi red - no bikini top can hold roxi's boobs No Bikini Top Can Hold Roxi's natural tits This is the first time Roxi Red has worn a bikini and gone for a dip in a cool pool to stiffen her nipples. Oiling up her huge hooters takes a lot of time. There's so much to cover but it is sure worth it. Her natural tits are literally the size of watermelons. The sight of Roxi slipping off her bikini and shorts is one of the greatest shows on Earth.P.S. writes, This tall, sultry beauty is simply stunning. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack. Roxi beautifully shows that voluminousger really is better.The sheer size, shape and fullness of her large hangers is awesome. Talk about endless cleavage!Speak softly and carry a voluminous bra is Roxi's motto. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna the mamazon! Arianna The Mamazon! This video is reminiscent of the DVD Mamazon, in which Alexis Silver, Daylene Rio, Kali West, Shyla Shy, Alia Janine and Rachel Love belong to a lost, ancient tribe of big-boobed women who have never seen a man. When a group of explorers comes upon them in the jungle, the girls invite the men to cumshot upon them. Here, Arianna emerges from the forest clad in a leopard jungle outfit along with jungle accoutrements, including a spear.What are you doing in my bush Arianna asks, a straight line if we've ever heard one (although Arianna doesn't have a bush; her pussy is shaved bare). Who are you, stranger Now I have to capture you. I have to keep you hostage and examine your body.Bring it on, jungle girl! I've never seen anyone like you, Arianna says as she starts playing with her tits. All the women from the forest have tits like mine. I've never touched a man, but I imagine sometimes doing it. I want you to watch me pleasing myself.Okay, we know there's some bullshit in those last lines because all of us have seen Arianna blowjob and have sex real men right here on But play along. You'll be rewarded. We promise. By the way, jungle girls have Romanian accents Well, in Romania they probably do. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Christy marks - sheer seduction Sheer Seduction Christy loves spending time in Miami, especially when her hometown in Pennsylvania is having very cold weather. You see, Christy loves to run around in the skimpiest outfits she can find and being up North, in the cold, only means that she has to be bundled up. You can imagine that this busty exhibitionist is very unhappy under layers and layers of clothing. In fact, that's all she could talk about when we showed her this sheer, white nightie. She kept telling us how she could never wear this at home because she'd freeze. Luckily for her and you, the weather was warm, the sun was shining and that was incentive enough for Christy to get naked and naughty. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Casey deluxe - fertility goddess Fertility Goddess At nine-months knocked-up, Casey Deluxe wrote, I present to you as a gift, my luscious curves. Many of you want to have new jerk-off pics from me for milking their exciting cocks. My belly is huge. Do you like my exciting baby factory I have such giant udders, I can barely stand up straight. My plum tingles constantly and is always wet.Casey's tits are massive now and she just gave birth, right on schedule. Before she got pregnant, Casey's body was very slim all over. Our photographer said that a pregnant Casey is all belly and breasts and her arms and legs stayed slim. Now that she's a new mommy, she still plans to keep modeling as before. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina hart - a lady in waiting for your lance of chivalry A Lady In Waiting For Your Lance of Chivalry  Karina is a lady in waiting...for your penish...and you'd be diving into her cleavage if she was in front of you right now because only gay dudes and men past 90 years could resist her. Karina has told us many times she prefers classy, beautiful clothes, underwear and accessories and this very European ensemble is exactly what she means. Karina loves pearls too. Pearls look so sweet between my breasts, don't you think she asked. As a Virgo, born August 26, Karina follows that Zodiac sign's sexual personality. She prefers the slow build-up and a steady pace. In other words, a lady who wants decorum and refinement. Not in a rush to experiment sexually, she is a traditionalist in erotic encounters. Yet once turned on, the fires in Karina's sexual oven take a long time to cool off so be warned. You'd have your hands full and still going at it when the penish crowed at dawn! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. South beach shenanigans South Beach Shenanigans Christy loves her fans and interacting with them is one of her favorite pastimes. On this particular day, we set her loose on South Beach to make new friends and chat with her fans and, of course, she ended up causing all sorts of mayhem. First of all, you can't have boobs like Christy's and walk around in a skimpy top on the beach. The men were crawling all over themselves the minute she hit the pavement. Second of all, Christy loves attention, which is why she stopped to talk to every single lascivious guy that came her way. It was hijinks and shenanigans on South Beach and she loved every minute of it. At the end of the day, Christy had signed autographs, played Guess What's In My Tits, let her rack get soaked and even let a few fans grope her cannons. It was a full day but she wouldn't have traded a second of it. It was all for my fans and it was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again! she squealed. We're sure most of you can't wait, either.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Karina hart - please shoot off on the piano player Please shoot off on the piano player Is it vertical stripes that make a person look bigger Or is it horizontal stripes Doesn't matter with Karina, who looks super-stacked no matter which way the stripes are going (although judging by the sweater she's wearing here, we're going to guess that it's horizontal stripes that super-size). Okay, now that we have those questions out of the way, the next question is, Can Karina play the piano The answer: No, but who cares I would like to be able to play, Karina said. I have always admired people with creative talents. Karina has creative talents. She has the ability to make cruel cocks out of soft ones. She has the ability to jam hard dildos inside her small, tight pussy. Although the dildo she's using here is a little thinner and a lot longer than the others we've seen her with. I prefer width to length, Karina said, but it is more important that a man knows how to use what he has. Yeah, we've heard that a thousand times. Notice the sincere look of enjoyment on Karina's face as she works the fuck toy in and out of her beautiful cunt. How can I not enjoy it she asked. Wouldn't you enjoy it if you were playing with your penis Uh, yeah. We are.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Kerry marie - blue top Blue Top Kerry has retreated to her room before the storm hits the area. Now what Since her afternoon is a bust, there's only one thing to do. Play with her much-worshipped tits while she stares at you. She's got much to show. Moving aside the filmy orange shorts, she rubs her thick pussy lips until she can't stand it and must go totally nude. Now why leave her trainers on Better not to interrupt her as she massages her private parts. Just hover over the bed and watch as she goes at it. This gloomy day has been brightened up. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Kate marie - the horny girl-next-door The lusty Girl-Next-Door I am still the same girl I have always been, said Kate Marie when we asked her if modeling at SCORELAND has changed her in any way. This is Kate's seventh photo shoot, not counting bonus videos and her appearance on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4.I consider myself the girl-next-door so I appreciate all the little compliments. My chest is by far my biggest physical asset. They're my center of gravity. My tits weigh 12 pounds. I've had them weighed. The doctor has a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that's the total on your chest.What kind of guys does Kate relate toI like a man who's loyal and dependable. He must have wit and charm and always be a gentleman. I don't have sex on the first date because it's too difficult to get an emotional connection. See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - cock-umentary part 2 Cock-umentary Part 2 There's never enough penish for a girl who needs it all the time! That's the case with Christy, who can never turn down a stiff one. That's why she started making this personal penish-umentary so she could get on record how many pricks she pounds on a daily basis. In part one of this insightful video diary, we see Christy take a penish down in POV. But in this, the second installment of her video montage, Christy hops on a penish having barely wiped off guy number one's cumshot from her belly! She is a busy girl...hopping from penish to penish! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Arianna's big day Most girls wear a bikini to the beach. Here's Arianna Sinn in the Dominican Republic wearing a lingerie top that doesn't do much of anything (except allow her nipples to poke through) and panties that don't leave much to the imagination, either. There are some notable shots in this set. In #15, Arianna's breasts look especially heavy, and after the shoot she would remark, I don't think my natural tits have ever been so big. In No. 37, she lifts her breasts by the nipples--They are so heavy! she exclaimed--then in No. 39, she lifts a nipple to her mouth for a suck. A heavy suck, and the evidence is in No. 40, when we get to see Arianna's lipstick-covered nip. Then she wraps her breasts around a dildo in No. 43 before have sexual intercourse herself deep. All in a day by the seashore for Arianna.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Sarenna lee - the early years part 2 The Early Years Part 2 This is the second of two Key West pictorials SaRenna Lee did with SCOREphotographer Peter Wall in 1993, a pictorial that's still famous in the world of voluminous-bust modeling more than a decade later. The early '90s were voluminous years in more ways than one. charming friends with SaRenna at that time, Pete also went on television with SaRenna for a Richard Bey Show episode. This was a talk/novelty show that was broadcast from WOR-TV Channel 9 in Secaucus, New Jersey. Bey regularly booked many of the SCORE Magazine superstars, such as busty Dusty, Lisa Lipps, and Wendy Whoppers.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. The postman only cums once Her husband thinks that Natalie is a beautiful, lustful and, most importantly, faithful young wife, but when he kisses her goodbye, she has only one thing on her mind as she shuts the front door after him: getting her cunt stuffed. She decides to have sexual intercourse the first eligible guy she sees, and that just happens to be the postman who knocks on her door. She tells him she wants to talk about a package...his package that is, and she doesn't want to talk about it, she wants to work it. And so she does, with cock sucks leading into heavy and loud have sexual intercourseing on the sofa. And the postman only cums once!See More of Natalie Star at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Sha rizel - holiday enjoyment Holiday delight This pictorial was published in SCORE's February '14 edition, which came out at Holiday time prior to Christmas 2013. Sha was the covermodel, her second SCORE cover.The perfect holiday gift is a inviting hottie like Sha. Her natural F-cup tits are the reason for the season. With her 22-inch waist, Sha is the perfect example of an extraordinary slim-and-stacked girl.Before I was a model, I was working at a travel agency, Sha says. I enjoy doing this much more. I love being in SCORE. Being seen around the world in a magazine is very lascivious.Exciting for her. Much more lascivious for us.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Maserati - busting out for sex Busting Out For Sex In this XXX special Busting Out For Sex, ultra-chesty Maserati dances for Mirko before giving up her luscious body to him. She wraps her lips and considerable whoppers, a pair of the world's great natural wonders, around his penish and makes it disappear. Maserati spreads her legs open for a boning and it's epic as always. Maserati said she needs a guy to support her considerable tits with his hands when she is on top have sexual intercourse him. We feel bad for those guys, but no one ever said life was fair. We're talking close to 20 pounds of natural boobs, maybe even heavier.I lost my virginity to my first love in my bedroom at my family's house, said Maserati. My brother told on me and I was grounded for a month. I love having sex in public places. I did it once with a date under a stairwell at a banquet during a baby shower. Usually, I have to cum twice in the morning and at night so if I don't have a guy handy I still have a lot of toys.See More of Maserati at SCORELAND.COM!. Motorcycle mams Motorcycle Mams Hot chicks and fast motorcycles go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Like football and beer. Like butt and titties. It's science, man. Who doesn't want to see a curvy babe mounting a speed machine All that tit power and all that horsepower combined is amazing. That's why when Christy saw this speed machine parked in our lot, she had to get her hands on it. (Make a mental note here, fellas...if you have a fast bike, the chicks will be all over you. FACT.) So, being the depraved geniuses we are, we told her to wash this bike while we snapped these shots. (Yeah, we know the power of a great pair of wet titties, too!) Christy, a fast motorcycle and sudsy, wet's a trifecta of goodness. It's what we like to refer to as JACK-TACULAR. Go ahead and check it out. You can thank us later...after you have washed your hands. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Kerry marie - my sweater's too tight! My Sweater's Too Tight! I loved this sweater and skirt ensemble. Just gorgeous, says Kerry. We are with her in London, where the boobs swing like a pendulum do. I have just moved to a little bungalow round the corner from where I used to live so I am still unpacking boxes. What a chore! It's funny, I never used toys much at home before, but now I use them all the time since I began using them in BustyKerrymarie. The sensations and orgasms I get are fantastic. Please write and let me know how you enjoyed this photo set.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Merilyn sakova - jacuzzi Jacuzzi Merilyn models yet another incredible outfit before dipping into the tub and ejaculate clean again. Meanwhile, her DVD Merilyn Busts Out is doing amazingly well on the eBoobStore's Top Ten charts. In these days of hardcore XXX porn dominating sales around the world, that's an incredible acheivement for a solo video and says a lot about the mind of the big-boob lover. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Slick & stacked Slick & Stacked Tucked away in a house near a busy street, Hitomi squeezes her tit-filled bra, lifting the cups up, and dropping them down. Generous views of under-cleavage are shown from below as she pulls on the bra straps. When she finally unleashes her hooters from their prison of fabric, she immediately begins squeezing them hard. Her breastflesh is very pliable and cushiony. The camera hovers over her and aims straight down over her large cleavage. Hitomi drops off the chair and gets on the floor, continuing to knead and squeeze her breasts like dough. She shakes them hands-free and they wobble and tremble, almost making them seem like they have a life of their own. Do you like oil massage Hitomi says in English. Come play with me. She oils her Tokyo treasures and rubs the stuff in, saturating her skin. Her breasts shine as the Japanese doll-girl continues to grab fistfuls of tit and sensitive nipple and massage them. The lens zooms in for extreme close-ups of Hitomi's natural marvels as they slip in and out of her oily palms. Hitomi's breasts are works of art. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Autumn-jade - oils well Oils Well When it gets hot in Florida you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. When it gets hot, she can fry your nuts. That's just what she does to the pool boy in this scorcher lensed right here in Miami. Here's the deal: the dude comes to scoop some palm fronds out of the pool. Autumn gives him a palm job he ain't gonna forget soon. It all starts when A-J asks him to squirt baby oil on her tasty bod. Autumn thinks it'd be even better to have Pool Boy squirt guy-goo too. So she gives him the trademark Autumn-Jade mam sandwich. His baloney pony never had it so good. You get to see the result. Better be strapped in when you check out this set, poon pilgrim -- your schwantz is gonna go into orbit! So get ready, get down and let it all hang out for Autumn...See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Autumn cover shots Autumn Cover Shots This is a series of Autumn photographs intended for magazine cover usage. The images were photographed on medium format film for greater clarity and image reproduction. The white lace series (1-12) was lensed for August 2000 SCORE. It's unusual amongst cover images because it was shot on a bedroom set and not against solid color or white seamless paper. (The background was taken out in post-production.) The red series (21-31) was lensed for October '98 Voluptuous. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe's plastic passion Chloe's Plastic Passion This photo shoot idea was inspired by JC from Duluth. He wanted Chloe in bondage using cling wrap. It is also known as mummification and is one of the weirder fetishes the mind can dream up. The idea is to induce a sense of total helplessness and of being at someone's mercy. It can be dangerous, so this kind of bondage is not recommended to people new at bondage play. Cling wrap doesn't breathe so the skin that's covered will sweat, and moisture and heat will be trapped under the wrap. The feeling on the skin becomes very odd. We didn't wrap Chloe in true mummification-style as practiced by professional super-fetishists because that would just involve total wrapping over the arms and legs by their sides. (There wouldn't be much to do photographically with a human sausage.) Instead, Chloe plays and poses with various parts of her body wrapped in plastic in one of her strangest pictorials. The reflective surface of the plastic creates various interesting effects on her naked flesh, especially her boobs. Chloe wears only clear platform heels, which give her legs that ultrasexy shape, and her make-up is Goth and severe to complete the overall bizarre effect.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Eat her cookie Eat Her Cookie There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies. But even sweeter than that is the smell of Kylie's lascivious pussy when it's inches away from your face. You can practically smell and taste her in this up-close video. Kylie sticks her fingers in her hot box, rubbing her G-spot so she can get as creamy as the cupcakes she baked. She gives you ample views of her heart-shaped anally and puckered buttonhole. Those baked goods have nothing on the treats between Kylie's legs. After cumming, Kylie sucks her juices off her fingers. This is much sweeter than any cupcake I could have made. See More of Kylie Quinn at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Busty bikini sex Curvy Bikini Sex It's too frosty for SCORE Girl Mischel Lee to get some bikini time in so she goes to her favorite spa. It's quiet there in the morning. Sipping on a cocktail and relaxing on a lounger, Mischel is having a beautiful time when Nick leaves the sauna room and sits next to her.   One of those guys who's not a socializer, Nick lets his flagpole do the talking. Mischel notices his towel levitating and gets turned-on. She stands up and drops her own towel to let her super-sexy bikini body do the talking for her also. Take a look at how her bush extends past her bikini triangle. How hot is that sight  Mischel was getting a little bored being by herself so when Nick walks in, Mischel decides she needs a beautiful dicking. Seeing that he has the right cock for the right job, she introduces herself by giving him a sucks job and tit-fucking. That's one courteous introduction. Repaying the hello, Nick gives Mischel a hearty tongue poking to wet that hairy, pierced cunt and lube it up. Eager for a schtupping, Mischel spreads her legs wide for a fill-up.  Writes Slothsaxon: My ex-wife used to say that it was easier to shave than to maintain the cunt-hair and I respected her. Still, I love a thick bush and I appreciate Mischel for the time and trouble she must go thru for hers.See More of Mischel Lee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bubbles, bath, boobs Bubbles, Bath, tits Day one of Alyce, the newest up-and-comer in porn. These are the first photos she ever shot for anyone, so enjoy this porno newbie in all her fresh glory.  Alyce normally doesn't wear panties. She says that her hobbies include singing, going on dates to eat sushi and watch movies, playing tennis, and studying for her psychology degree.   I would say that the weirdest thing about me is that I have a fetish for animal tail anal plugs! They are normal stainless steel plugs, but the end has, like, a fox tail orgasm out so when I wear it, it looks like I have a nice tail. They make them for all sorts of animals, too. It's not just foxes.  My kinkiest sexual encounter was after I met a libidinous DJ at a local consignment shop's holiday party. He had just finished his set when I arrived, and I had my two chihuahuas in my arms. He came up to me to pet my dogs. I asked him for his number, but he invited me over to his house instead. After a quick tour of his house, he pulled me towards him and kissed me really hard. Then he reached down and pulled off my white fishnet stockings. He pushed me to the ground and pulled out his cock. It was pornstar big, so I was a happy girl. We have sexual intercourse like animals until I was sore. It was probably the roughest and best sex I've ever had.See More of Alyce Sage at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sheridan love - bikini girl Bikini Girl Bikini girl Sheridan Love luxuriates at a swanky pool on a steamy Miami day. She makes it steamier. Sheridan needs to cool down so she kicks off her heels and drops her bikini top off her large boobs. Stepping into the pool, Sheridan ditches her bottoms and top. The cool water refreshes her hot bod.Sheridan gets the urge to cumshot and, just in her birthday suit, walks into the house to expand out on the couch, blowjob on her pierced nipples and slap out the large O. Her Florida afternoon is shaping up very nicely!Sheridan lives in Las Vegas. With her looks, she could easily fit into the South Beach lifestyle, a place where the girls naturally don't wear a lot of clothing. In general, Sheridan likes causing a riot when she leaves the house. I dress lusty when I go out, with lots of cleavage, said Sheridan, a delicate girl (5') with 34G-cups. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Patty michova - sweater babe Sweater babe Patty Michova left her tight sweater on for a while before taking it off and masturbating with a curved toy until she came. I appreciated that. Patty was a dancer when she learned about SCORE, and she made her modeling debut at SCORELAND in 2013. Like many European girls, she has no tattoos.Patty's from Slovakia, and her sleek, toned bikini bod and charming looks reminded one SCORE letter writer of Czech model Veronica Zemanova. If you're not familiar with Veronica (March '01 SCORE magazine), she was one of the most-popular models on the early adult Internet and in men's magazines during the late '90s and early 2000s. I didn't see a close resemblance, but I caught his drift.Like most European girls, Patty went right into hardcore scenes, including two threesomes. I think her most-impressive so far was a regular boy-girl scene (Pole-dancing fantasy girl) she did in a strip club where she blew her partner, Neeo, while she was upside-down on a stripper pole. This is the kind of action I'd like to see more of. We've shot stripper XXX scenes before, but no one ever did that move. As I've said before, if strip clubs were not popular, then why are there so many of them in America and the UK Miami alone is loaded with them. If Patty could dance in clubs in the USA, I'd be loading up on the singles.See More of Patty Michova at SCORELAND2.COM!. The doctor has great tits, a hairy vagina and a dick-sucking mouth The doctor has voluminous tits, a hairy vagina and a dick-dick sucking mouth Now this is our idea of a thorough physical exam. Dr. Monir, cleavage busting out of her top, is making sure every inch of her patient is in tip-top condition, and we do mean every inch. He seems to be in perfect condition, but there's one more thing Dr. Monir has to check: his package. His penish and balls.  Yes, you're very healthy, Dr. Monir says admiringly.  Before the patient knows it, 54-year-old Persia has his penish out of his pants, and she's showing off her super-hairy vagina and dick sucking his penish and jacking it, and how does this examination end With the apparently healthy patient shooting his load in Dr. Monir's mouth.  Now, about Persia's vagina...there's a serious overflow of hair going on down there.  Guys love it, Persia said. My men would be very upset if I got rid of my vagina hair. I used to shave it all the way, but not any more. As a woman, I want to maintain my vagina in such a way that a guy wants to spend as much time as possible down there. Wouldn't you want me to spend as much time as possible on your penish  Persia is divorced and lives in South Florida. She can be seen at doing a lot of have sexual intercourse (including a large scene in which she's a stripper who fucks a customer). As bodies go, she can match up with any woman of any age. As voluminous tits go, she's practically a SCORE Girl. Basically, 50somethings don't come any better than Persia. See More of Persia Monir at MILFTUGS.COM!. Stand at attention for shaye Stand At Attention For Shaye Since Shaye is wearing what looks like a stripper's version of a military outfit, we'll start out by giving you her vital statistics. Just the facts. She's 20 years old and from Bangor, Maine. She's 5'4 and weighs 112 pounds. She's blonde, which you probably noticed, and she has B-cup boobs with dark nipples, which you also probably noticed. But most of all, she has a butt. I know you like my ass, she says as she smacks her cheek and bends over. By the way, she has a completely shaved pussy, too. Guys always want to bend me over and make love me from behind, she said. When I was shooting these photos, I kept thinking about that while I was jacking the guy's cock. But I don't mind that I didn't get any. I can get off just by getting a guy off. I aim to please. And this guy's aim Right on her face!See More of Shaye Bennett at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Holly halston - holly halston's first dp Holly Halston's first DP Holly Halston is a big-time porn star, but she'd never done a DP (because she'd never let anyone other than her husband make love her on-camera) until this scene. One cock will make love her pussy, another will make love her butthole, and her porn star husband, Troy, is not providing the man-tool. It's a new world for Holly: the world of stunt-dicks plundering her holes. Carlos will plug her pussy while Colton Jag will ream her ass. How much can Holly take And will she give as good as she gets We'll find out every inch of the way.I want to thank all my fans for giving me this opportunity to be your ass-make loveed bitch and to get two new dicks in my ass, Holly said.Hey, no problem, Holly.See More of Holly Halston at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Good neighbor charlotte Charming Neighbor Charlotte Jimmy's just settled into his new place when his new neighbor Charlotte Angel knocks on his door. Yes, Jimmy has moved to a neighborhood inhabited only by XL Girls. Charlotte comes bearing gifts. The first is an apple pie. The second gift is Charlotte. Jimmy has no utensils unpacked. No problem. Charlotte feeds him by hand. She really is an angel. What a big new neighbor to have. Then he feeds her by hand.  Charlotte spills some pie crumbs on her hard mounds of breast flesh. Jimmy brushes them off and feels up Charlotte's soft, big tits, taking them out of her top. He'd rather put those in his mouth than pie and goes for it, give penish sucksing her nipples. At XL Girls, when a girl lets a guy penish sucksing and rub her boobs, it's an invitation for the guy to whip his penish out and give some to the girl. After all, she did share her pie, which is what Jimmy wants next.  Charlotte gets totally naked to her bare feet and gets on her hands and knees to penish sucksing on Jimmy's penish like a champ and show him what a right neighborly welcome is really like. Charlotte didn't bring whipped cream with her pie. No problem. Jimmy has lots of cream for Charlotte's pie right after they make boom-boom-bang on the couch. Welcome to Charlotte's block where you'll never go hungry for good, hot pie. See More of Charlotte Angel at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lexi windsor - exotic dancer Exotic dancer 38F-cupper Lexi Windsor was an exotic dancer with milky nipples. She said her wildest experience was wearing a schoolgirl outfit to have sex on a Blackhawk helicopter.I have a lingerie fetish, Lexi said. I used to buy lingerie constantly, even before I became a dancer.I really like receiving oral sex if the guy is very sweet at it. It's the best feeling in the world. I like masturbating, too. The appealing thing about it is that it's quick and easy and there's less to clean up.Lexi was in and out of our studio quickly, never to be seen again, but she left us with photos and a video to jack to. A very generous contribution to the cause.See More of Lexi Windsor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angelique's diamonds Angelique's Diamonds Angelique is astonishing in a lacy one-piece, stockings and heels, all highlighted by diamond earrings, bracelet and ring. She puts her finger to her lips: Sssh, be very, very quiet. But she ain't huntin' wabbits with these karats. Though screwing like a bunny might be on her mind. Especially when she ends up naked on her back with those bedroom eyes! This is a gem of a British photo set and you'll soon be as heavy as Angelique's diamonds!See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Karina hart - rack to school! Rack to school! There's a lot to talk about in this posting. First and foremost is Karina's schoolgirl outfit, which takes us back to countless fantasies we had in high school about the stacked (and still-developing) girls in our school. How many lectures went in one ear and out the other as we tried to look down the top of the busty teen sitting next to us or waited for her to drop her pencil, bend down and pick it up. But none of those girls, even in our wildest fantasies, had anything on Karina, who, get this, for a while attended a school in which she had to wear a uniform. But nothing as exciting as this, she said. Second, Karina's bra: It's one of those full-coverage numbers-I only own one, she told us. 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Sometimes I think they love it as much as they love my bigger tits.  George does what we all would do in his position, which is go bonkers waiting for this slim Czech cleavage chick to come out of the bathroom all dolled-up in a tight dress and no undies and jump his Johnson. She lavishes her lips on his boner and he laps her bushy box, they make love and fondle and he bones her boobs.   While he's sliding into Mischel's cleavage, she takes his skin-flute in hand and jerks his cumshot out on her smiling face because she's a hands-on girl and she'd rather do it than see the guy do it.  Mischel always says she has no special talents and usually seems surprised at all the attention she gets. The advice we have for Mischel is to look in the mirror!  See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe and magda Chloe And Magda Chloe and Magda (Magdaline Garbanowski) went to Japan together with the British SCORE team in 1992. 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But Karina has a secret that she was willing to reveal to us: No matter what she wears, she likes to have on at least one thing that's lustful on its own, even if that thing isn't visible to casual observers on the street. And in this case, that something lustful is her underwear. The bra is a vintage push-up. Instead of panties she's wearing a sheer mini-skirt that good accents her womanly hips.  Wearing something lustful makes me feel lustful, Karina said.   There are other notables in this photo set, too, such as Karina's gaping cunt and spread-wide asshole. But what makes these photos special is Karina turning the ordinary into extraordinary. She can do it every time.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.
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