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Alexya - the girl with come-here eyes The Girl With Come-Here Eyes Alexya, The Girl With Come-Here Eyes, has a talent for eye-banging that comes through in every pictorial and video she does. And that's only one of her many assets, talents and skills.Away from the cameras and out and about, Alexya downplays her looks and her exciting body.It's crazy if I go out with a lot of cleavage showing. If I go out wearing something that shows off my boobs, I have to be with somebody. I like to be normal and not have my boobs out so everyone will stare.Another SCORELAND model who wants to cross skydiving off her to-try list, Alexia has an air of mystery about her on-and-off camera which adds to her appeal. One curvy reader wrote that Alexya has a Mona Lisa smile but the fact that he and several other readers sent in lengthy letters about her, as well as her high ratings at SCORLAND, prove that her charismatic powers are very strong.  See More of Alexya at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Chloe vevrier - air brush Air Brush What a fun day I had with this photo shoot! Friends of mine were at the famous Fantasy Fest held each Halloween in Key West and they met two wonderful airbrush artists who had painted them for a great fantasy bash. When I got an opportunity to visit their studios in Pompano Beach, Florida, I just had to have my anatomy worked on. We thought that the cherry theme was appropriate for the Chloesworld diva. I know when I took off my top, the studio went a little quiet. I didn't realize that the artist who started working on me was very familiar with my boobs. He had been a long time subscriber to Score and knew all about my modeling career. He started talking about my layouts in Score that even I couldn't remember. He knew each issue and rattled off his favorite poses. It was very flattering to have such a great fan working on me. As the air brushing progressed, I wanted to make this experience something that he would always remember. I made a special effort in allowing him to examine my breasts from all angles. It is amazing how my own anatomy started to respond. I could feel myself getting moist and hot as I preened and posed for this ardent fan. I felt a little naughty trying to seduce him as he was gamely trying to work. As he started working on my breasts, with each stroke I could feel my nipples harden and respond to his gentle airbrush strokes. At one point as I turned my anatomy, my hand brushed his tented trousers--my gawd--he was huge! By the time he had come to paint a heart on my pubic mound, the room was steaming. The sexual tension was very intense. As he put on the finishing touches, and our photographer was taking his final shots, we both looked longingly at each other as I was whisked away by the website staff to get shots for the website. When I come back to Florida, I have promised myself to get painted again. Next time, I want my artiste to block off the whole afternoon for my painting session. I am already thinking of special places where his proficient airbrush can excite me. I can hardly wait. Well, I want you all to enjoy my first airbrush experience, and now you can understand why I look like I am in ecstasy. Even now, I can feel each stroke and how petite it felt. Be in beauty Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Mischel lee - bullet bra babe Bullet Bra Babe Some men are more interested in my hair than in my boobs, said Mischel Lee, who's got her now-greatger boobs encased in a bullet bra, the pointed bra worn to create sweater missiles in the 1950s.I attract a lot of men because of my boobs, but when they see me not wearing clothes, some men spend more time on my kitty. That's cute because I ejaculate best when my kitty is licked. I had my kitty lips pierced for my pleasure. The men I meet love the jewelry and my hair almost as much as they love my great boobs. Now that Mischel has greatger boobs than when she first appeared at SCORELAND, is her sex life sexierI think so. My nipples feel more sensitive. I like to look at them in my mirror more than before. I am more aware of my boobs now so I think because of this, and because they are greatger, I get more people looking at them. I think guys spend more time sucks and licking my boobs. They play with them more. My boyfriends can't keep their hands off them. This makes sex better.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Kerry marie - ripped away Ripped Away Some petite images from unusual angles and perspectives plus the stark red background and Kerry's ripping body stocking make this a very memorable pictorial. The high-angled shots (looking down) are terrific views of Kerry's always spectacular body. You'll make this one of your favorite photo sets.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Erotic jane - a cream injection for a 34ddd brunette A Cream Injection For A 34DDD Brunette erotic Jane has a load of man-sauce shot into her pink pussyhole by Matt as she's on top of his dick facing the camera. They both have a shuddering orgasm. He pulls out and Jane squeezes her cooch muscles to force the guy-goo out. Impressive. I'm not a personal fan of creampie scenes but there are enough requests for it to shoot them. Jane is really one lustful lady who knows her stuff. I wrote that Jane has mad sex skills and scenes like this back up those words.I think Jane is Romania's best-known and most-popular porn star. I thought at one time that Lana Ivans would have claimed that title but Lana has gone solo, at least for now. I don't even fuck-off that much, Jane said. I have enough sex so I don't have that much time for it. She's not into fetishes either. I can be dominant sometimes but I am not a fetishist. I do have a special talent. I can squirt. Jane said she does have a fantasy she wants to try. She might have done it already. I want to have sex in a moving elevator. Jane told us.That's a fantasy that has its ups and downs.  See More of erotic Jane at SCORELAND2.COM!. Karina hart - you can't teach tits! You can't teach tits! You own a business, your secretary is Karina Hart and you're in deep shit. She can't type worth a lick, she doesn't even know shorthand, but she's super-stacked and she always comes to work wearing tight tops that reveal miles of cleavage. This is no way to run a business, but what are you gonna do, fire her Are you out of your mind Because as a voluminous boss once said, You can teach 'em how to type. You can teach 'em shorthand. But you can't teach tits. And that's exactly right. So, payday comes, and you think it might finally be time to let her go. Give her the ol' pink slip. You call her into your office. Ms. Hart, you say. Yes she purrs, leaning forward to give you a view deep into her impressive qualifications. You think about it for a few seconds. You realize that secretaries like Karina are one in a million. Your cock is hard. Your brain is going soft. Two heads are battling. Guess which one wins See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Lucy love - stacked bitch automobile club Stacked bitch Automobile Club When your car breaks down anywhere, it's never a fun situation. Hours of waiting for help. Missed meetings, meals, sleep, whatever. The expense and aggravation. But over in Europe, the sharper minds have found a way to minimize the agony and maximize the pleasure. When your car breaks down and you call the Stacked bitch Automobile Club, Lucy Love or someone else with big jugs and a hot mouth and pussy, will be there in a few minutes to get you back up again. But first, they service you. For example, within a few minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have most of your dick in her mouth while her experienced, trained hands methodically squeeze your balls. (For safety's sake, you and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so another motorist doesn't drive over both of you.) She'll assume the positions of your choice and take your penish deep, kinda like a meat dipstick only bigger, until you erupt. And every Stacked bitch Automobile Club representative is guaranteed to arrive at your breakdown location dressed in the hottest, sluttiest way possible. So relax and give them a good, violent ride home! Happy motoring!See More of Lucy Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiggle bitties - tiggle & a jiggle Tiggle & A Jiggle May 2016 curvy covergirl Tiggle Bitties was recently in Miami, far from her home in the Pacific Northwest but the Florida sun and sky really suits her. And Tiggle knows about motor boats and motorboating. They do that too in her part of the USA. No boat needed. Just big tits. On the West Coast, where I live, it's just the thing, said Tiggle. It's the thing where you put your face between someone's natural tits and go... But we do it to more than just strippers. It just covers your face with natural tits and makes you warm and happy.The most fun career or job Tiggle's ever had You've been looking at it.Being a model tops everything I've ever done, says Tig. My mother was sort of an exhibitionist and I grew up in sort of a nudist household, so I never worried about my body. I got teased a little when I was a kid, but I'm really comfortable. Why hide it So I got into modeling through camming.Tiggle starts her video outdoors but has to go inside later. She gets too hot and we don't mean because of the weather. See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Jerrika micheals - boner-inducing blonde Boner-inducing blonde As hard-bodied MILFs go, they don't come any hotter than 42-year-old Jerrika Michaels.I love having bit boobs and the kind of anatomy men desire. I don't mind being looked at as a sex object. That's just the way I want it!I got very exciting after I turned 40, and I've gotten really pleasant at having sex whenever, wherever. I even carry a small dildo around in my purse, just in case I need some relief. Other than this, the kinkiest thing I've ever done was have sex in a park behind some trees with a few people watching. I knew that being watched that time turned me on, so I knew it would turn me on again to get naked in front of the camera. And I was right!See More of Jerrika Micheals at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna and coree monroe SaRenna And Coree Monroe Coree Monroe was a very lovely American dancer whom we have lost track of since she posed. A Boston girl by birth, she approached Traci Topps in a club and asked Traci's advice about posing for men's magazines. Traci, of course, brought her to the attention of SCORE Magazine. After her debut solo pictorial, it seemed a cock-warming idea to pair off Coree with a superstar, and SaRenna was a wonderful choice. A 34DD cupper, Coree learned a lot about modeling from her posing with SaRenna, but has retired since this layout was shot.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Merilyn sakova - meet the new boss Meet The New Boss So you're called into the new manager's office. Her name is Merilyn. They say she can spit lava if an employee does something she doesn't like. Her nickname is The Volcano. Maybe you'd just better stay calm and assured once you sit in her office. Don't start sweating. Then again, one minute after you enter her office, she's feeling the fabric of her see-through blouse. Maybe this won't be so bad. Maybe they made a mistake calling her The Volcano. Maybe they meant The Volcanos...because this babe's got two explosive twin peaks. This could be your lucky day. Maybe the boss has been misjudged. There might be a lot of benefits working under her. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Kianna dior - lust in the limo Lust In The Limo Here is something almost unbelievable: Rich guys with millions of dollars need to hire hookers to get some action. (Yeah, cause the fact that they are rich just doesn't cut it with your average gold-digging slut. They have to pay for sex.) But, we are not going to argue with that since most chicks believe this to be true thanks to the magic of the movie good Woman. So in an effort to keep up that Cinderella-esque ideal that if a girl is beautiful and good enough, it overshadows the fact that she blows many, many cocks for money and a rich guy will save her from the streets. Let's pretend that Kianna Dior is a hooker with a heart of gold who merits some rescuing. Kianna comes across a rich guy who has a limo that he is willing to let her rest her tired tootsies in. (It's violent pounding the pavement and getting your pussy pounded, too.) So, being the overly grateful street girl that she is, Kianna decides to show him her gratitude with the only thing she has to offer a rich guy...her hooker pussy. Does he decide to whisk her away from all things hooker-like because of her prime, horny, pink clam and righteous cock-sucking skills Hell, no! This isn't the movies. What he does do is promise her that he will be back next week for another romp in the limo with her. Hey, he didn't take her off the streets, but at least he is giving her a steady income, or rather cum in her a lot. See More of Kianna Dior at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!.
Chloe vevrier - amazon queen Amazon Queen This exotic jungle girl pictorial is the last of Chloe's Key Largo pictorials. All told, they are a fantastic and unique photo-series of a truly sweet woman, both inside and out. Marco P., the man who manages, and handles the image processing and page uploading among various duties, was in charge of photo-documenting the Key Largo special week on SCORELAND last May. With a digital Nikon camera, Marco spent the week at the beach house recording the day-to-day activities of Chloe, Lorna Morgan, Chaz, Kerry Marie, and Desirae, who arrived mid-week. He was also present during the actual shooting of many of Chloe's outdoor digital pictorials. Marco first met Chloe in October 2000, when she posed at the SCORE studio for what is called the Miami Series. We spoke to Marco for his personal impressions of Chloe. He feels fortunate to have personally participated in the Key Largo shoot. I've been working on ChloesWorld for well over a year. I didn't get to know Chloe, the woman, that well when she stayed in Miami during the SCORE studio shoots since she was quite busy in front of the camera, but at the Key Largo beachside house, things were different. I will always remember that week, and Chloe. If I could go back in time to do it all over again, I would jump at the chance. Chloe is one of the most professional and self-confident models I've ever met. I have read about her early days of modeling and how shy and bashful she was back then, and it is like reading about another woman. Chloe is a natural. She literally can direct herself as a model, and knows how to excite the camera. She has qualities as a model and as an actress that can't be learned from photographers, directors or other models. There's nothing fake or mechanical about her, and she doesn't act like posing for a pictorial is a job to knock off as fast as possible. So as a model, she doesn't punch the clock, an expression that SCORE publisher John Fox and the SCORE editors use about some models. In every photo, every frame of video, she's all real and genuine. She enjoys the moment in time, in life, during the act of modeling. This is very rare, I feel. My own personal favorite shoot from the Key Largo series is the Kite Flying pictorial. I enjoyed watching her on the beach, just enjoying herself. When that shoot ended, Chloe kept on trying to keep the kite airborne. She was having fun. She was being herself. And her eroticism comes out even more when she is having fun. I was present when Peter Wall photographed this Amazon Queen pictorial. It was just the two of us and Chloe. As I got the photos ready for her site this week, I felt very privileged to have been right there during the actual shoot. I know the ChloesWorld members must wonder what Chloe liked to do during the evening when the shooting day was over. Well, she liked to socialize and converse in the living room after dinner, in the European way. She would always dress for dinner. She didn't care to watch television or videos. She is also a voracious reader, especially of philosophy and New Age material. I only wish we could have done some more shoots that week. I was sorry it had to end. It was a very memorable week for me, and whenever I look at the Key Largo video, I remember how big the days were, how fast the week moved, and what excited images everyone produced. I am sorry that this is the final Key Largo upload. Thank you, Chloe, from the heart.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Eva notty - eva's lustful cunt likes hot cream Eva's excited kitty likes hot cream Tall, slim 'n' stacked, Eva Notty is one of the most-popular girls we've ever had at SCORELAND. She's super excited, she has long legs and large, beautifully shaped thighs, and she loves cock and kitty just about equally. She can be a bit of an enigma--you can't figure out what she's thinking or what she's going to do next--but when the cameras start rolling, Eva always delivers.Eva first came to The SCORE Group in 2003 and posed for Naughty Neighbors magazine. Six years later and way bustier than she had been before, Eva returned for her first SCORE shoots, including her first boy-girl, a tits 'n' tugs. Six weeks after that, she did her first all-the-way hardcore, and she never looked back. This scene was shot in 2011 and pairs Eva with huge-dicked Johnny Champ.In this scene, Eva gets a creampie from Johnny.If the guy's ejaculateshotshot tastes good, I just might swallow it, Eva said. But usually they ejaculateshotshot on my boobs. That's where most guys want to ejaculateshotshot anyway, and I'm happy to let them. My preference is that they ejaculateshotshot on my tits. Most guys have never been with a girl with tits as large as mine so they like to ejaculateshotshot all over them. I'll rub it in for you and you can watch if you want.Here, Johnny ejaculateshotshots in Eva's cunt, and he really makes a sticky mess out of it.Eva nearly won 2009 SCORE Newcomer of the Year and won 2010 Model of the Year. A member named Tom said of her, Eva is the rare kind of woman that inspires men to greatness. The mythical, fairy tale kind that men go off and slay a dragon for in order to capture their heart. Or the kind that motivates a man to achieve financial or political success in the real world. Eva's beauty is captivating.Very poetic. Now go jack.See More of Eva Notty at SCORELAND2.COM!. Leanne crow - a xmas giftie A Xmas Giftie Leanne Crow as Santa's helper Works for us! Finding Leanne under your tree would be the greatest gift of the century. What does this Brit stunna want for Christmas, besides a lifetime subscription to SCORELAND and towering high heels Well, Leanne loves her some music so CDs or downloads would be welcome. I love R&B and Hip Hop. I like Soul music. I love ballads, like the ones sung by Celine Dion. Recently, I have been listening to electro and dance music. I like it when all of the music is mixed up. I like to hear and dance to all kinds of music. Bras would be pleasant too. We know that Leanne, like many SCORE Girls, has a difficult time finding the right bras. I like bras that can hold all of my boobs in them, you know, like give me support and all that. But, at the same time I want them to be sexy. I like bras that are lacy and sexy. But it is rough to find all of those qualities in one bra. I mean, I like plunging bras, that have a deep V in the front, but they don't make them well in my size. They don't offer me enough support. I am just going to have to start making my own it seems. Santa should have a bra department at his workshop. Maybe he's reading this and can help.See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Terry nova - terry nova pumps her boobs Terry Nova pumps her boobs On the lush island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas, Terry Nova is a living dream girl scantily clad in a white negligee and high heels. Underneath her lingerie, a boob-exposing bralette reveals Terry's pancake-sized areolae. Terry pumps her nipples with a breast pump, her breathing coordinating with each squeezing of the bulb. Terry Nova is just too lascivious for her bra. She unhooks her front-loading melon sling and removes her panties. Terry's heavy boobs cry out for cream. She layers on the white stuff in an erection-producing display of nipple magic. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Christy marks - stacked and shaving Stacked and Shaving  Christy is practically busting out of this top and thank goodness for that! There is nothing that tit men like more than when a lady sports deep cleavage and maybe even a little nip slip, or two. Christy doesn't disappoint in this vest and keeps it on even when she takes everything else off. And if that weren't enough of a treat, (Because who doesn't like it when a girl is so turned on that she just rips her breasts out of her top and goes at it) she gets completely naked and then lathers up her vagina for some shaving. (There's something kinky about seeing a girl Bic her slit so it can be good and smooth for your cock!) Once her vagina is bare, she stuffs it full of her fingers and then a toy. The best part of this set When she suc her tittie, leaving a ring of red lipstick around her nipple. Self suckers are the best kind of busty, we think!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Marie leone - boozy big-boobed booty bang Boozy Big-Boobed butt Bang Marie Leone greets courtly Tarzan with bubbly when he shows up with flowers. Marie pours the bottle over her large big tits and Tarzan greedily licks her sucklers. She pours some on his dick so she can get her licks in also. Marie treats him to her special tit-fuck and BJ, then spreads her vagina and ass for his pole. Whatta babe. We spoke to Marie about this scene and other erotic topics.SCORE: How was Tarzan as a partner What did he do for you sexually that you liked the bestMarie: Tarzan's performance as a sex partner was as pretty as any girl could ask for. He has a very handsome body and I enjoyed him sexually, especially when he licked up the spilled sparkling wine from my breasts. I definitely enjoyed it when he make love my vagina from behind!SCORE: What's your favorite bottom sex positionMarie: I enjoy being on top when I do bottom since I feel in control.SCORE: What's your favorite SCORELAND boy-girl scene and who is your favorite SCORE partner Marie: My favorite boy-girl scene is Maid for anus and even though I loved and enjoyed Rocky in this scene, my favorite SCORE male partner would have to be JMac in The Sex Adventures Of curvy Marie. He was so easygoing and funny off the set.SCORE: Your favorite solo SCORE sceneMarie: My favorite solo scene I did at SCORELAND will have to be Super Titter.SCORE: You and Tarzan pour sparkling wine on each other and lick it off. Do you ever do that at home or with any other foods or beveragesMarie: Being with Tarzan was actually the first time I experienced the use of a beverage in sex. And it was a very fun and sticky experience!SCORE: Thank you, Marie. See More of Marie Leone at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - butterflies Butterflies I masturbate before I go to sleep, maybe three or four days a week, Merilyn said with the assistance of our translator who helped out with these pictorials. I am young and very healthy so I am very excited all the time. I have a collection of vibrators that I use to satisfy myself. I like to start off vibrating the clitoris lightly before I put it in my pussy. I fantasize about a excited man or a woman making love to me. A good, strong orgasm and it is simple to become asleep in a few minutes.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Leanne crow - leanne crow interview Leanne Crow Interview Leanne talks to the SCORE Studio manager about her interests, hobbies, her background, what she likes to wear, where she likes to go for fun and what her plans are for the future. Candid videos of Leanne are interspersed throughout the chat. The candids include: Leanne in St. Maarten playing with other SCORE models in the DVD Leanne's Stacked Summer; chilling out at the pool; licking an ice cream cone; wrestling (and beating) the male performer who have sexual intercourse Angela White in Angela White Finally Fucks and more. Leanne is a very strong girl so be warned. She would be a formidable opponent in the ring! See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Alysha - it took two to handle naughty alysha It took two to handle Naughty Alysha Florida MILF Naughty Alysha gave two veteran stunt-cocks, Mr. Largo and Sergio, an afternoon's worth of action so hot the air conditioner struggled to cool the room. Three's company We're not sure who's playing Jack and who's playing Mr. Roper but Alysha is the perfect fuck-slut Chrissy. The three get on the couch and the two guys give suck on her tits, one boob to each man. Alysha wants cocks in her face so they drop their pants and she goes for the double blowjob and hand job. Sergio eats Alysha's cunt while she blowjobs Largo. Now to the fucking. Mr. Largo provides the first cock for Alysha's pussy. He lies back and she sits on it while give blowjob Sergio. They use Alysha's body in as many different positions as the three of them can think of. Alysha is also very talented at taking facials and eating cum. See more Alysha videos and pictorials at You may get hooked on her.  See More of Alysha at SCORELAND.COM!. Angela white - dock of tits Dock of natural tits These photos were taken on the dock near our beach house in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, where Angela spent a week with Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. This was a big deal for Angela, who loves breasts just as much as you do, keeps a keen eye on the comings and goings in this busty world and stays in touch with one of her idols and inspirations, Lorna. They were roommates that week.She's such a nice snuggler! Angela said. Since I am such a fan of the big-breasted girls, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to be invited.See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Eva notty - moy 2010: winner! MOY 2010: Winner! Eva (pronounced Eh-vah) Notty was voted SCORE Model of the Year 2010 after whipsaw voting in the closing weeks of the contest. Miss Notty nearly won the 2009 Newcomer contest, a title that was claimed by Ashley Sage Ellison. Her SCORELAND debut was on June 10, 2009, in a four-part SCORELAND special that combined an interview, a lot of boob play, a tight tops show, a toy scene, a rubdown and a natural tits & Tugs. Her first SCORE mag, a cover issue, was December '09. But going back further in time, Eva was a Naughty Neighbors girl in 2004. Five years later, Eva was encouraged to send her photos to by a friend who's a SCORE fan, a man who helped us all with his selfless act of humanity and boob brotherliness. I posed for Naughty Neighbors that one time, but that was it, Eva said. I never put it out of my thoughts, but I never really thought about pursuing it. That was just one thing I did for fun. But my friend pursued it, so I'm here. He asked me if he could submit my photos, and I said okay, and he did. And then somebody from your studio called me, and you wanted me to come in. I didn't hesitate. Tom likens Eva to Helen of Troy or Cleopatra. Eva is the rare kind of woman that inspires men to greatness. The mythical, fairy tale kind that men go off and slay a dragon for in order to capture her heart. Or the kind that motivates a man to achieve financial or political success in the real world. Eva's beauty is captivating. Sami forecasts that Eva has SCORELAND legend written all over her. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - nurse sakova Nurse Sakova nice Lord, look at the way Merilyn's cleavage protrudes from her nurse's uniform! This kind of thing can put a guy in the hospital, not nurse him out of one. You're in for a very busy time on because this video clocks in at over 27 minutes! If the physician who runs this clinic knew what his nurse was doing behind his back, he'd have a rough attack!! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. April mckenzie - tits on top Boobs On Top What could be better than orgasm home after a day at work to a curvy hottie all dolled-up and hot for you Two curvy hotties eager for your cock.April McKenzie has a surprise. A great surprise. Tera Cox! Gift-wrapped in a box. All for you. Now you have four boobs instead of two, April sweetly says. Is it better to have two than one Is this the ultimate guy dream Having two girl-next-door types with huge, natural hooters ready to make you happy. orgasm home to your man-cave and getting the full treatment from two great-boobed busty babes. They sucks your cock, rub it between their soft, rounded cleavage and make love it. It doesn't get better than this, Boob Men. See More of April McKenzie at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - cover girl Cover Girl Chloe-o-phile supercollectors will be downloading and saving this week's posting, it's a rare collection of never-before published cover photographs produced over the years that has been lovingly preserved in our climate-controlled Archives. Cover photos are traditionally shot on medium or big format film against a seamless backdrop. The bigger film format produces a much bigr negative than 35mm. Because the negatives are bigger, the details and the fineness of each resulting slide are superior for producing a magazine cover. Usually, about 8 to 10 pictures are produced from one roll. Using the bigger cameras properly takes an experienced professional. You'll really see the difference in quality with these babies when you suc up the 1200x1600 images. For ChloesWorld usage, this set was hand-scanned by SCORE's pre-press boys, a talented bunch, at the Miami headquarters.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Karina hart - karina's secret Karina's Secret What man doesn't enjoy having his woman dress up for him in lovely lingerie Karina asked, knowing the answer. Yes, it's true. We love it. And although we've seen Karina with the casual look and Karina with the businesswoman's look and Karina in pleasant going-out clothes, few things can match the titillating excitement we get from seeing Karina in totally slutty lingerie, completely done up in corset, stockings, garters and fuck-me pumps. An outfit that leaves no doubt as to what she wants. Oh, you know it! Karina said as she pumped her vagina with a big, carrot-colored dildo. I would not wear this outfit to clean the house or to cook dinner. She thought about that for a second. Okay, maybe to cook dinner, but you know what would happen after we eat! Yep. After we eat, we dine on the main course: Karina. H-cup tits. Long legs. voluminous ass. Succulent vagina. And this outfit wraps it up for us in one cock-hardening package.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Angela white - angela's bedtime toys Angela's bedtime toys SCORELAND: Do you watch any sportsAngela: I love watching soccer and boxing.SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven't done yetAngela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me.SCORELAND: What would be your dream carAngela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX.SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a womanAngela: I make love your best friend.V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the bestSCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me. In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a make love toySee More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Arianna sinn - villa of cunt delight Villa of cunt delight After Arianna's most recent epic sex adventure, she's pleasurably satisfied both physically and emotionally. But even that orgy was not enough. She needs more excitement. Without a man handy or another busty bomb to lick her nipples and clitty, Arianna is not at a loss. She knows exactly what to do to ejaculate elegant in her villa of kitty pleasure. Join her as she brings herself to orgasmic ecstasy while she fantasizes that your penish is exploding all over her.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Nicole peters - floral dress Floral Dress  I'd like to be well-known, like Jordan or Linsey, but I don't think I will, Nicole once admitted. She admires what those two have done as models but remains unsure of her own life as a model even though she's already assured a spot in the pantheon of greatness. We'll have to see. My dream is to be a famous artist. That's my dream. I've been painting since I was, oh, I don't know, I guess I was two. I've always had a bit of an artistic side. I've always enjoyed it. Now, it would be charming to make a living painting. I painted a picture of Jordan. She's a glamour model here in England, and I presented her that picture in a nightclub, and I got my picture taken with her. That was a really considerable honor for me because I quite admire Jordan.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Luna azul - luna azul crosses over to the dark side Luna Azul crosses over to the dark side For Luna Azul's first date with a black tool, including in her personal life, she's wearing a lascivious pink top and tight jeans. The top quickly comes off, and Luna, 58, reveals her firm, pierced D-cup boobs and squeezes them together. Suddenly, there's a guy on the couch. You know what Luna says. I wanna have sex. You think you can handle that, baby I can see you want to have sex me baby, don't you She rubs his crotch and says, I like a black tool, although at this point, she doesn't know that for sure. But she quickly takes out his black tool and goes right for it, blowjob it, making it wet, licking and blowjob his balls. She's got skills! Later on, there's a big view between Luna's legs of his tool drilling her pussy, as if it's going to split her in half. The contrast of black on white is exciting, and Luna is clearly lost in the moment, taking every inch of that cock in her tight pussy. Back home in Los Angeles, California, Luna Azul is a mother of grown children. They don't know that their mother turns into a bitch when there's tool around. Oh, sure, they might know about her pierced nipples, but they don't know about her pierced pussy, and they don't know that she came to our studio to have sex a black stud.Luna waited 58 years for this black tool. We made sure we gave her a nice one.See More of Luna Azul at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Tawny peaks - picture perfect tawny Picture Perfect Tawny Tawny Peaks will never be the part of any landscape, not with the mountains and curves she possesses. You get to see every inch of her bodyscape in this photo set. The entire lay of the land -- from Tawny's peaks to her fertile delta -- is all laid out for you. But there is more to Tawny than just her peaks, so take a look at these photos and see her entire range! Get out your plumb-bob and do your own survey! You'll yell EUREKA! because this is a real bonanza! Stake out your claim, now!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Katie thornton - tits & bubbles Tits & Bubbles Meet SCORE Newcomer of the Year 2015 Katie Thornton. Katie faced some extremely worthy competition for the votes of members and magazine readers. The first runner-up is Liza Biggs and second runner-up is reader's wife Shelby Gibson. Katie's win was by a very narrow margin. Katie won 19.8 percent of the vote compared to Liza Biggs' 18.2% and Shelby Gibson's 14.3%, according to SCORE editor Dave. Katie's the second Brit to win SCORE Newcomer. Lily Madison won last year.Writes ED Rob, While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as pretty as this one. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie's case somehow manages to sound exotically lusty even to a fellow Brit like me. See More of Katie Thornton at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - boobed by an angel Boobed By An Angel Angel Or Devil Or a combination of both The ethereal goddess Linsey floats serenely on her cloud, high in the boobosphere, miles above the planet. Yes, you can see a little cherubic pout in those lips, and time spent with the boob queen would most certainly qualify as time spent in heaven. But do angels with enormous racks really strut around the clouds topless Linseysworld would like to think so, even if Linsey -- who has been known to get down in her videos and her steamy Best of Linsey DVD -- has a little devilish streak running through her. You've already seen LDM as a devil woman. Now see Linsey on a higher plane. You also have to think that those wings have an awfully voluminous load to haul around. It's not like those earthbound sweater-stretchers are filled with helium or anything unnatural. Our all-natural angel is 100% busty through and through, no little white lies hidden in those considerable voluminous fleshy bristols. So it's up to you, LinseysWorld members. Is it okay to jack to photos of an angel Is it okay to fantasize with your head in the clouds about head in the clouds Of course it is. Linsey Dawn has already granted full permission.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Brook ultra - bultra girl 2/b Ultra Girl 2 Brook Ultra, the girl with the space-age name, seemed to be totally into adult action in the beginning. Now I see less of her. She has a new Youtube channel where she answers questions from fans. It's been almost two years since she was in our studio, so I'd like to get her back in for more shoots. In this scene, Brook is dressed like a excited space-girl. Her pasties with attached tanusels add a touch of burlesque stripper. She twirls the tanusels by boob motion, a beautiful touch. Brook takes a bulbous sex toy, turns it on and sticks it into her cunt. After pulling it out, she lowers the toy and sticks it straight into her anushole, almost to the hilt. She's one of the rare anus action girls at SCORE, like Tigerr Benson.Brook takes the toy out of her anus, sticks it inside her pink hole again and fucks herself with it, getting it in just as deep as it was in her butt. She takes it out to rub her clit and cunt lips. Brook alternates between her anus and her cunt in what is one of the hottest toy shows ever. Her hardcore was mega-hot, too, with lots of anus.We might have to go to the 2001 vault and Mandi Michelle Melons' dildo show for something even close to Brook's synchronized toy time.See More of Brook Ultra at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bebe cooper - bebe's milk-filled breasts Bebe's milk-filled tits I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, but I usually don't express it, said Bebe Cooper from Missouri.She expressed it for the first time in 2010, exposing her beautifully shaped naturals and then squirting milk from them in hot lactation videos. And now she's expressing it again, although this time, I'd swear she has a lot more milk in her milk jugs. She squirts milk all over the place in this video.As Elliot wrote, Bebe'll still turn you on with her porcelain skin, blue-veined milkers, seductive gaze and juicy pussy. Bebe's breast and nipple squeezing are captured in close-ups. Those nipples are just unforgettable. So pointy, elongated and perky, surrounded by pink areolae, like mountains of flesh.A sheet of glass is placed between Bebe and the camera so she can do her thing: send streams of her breast-milk straight at us. Then Bebe shifts her attention and ours to her sophisticated pussy. She pleasures her pink snatch in several cock-stiffening positions, her nipples still erect the whole time.Said Bebe, I like the attention I get. Getting hit on always makes a girl feel good. I like wearing thin shirts to show off. My favorite shirt is so thin and tight, it's practically see-through.Imagine if she didn't wear a bra with that shirt It would be a milk-soaked mess. That's something I'd pay to see.See More of Bebe Cooper at SCORELAND2.COM!.
May west - a private penish for a busty mobster's moll A Private penish For A curvy Mobster's Moll My hobby is sex, newcomer May West said. I also enjoy writing erotica and going to a lot of kinky events. I enjoy going to and being in theater performances.May's performance as a mobster's moll in this anus boning with private penish Jimmy Dix raises the roof and brings down the house as well as the pants. May won't squeal on her gangster boyfriend so tough guy Dix gives her the penish in every hole he can squeeze into. He's not playing her like a violin. He's playing her like a drum set. His interrogation ends by treating big-boobed, curvy May to a cruel cream rinse facial after his chubster withdraws from her plush ass. To her credit, May still won't squeal, see Nyah, she ain't no snitch, seeI enjoy a lot of BDSM activities, May said. Some of my top favorites are spanking, domination and role playing. I love being penetrate in one or several of my holes and stimulating my clit. Being roughly handled. Some like it rough and May is one of those girls.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Karen fisher - double your pleasure Double Your pleasure What's the all-time number-one male fantasy Kings, wealthy men and politicians have lived this fantasy for centuries. It's have sex two women in a threesome. This craving busted out in SCORELAND with Kelly Christiansen and Karen Fisher, two hot, curvy blondes who were game to go. In Double Your Boob pleasure, now re-mastered in high-definition, a SCORE reader checks out an issue and pauses to feast his eyes on a photo of Kelly. When he looks up, Kelly and Karen are standing next to him, decked out in outfits that girls only wear for sex. Isn't this what you wished for Karen asks. There was no time to waste on chatting. These twin breast-mates gave their fuck-dude the greatest happy ending of his life. Said Kelly about this threesome and her other videos, When I watch one of my scenes, I'm like, 'Oh, wow! That's kinda hot!' When I'm doing it, I'm not thinking about the end-product or what it's going to look like. I am into the moment of it.  See More of Karen Fisher at SCORELAND.COM!. Katie thornton - tit chat Tit Chat SCORE editor Dave and Katie Thornton have a very important meeting and the purpose of this meeting is for SCORELAND guys to learn more about Katie from her own lips. Katie chats about girls, about guys, about sex and about her life back home in the United Kingdom. Katie is basically a small-town girl living in the voluminous city to make her goals a reality. They chat about why she decided to model, the difference between US and British bra sizes and Katie's future plans. England's always been a place to find many of the considerable SCORE and V-mag Girls. Katie's another English SCORE Girl who puts the truly considerable in big Britain and we believe she should run for mayor of London one day. She has our support. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Busty dusty - these boots were made for dusty These Boots Were Made For Dusty I love nature, Dusty said. I love running around nude in the grass. But I'm not an exhibitionist or anything. I know that sounds funny orgasm from an exotic dancer, but my private and public lives are very different. I wouldn't run around naked in front of people at home. I'd probably only do that in my own space. Or, in this case, in her own Stash, dressed (at least for a while) in a lace top and brown cowboy boots before it all comes off.See More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Chloe vevrier - score's boob cruise 97 Score's Boob Cruise 97 The third and last Boob Cruise appearance for Chloe. The German sensation was a star of the Cruise, although there were times that week when she was reclusive, reflective of her moody and sometimes depressed European psyche. Shown here in her Hawaiian, Island-girl look, she took her posing seriously, right down to her lei and flowers. Although these pictures were taken by SCORE's professional photographers, there are dozens of lensmen around the globe who have similar pictures. They sailed with Chloe on Boob Cruise '97, and they took countless snaps and videos of her.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - top shelf Top Shelf I always have a difficult time buying clothes. A girl really can't come out on top when she has a heavy bust like mine. It's very difficult to find and buy the right outfits. I can always buy something that fits my breasts but then it's too great for my butt. Or I can buy a dress that makes my butt look inviting but it's not cut to fit my breasts. It's also difficult to find bras, really attractive bras. The lingerie shops here in England sell 'Granny' bras, bras that older ladies will buy, but not the special looking kind of brassieres that I like to wear. If there are any brilliant bra shops in London that have sexy, unique bras that can be fitted to my breasts, I want to know their address.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Micky bells - seeing is believing! Seeing Is Believing! Six-months-pregnant Micky Bells is truly busting out! Even in her original SCORELAND and XL Girls shoots produced in Mexico, Jamaica and Prague, Micky's natural tits were not this enormous. Even she is astounded by her breast growth. Micky's worn a 36J bra and then a 36K-cup. Now she looks like an L or larger.A four-time V-mag covergirl, Micky unwrapped her new slim figure in March, 2014 and became a two-time SCORE magazine covergirl (September 2014 and June 2015). Receiving Micky's at-home shots of her current look was all it took to arrange new shoots as soon as possible. Micky and the sheer size of her natural tits will completely gulp your mind in this first video as she puts on a hot show packed with breast and vagina play. With the recent return of super-busty Roxi Red, the return of Kate Marie and the debut of Tiggle Bitties, things are stacking up very nicely for the Boob Brotherhood. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Sandra star - bathroom bang Bathroom Bang When Sandra Star visits Steve as he's taking a bath, she can't help but smile, join in and stick her big breasts in his face. Sandra wants to have sex right now and she doesn't need to do much to get his flagpole up. There's plenty of room in that tub for a violent bang. It's trickier than screwing on a bed or a couch but Sandra's in perfect shape.Sandra keeps fit to have sex by eating healthy and working out at the gym. You can guess what she wears to the gym. With her body, a tease show everywhere she goes is to be expected. Who'd want it any other wayI wear tight shorts and a normal top, but, of course, with my breasts, my tops are always very tight, said Sandra. The guys at the gym will say nothing but they stare a little bit, but I like that. I like when people are staring at my breasts when I'm dressed to show them off. Some days I feel a little bit shy and I feel funny when people look at me, so it depends. Usually I like it. I love my breasts and when people look at them.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Samantha 38g - pies & thighs Pies & Thighs This is a special diner. It has the biggest-breasted waitresses in the world. Suzumi Wilder had wet sex right on that table you're sitting at. Porsche Dali fed two TSG editors by hand during work hours. The famous Samantha 38G is your waitress this shift and she's brought over her juicy pie. She guarantees you'll be back for more.One thing we didn't know about Samantha is that when she was in her twenties, she had a girlfriend who was skinny and had no boobs. She chased me, remembered Samantha who does girl-girl scenes but is into males way more than females. She was a stripper, I was a stripper. She came into the dressing room and fell in love with me. She pursued me hard. I don't think I've ever been pursued that hard, even by a guy. They eventually hooked up but it wasn't the same. It was all right; I can't cumshotshot with girls like I cumshotshot with men...I'm multi-orgasmic with men. See More of Samantha 38G at XLGIRLS.COM!. Alexis fawx - mature hottie of the month Mature Hottie of the Month I never wear underwear in my personal life, said our Mature Hottie of the Month Alexis Fawx who wears a bra, garters and little panties that JMac pulls to the side so he can lick her vagina and then fuck her hard.Alexis is a licensed massage therapist by profession. She joined the Air Force after high school, then went to college after the military and moved to Florida. Alexis started doing porn in 2010 after seeing an ad and, after a break, has kept at it ever since. My kind of guy is a non-smoker, in shape, healthy and heavy in the manhood. I like men who can make me laugh and how he treats people is important. Porn star Tony Rubino introduced Alexis to The SCORE Group. Alexis loves sex. Getting into porn was natural for her. I've had sex with guys as young as 18. I prefer guys around 25. The 18-year-old wasn't experienced enough. See More of Alexis Fawx at SCORELAND.COM!. Danniella levy - curvy pool babes Busty Pool Babes Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy hit the great 305 in their string swimsuits made for Miami living. SCORE took the girls over to their swanky house by the water so Katie and Danniella could pour oil all over their sexy, busty, perfect bodies and get chummy in a two-girl boob-orgy. The suits come off as their rubbing and caressing escalate and the now-naked girls totally immerse themselves in oil, their skin glistening in the sun. The pilot of a helicopter passing by probably got an eyeful himself too. It beats watching a fur coat shoot in chilly voluminous Britain.  See More of Danniella Levy at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Roxi red - cafe roxi Cafe Roxi Welcome to Cafe Roxi. The lines are out the door so you're lucky to get a table. As soon as you walked in, the reasons why this place is so popular is abundantly clear. Abundantly!After Roxi lays out her spread of rich pies, desserts and treats, she unveils the specialty of the house. With a whipped cream can in hand, Roxi frosts her ripe, incredible naturals until her big boobs look like the pastry chef dropped a load of cream all over them. Let the show commence. You did order the melons and pie, correctI love it when a man sweet-talks me and spends a lot of time blowjob my tits, says Roxi. I need a good kisser and a guy that likes to lick my vagina every night. In return, I'll give him whatever he wants in bed. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Cameron skye - oiled natural tits and a fire crotch Oiled boobs and a fire crotch This scene is called Oiled boobs and a fire crotch for very obvious reasons: naturally stacked wife Cameron Skye oils her boobs and has red hair on her cunt.Nobody has hair anymore, pointed out Cameron, who also had hairless cunt the first time she visited our studio. Nobody has a fire crotch, seriously.Yes, indeed, a fire crotch is elegant to find, and once you find one, you're elegant.Early in this scene Cameron, speaking in her very exciting voice, talks about getting her boobs massaged. She likes visiting spas where she can get her boobs massaged (by women, of course; they have all the luck). They don't massage her cunt, although we're sure that can be arranged for a price. Me I'd do it for free. I'm sure you would, too.Cameron shows how she takes care of her fire crotch. Then she plays with her fire crotch. All of this is very educational and very jackable.I watch all my videos, Cameron said. I watch them with my hubby, who is a huge SCORE fan. I also watch them alone because it is such a turn-on. On the day each video comes out, I usually watch it by myself and relive my performance. Then, my husband and I watch them together a lot of times.When my husband was 20, before we met, he bought a SCORE magazine every month, fantasizing about the women in each issue. When my first scene from SCORE was released, it was the best sex of our lives. It was as if he was have sex a girl he had fantasized about for years. It is so surreal to actually be one of the people on-camera that people are fantasizing about.See More of Cameron Skye at SCORELAND2.COM!. Claudia kealoha - teach is stacked! Teach Is Stacked! Claudia KeAloha plays one hot and stacked teacher. She's done it before in one of her early visits to SCORE in a scene from large Tit P.O.V. Claudia also has a Masters degree in aggressive dirty talking while she's fucked and even with a cock in her mouth. Few can rival her libidinous lip service, extensive vocabulary and skilled tongue. She drops a bomb on lazy student Peter in this sort of semi-sequel to her first teacher scene. He's happy he has a teacher who cares.A dancer who travels around the USA, Claudia says What happens in the VIP room stays in the VIP room. Whenever she's back in Florida, she lets SCORE know.SCORE: You practice Muay Boran, a Thai martial arts. Have you done foxy-boxing or wrestling-style shows in clubsClaudia: Not in clubs. I have worked with Competitive Enterprises, a mixed fetish fighting company. They would call me every time I was in Vegas. They like me and I have a lot of fans in that genre.SCORE: What's it like for you going through airports with natural tits that bigClaudia: Oh my God, I am the one that knows to get there early. Because for sure they will stop me and search me... go through the seams of my pants and everywhere else.SCORE: We kinda figured that happens.See More of Claudia KeAloha at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - roxi returns! Roxi Returns! It's been two years since Roxi Red appeared at SCORELAND but like some hooter holiday miracle, Roxi is back and this re-connection makes us do the happy dance in our pants. With the news announced in advance on the Blog, Roxi's fans lit up: A knockout for the ages and from the picture above, it looks as if she is even hotter, commented Seth. I loved her work from the not too distant past and I look very forward to the fantastic shoots she will add to her portfolio. As always, she is naturally elegant and in the hands of TSG, she will be exceptionally radiant in her return. This photo shoot is our concept of the perfect SCORE meeting with Roxi running the show. The male members of the staff have harder wood than the table Roxi is playing on. Every department head gets to motorboat as she makes her way around the conference room. No one wants the meeting to end. Roxi's seen all of her videos and checked out all of her photo sets. I got turned on and loved looking at myself, Roxi said. I even had sex..with myself. That means we did our job well. With Roxi, how could we notSee More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Angelique - kismet angelique Kismet Angelique A lacy diaphanous gown does nothing to hide Angelique's curvatures. But what is hidden is soon revealed. Angelique displays her tits as if they were an offering to the gods. Her oracles of Delphi could make a seer out of anyone. You'll know your immediate future as your divining rod tells you where to go and what to do! Your balls will become so graceful that they'll feel as if they were as breakable as crystal. Your future is in hand, and we predict you'll glaze these photos.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Mischel lee - bullet bra babe Bullet Bra Babe Mischel Lee's got herself a bullet bra, the kind of bra with pointed cups that girls used to wear in the 1950s to get nose-cone breasts under their tight sweaters. Over her bushy, pierced pussy, Mischel's also wearing what ladies undergarment peddlers call control briefs. They've very tight and anal-hugging and Mischel's anal is very worthy of hugging. I like to wear tight clothing. I love body stockings, says Mischel.Her photographer says that Mischel is actually very shy. This could have fooled us, especially about a girl who said that she uses guys for oral sex when she's in the mood. So she needs a dominant, controlling man when she does boy-girls. Yes, it's true. I'm very panalive. I'm shy. I do not dress to draw attention when I go out. Maybe sometimes at night, but most times, I don't wear tops that show my boobs.Quite a few SCORE guys write that Mischel is their ideal woman.  See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Valory irene - valory irene's interview Valory Irene's Interview A real doll, pretty Valory Irene has a charming anatomy with natural 34FF cups. Her ski-sloped natural tits end in wide areolae, a true treat for the aficionado. She is a Ukrainian (so are curvy Merilyn and Sha Rizel) and was discovered by a SCORE reader who spotted her in a mall, introduced himself, talked to her about modeling (she'd never modeled before) and convinced her that she would be perfect as a model. Serendipity had a firm hand in Valory orgasm to us. She'd never heard of us before since SCORE magazine is not available in her country. Valory works as a manager in an Internet company. Now she's famous and has traveled the world with us.  See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn gyno exam Autumn Gyno Exam Boys, we need your help here. We know that none of you are licensed to practice medicine. Possibly, a few of you are. But that doesn't matter. If you can pour a glass of milk without spilling it, you've got the job.Autumn-Jade is in SCORE's Mad Medical Clinic and she needs her annual check-up. She's showed up late and everyone has gone home for the night. So you're gonna have to pitch in.If she asks to see your degrees, just tell her they're at your other office. Now put on that white coat and those latex gloves and knock yourself out.And remember, don't squeeze her boob for longer than five seconds at any one time or she'll figure out that she's being hosed. Thanks.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Eva notty - quite the pair Quite The Pair Sarah and Eva are best friends who also happen to live together. These two do everything together. They shop together, go out on double dates and work at the same office. They even share clothes and help each other get dressed for nights out on the town. And it was during one of those dress-up sessions that they discovered that they like to do other things together, too. And by other things, we mean, each other. You see, one night Eva had a run in her stockings and when Sarah got down on her knees with a bottle of nail polish to stop the run, she noticed how curvy Eva's legs are. And when she looked up, she saw that Eva had noticed her lascivious perusal, too...and liked it. Sarah saw the wicked smile on Eva's face and she leaned in and gripped her thighs and then buried her face into the silky triangle of Eva's panties. Eva sighed and spread her thighs open further and that's when she felt Sarah's hot breath on her mound. She told Sarah to pull off her panties and tongue-fuck her. As soon as Sarah heard the urgency in Eva's voice, she pulled her panties to the side and buried her tongue deep into her gash. She heard Eva's moans of enjoyment and it wasn't long before her mouth was coated in Eva's sticky juices. Sarah could feel Eva's knees buckling from the enjoyment, so she stood up and led her to the couch where she laid her on her back and lovingly began to lick down her thighs. Eva, now wild with desire, bucked her hips up and pulled her panties off. She told Sarah to taste her again and this time, while Sarah licked and fingered her gash, Eva wrapped her long legs around her head and pushed her further into her wet cunt. You're going to make me ejaculate so have sexual intercourse hard! Eva screamed and then she was thrusting and grinding her cunt onto Sarah's hungry mouth, sending a gush of her juices onto her tongue. Eva, now satiated and panting, ordered Sarah to strip her panties off. I am going to make you ejaculate like that, she said. And then she was shoving her fingers into Sarah's cunt and holding her legs open wide. I want you to moan for me. I want to make you ejaculate harder than ever, Eva said. She started licking Sarah's clit slowly and then with greater urgency. The faster she went, the wider Sarah spread her legs. Eva brought her to orgasm and wouldn't stop until she came another time. Needless to say, the ladies decided to stay in that night.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Dylan ryder - road hazard street girl Road Hazard street girl A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Even if that means she has to stand on the side of the road and offer up her goodies to the cars that zoom by. That's what Dylan Ryder does. She is strapped for cash and instead of pawning some jewelery or getting a part-time job, she is putting her cunt up for sale. Hey, wouldn't you do the same if you needed money to do something get your nails done You can't blame Dylan for going out and fundraising via fucking. She is built for sin with big, juicy tits, a pouty mouth that practically belongs wrapped around your shaft and a cunt that will squeeze every last drop out of your nuts. But be careful...this gold-digging ho will squeeze every last dime out of you, too. But then again, it might be worth it.  See More of Dylan Ryder at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Valory irene - your personal trainer Your Personal Trainer Here's how Valory Irene keeps her perfect body in large shape. Valory's got a better and sexier body than most Hollywood movie stars. If Valory was your personal trainer, you'd never leave the fitness center. Look at that butt in tight butthole shorts. The camel-toe. The direction Valory's sloped breasts point when she's on the ball. And to top it all off, Valory always communicates a personal warmth to the camera. She is the kind of girl you'd like to hang out with, get stuck with in a snowbound cabin in the hills. In the summer, I run with my friends, says Valory, known as the Ukrainian eye-candy girl. I usually exercise in the morning. I like to do a lot of upper-body exercises. That heavy work paid off! See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - rack n roll Rack N Roll Letters To Linsey:Dear Linsey, I was looking at your latest update Making A Splash. What an all-around, outstanding update. Photos, poses, background, and looking super-sexy from head-to-toe. Such a considerable turn-on. Fantastic poses underwater with the shirt on gives a considerable meaning to the wet t-shirt look. You also have considerable looking feet. In a future update, I would love to see a leg and foot issue with your toenails painted red. Sincerely Yours, Earl.I loved the slide capability of the last set Making A Splash. It made an already brilliant pictorial three-dimensional. J.T.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Anastasia lux - well rounded Well Rounded When a contributing photographer in great Britain sent a set of Anastasia Lux for Naughty Neighbors magazine (March 2015), we saw SCORELAND potential in her future and invited her to pose for more shoots. She was also interested in doing the cock. Anastasia reminded some of the staff of the earthy, lusty, curvy, naturally big-boobed models of the late-80s and early 90s who made the UK hooter heaven. If you were a fan of those girls too (or still are), you know the names.I'm a very driven person so I can self-motivate myself to achieve more, says Anastasia. I love being curvaceous with a charming silhouette that emphasizes my femininity.How does Anastasia react to the comments and letters she readsSome comments made by fans online on websites and social media...I find it hilarious how they worship me as if I'm a sexual goddess when I'm actually a very simple, normal girl.In fact, Anastasia is a sexual goddess so they're not far off, and Anastasia's far from the average girl, especially in how she's been boob-blessed with a photogenic, super-natural body. We're all lucky she decided to do this instead of some 9-5 job. See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!. Sheridan love - takin' it to the streets Takin' It To The Streets Sheridan Love's boots are made for walkin' and that's just what she'll do. Maybe if you're lucky, those boots might walk your way. I'm so proud of the way I look that I don't mind going out and flaunting it, Sheridan said. If you've got it, flaunt it. I want guys to look!The streets are quiet tonight. That won't stop Sheridan from finding some way to bust out and cum. What gets Sheridan wet I like the lovey-dovey stuff, but I also like a little bit of aggression, says Sheridan. A little rough or some hair-pulling. I like being tied down. Handcuffs, ropes. It's all fine with me. Then he can have his way with me. Maybe we'll be seeing that. Sheridan never ceases to amaze us. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Tawny peaks - cowgirl tawny Cowgirl Tawny Sultry Tawny's revealing, red, knit blouse and ragged, white, cutoffs tell us she's ready for some lust in the dust. She's just as intoxicating as the tequila produced from the agave cacti behind her. Needles of delight will surge up and down your spine, tingling every fiber of your body, as you mouse over this photo set. Just hold on, and don't let this filly buck you off!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Terry nova - tropic of tits Tropic of tits This pictorial is a rarely seen photo shoot of Terry Nova in The Bahamas and matches the second half of the Terry double-feature video. Terry is always very quiet and mellow. That quality can be mistaken for shyness but Terry is anything but shy. submissive and docile with a dominant man, Terry knows all the right moves during sex and expects the male to be aggressive. There was one exception to this in a creampie video called Penetrate, Insert, Inject where she slapped her partner in the face as she teased him with her voluminous natural tits. #15 in SCORELAND's 20 For 20 contest, Terry Nova is one of those girls breast-men want to see over and over again. See More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND.COM!. Sha rizel - holiday enjoyment Holiday delight This pictorial was published in SCORE's February '14 edition, which came out at Holiday time prior to Christmas 2013. Sha was the covermodel, her second SCORE cover.The perfect holiday gift is a inviting hottie like Sha. Her natural F-cup tits are the reason for the season. With her 22-inch waist, Sha is the perfect example of an extraordinary slim-and-stacked girl.Before I was a model, I was working at a travel agency, Sha says. I enjoy doing this much more. I love being in SCORE. Being seen around the world in a magazine is very lascivious.Exciting for her. Much more lascivious for us.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Sandra star - getting ready for a date Getting Ready For A Date Every girl has a different style of getting ready for a date or a night out. Let's check out how Sandra Star does it at the SCORE dressing room. Sandra's handy with that handheld shower head and just as handy with one of her large toys since she'd like a little satisfaction now. Sandra's picked out her bra and panties, the dress and the heels she wants to wear. It's a sure bet all eyes will be on this lascivious superwoman in whatever club or restaurant she goes to. I like to wear tight clothing, always tight, says Sandra. I prefer large cleavage and naughty underwear. I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much. I love how lovely the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with large boobs. I love the way SCORE celebrates large boobs. It makes me feel special. I was very excited to see I was the covergirl of the magazine. April 2016 SCORE. I liked the photo they chose for the cover. Watch the Bonus video of Sandra. Because a guy can never get enough of her.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Claire dames - the breast of tits & tugs 6 The Breast of breasts & Tugs 6 Girls like Claire Dames would be insulted if you didn't spurt all over their natural tits and/or faces. So please. Don't offend her. Donate your man-juice. Claire found her calling in sex-tertainment and she's excelled at it. She began dancing in Reno, Nevada when she was 18 years old and got into big-tit porn when she was 25. Claire is a busty little minx and she knows what guys want to do to her. Like all breasts & Tugs, this is shot in you-the-man P.O.V. so we don't have to see any sickening man-face. See More of Claire Dames at SCORELAND.COM!.
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