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The ultimate bra show The Ultimate Bra Show One of the greatest things about Tiffany Towers is that she embodies everything inviting about slim 'n' stacked models. And that is very obvious in this pink lingerie on the balcony. You get to see how tiny her waist is in proportion to her bust, especially in the first couple of shots. Not only does this lace bra look amazing stretched over Tifanny's FFF-cup globes, but it also looks great framing her heavy nipples as they peak over the edges of the lace. Another great perk about slim 'n' stacked models is that they look amazing from behind, like Tiffany does, with their boobs framing their back. See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Rita daniels - nice rita daniels, ass-fucked Good Rita Daniels, ass-make love Hugely popular divorcee and mom Rita Daniels, who's 59 here, talks dirty and gets make love in her ass for the first time. Rita says she's doing it just for us, but judging by how she's moaning and ejaculate and talking filthy while getting it in her tight ass, we're not so sure about that. We think she's doing it for herself and is just letting us watch.A little background on this video. We saw her sitting in the studio a few hours prior, and she was a little nervous about the whole thing.Nervous and excited, she said. I've been planning this for a long time. I went out and bought an ass training kit to get my ass ready.Of course, when the action starts, Rita gets the stud's penish ready with a sloppy blowjob job, then has him make love her always-horny pussy. And then...Target Butthole!Oh, make love my ass! Rita says as Juan's penish slides in and out. And that's exactly what he does.See More of Rita Daniels at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Autumn-jade - french shower French Shower A shower with Autumn-Jade is not just a shower. It's an event and the camera must be there to record it in every dripping detail. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Kate marie - the libidinous girl-next-door The exciting Girl-Next-Door Kate Marie is that excited SCORE Girl-next-door. The girl walking to class across the campus lawn. The girl working part-time in customer service. The girl from the hair salon. Your tank-top wearing server at one of the breastaurants you go to for lunch with your co-workers. They're in a special class by themselves.How should a guy touch Kate Marie's big, natural tits if he can get to first base Kate says gently.Well, whenever you grope a woman, you don't grope her from the top. That's not comfortable. You don't grab them from the front and squeeze them. You should come from the side and grope there and knead them like dough. From the side and under and push them together and kneading but not like stress-balling. It's not a stress ball! Don't do that.And what else is charming to doBiting. Licking. Sucking. A little tongue play around the nipple. That's usually lovely sensational.Pretty sensational, just like Kate Marie. See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Lavita - mom gets ass-fucked by her fitness trainer Mom gets backside-fucked by her fitness trainer Lavita, a 40something wife and MILF from Germany, is a little upset because she thinks her fitness trainer is too young and inexperienced to help her get in shape for her divorce. But when it's time for some neck exercises, Lavita does them-with her trainer's dick in her mouth. Soon she orders him to spank her clit with his dick before fucked her. Lavita's backside needs a workout, too, and he's happy to oblige!Lavita told us that she always dresses clbacksidey when she's out in public. Well, she kind of has to, right She's a mom. She doesn't want to embarrbackside her kids. Forget the fact that she came to our studio and got backside-fucked by a total stranger...the kids will probably never find out about that.Probably.And yet...One time while I was eating ice cream, a guy came up to me and said, 'I want you to know you have big dick-sucking lips.Her kids weren't around, so Lavita said, Thank you. And then she went on eating her ice cream.She does have big dick-sucking lips. She has a big dick-swallowing backsidehole, too.See More of Lavita at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Hitomi - she wore a yellow bikini She Wore A Yellow Bikini The matching video to the photo set, this video is on DVD in On Location Puerto Vallarta. Hitomi was already a sensation in Japan when she and SCORE joined forces. When Hitomi arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last year for this shoot, it was her first trip outside of Japan. She and her co-stars spent a week in a swanky mansion overlooking the beach. Hitomi speaks little English, so SCORE flew in a Japanese female translator from Tokyo to spend the week with her as a helper, companion and translator for our crew. In their spare time, Hitomi and her new busty friends enjoyed the sights and sounds and the food and the fun of this popular tourist resort. The girls stuck together at all times. A group like this could have easily drawn a heavy crowd just by being there if they went to the beach in bikinis See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Claudia kealoha - busty man-pleaser Busty Man-pleaser You mean you're not going to look at my cookies Claudia KeAloha asks JMac, who's been waiting for her. Claudia is poured into libidinous boudoir lingerie, as if she is about to do a glamour photo shoot. In fact, JMac is looking at Claudia's cookies, just not the cookies on the tray she's carried over.There will be no time for cookies. Not when it's time to have sex. JMac buries his face in Claudia's big boobs and gets motorboated. He stands and Claudia kneels to get crazy on his penish. Sucking, tit-have sexing, jacking. Claudia gags on his penish when she's not dirty-talking in her own special way. As Lisa Lipps once said, What a dirty mouth on that girl. Claudia bends forward from the waist, puts one knee on the table, and spreads her butthole cheeks so JMac can give it to her from behind. They have sex on the table, giving new meaning to the term centerspread. JMac sits so Claudia can sit on his pole facing him and bounce away to her heart's content. In one athletic move, JMac picks Claudia up, his penish inside her tight pussy, and they grind away. While still carrying Claudia, JMac lowers her to the floor for a spectacular pile-driving until he fills her mouth with cum. JMac never did get the cookies but he did serve Claudia the cream.  See More of Claudia KeAloha at SCORELAND.COM!. Angela white - angela jacks you off Angela jacks you off From our many interviews and knowing Angela over the years, we didn't need glasses to see that she had a high-powered sex drive, whether she's by herself, masturbating or with another girl. We didn't need to guess that she's just as excited with a man at hand. We just knew it even though that part of her was kept behind closed doors. Until now.I never script my sexual sessions, Angela says. I just let it flow. I like it natural and spontaneous.And this boobs & Tugs Her first in front of an audience of breast-men from dozens of countries How will Angela rate herselfIt's not going to be a performance because I'm gonna be loving it. So it's going to be a 10. I'm going to put it at an 8 out of 10 because if I give a guy a titty-have sexual intercourse or a tug-job, I'm going to want to have sexual intercourse them. So it's going to be a bit of a tease for me, too.The have sexual intercourseing came next. But first, as they say in Australia, let the wanking begin! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Merilyn sakova - ukrainian bar maid Ukrainian Bar Maid Welcome to the greatest pub in the world and the bustiest bar maid. This is Merilyn's Beer Palace. Do you like her work costume She also keeps a sturdy mace behind the bar in case a customer gets fresh. In the Ukrainian tradition, Merilyn wears her hair in old-world style. An unmarried woman styles her hair in one or two braids and inserts flowers into the ribbon on both sides of her head. Drink deeply and toast your hostess Merilyn with the word Bud'mo, the equivalent of pretty Health!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Terry nova - booty with terry Booty With Terry Terry Nova is just in time, arriving when this sexy hombre needs stress busting and a release from his frustrations. Leave it to Terry to handle this guy. She knows exactly what breast-men love. To really make his day, Terry even opens her butt to his thrusting tool. He puts her through a workout, ramming, jamming and cramming her butt while Terry urges him to jizz her giant jugs. It's a done deal as only Terry Nova can pull off. See More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND.COM!. Jolie rain - large tits = no ticket Large breasts = No Ticket No one likes to get handed a ticket by a cop. Especially not after you have tried to talk and negotiate your way out of it. But sometimes, when you are dealing with the fuzz, you have to talk faster, negotiate harder and get out of that ticket anyway you can. And that's what Jolie Rain does. She talks fast and negotiates her ass off but this douchebag still hands her a citation. But don't feel bad for Jolie because this girl doesn't take this ticket sitting down. She springs into action showing this cop her mighty top when she whips her breasts out for his pleasure. She offers him a trade: Her breasts for the disappearance of said ticket. Our boy in blue doesn't think twice about it. Why wouldn't he want to get a big tug job from Jolie With her full breasts and pleasant pink nips, we are sure she gives one mean tit job. And, at the end of the day, this is really a win-win situation. Jolie gets off with a gooey warning all over her chest and this cop gets off.  See More of Jolie Rain at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Alix lakehurst - geek boob squad Geek Boob Squad Alix Lakehurst needs her PC checked out so the company sends over a guy with a great cock to fix it. And while he's there, he might as well serve Alix too. She could use some personal servicing. So Alix sits in a chair and watches Jmac at work. She starts playing with her great tits and smiles at him. He doesn't need an engraved invitation after that. JMac gets the message without the need for a text, an email, a Tweet or anything else. The old ways of a girl signaling she wants to get fuck are still the best!Alix's great jugs are an extra bonus for the techie about to enjoy the feel of her lips and kitty wrapped around his cable. I don't dress like a slut, Alix says. But with my body, it's cruel not to look sexy. She's right. That's why this dude is like a kid in a candy store and her tits are like bon-bons to him!I'm attracted to geeky, strong guys that can pick me up over their shoulder and fix my computer. I love hair too. haired chests are wonderful to rub and I also like a bit of a gut, believe it or not. If I have a fetish about anything, it would be hairy chests. I have never been into looks. See More of Alix Lakehurst at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!.
Micky bells - maid for breast lovers Maid For Breast Lovers If we uncovered a maid built like Micky Bells, she wouldn't be a maid for long. She'd be doing her thing for the SCORE cameras. Unfortunately, we and our model recruiters have never had a girl like Micky show up from a maid service to dust the furniture. Micky checks out the list of chores for her to do. It's taped to the door when she walks into the apartment. When Micky takes off her coat and her overflowing boobs are close to falling out of her top, your brain will explode like our brains did. Micky has always looked tiny but this time, she's got everyone totally boob-drunk.Micky vacuums, she scrubs the floor, she polishes the mirror. Then she takes a well-deserved break and polishes her nipples and clitty. We're not slave drivers and, anyway, Micky is in the busty maids union. She's entitled to a spank break as long as we can stay and monitor her progress. What a woman! See More of Micky Bells at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the boss The Boss What if they did a remake of the musical Chicago, but instead of just a was a Linsey movie What if Linsey Dawn was cast as the great, brassy attorney who had to defend those gals accused of murder Wouldn't that be something to see Linsey decked out in that '40s era gear, the men's boxer shorts, those sock suspenders, great stogie in her mouth barking orders to her complaisant legal assistants, paralegals and law clerks What if Linsey told you she needed some help in private with her briefs -- Like taking them down and stripping them off What cast member would cry out, Objection! to Linsey making a motion for recess in the judge's chambers We're not sure about Linsey singing a rousing rendition of Razzle Dazzle, but we definitely know that she's quite capable of playing the part of the defense attorney. Defense attorneys are supposed to get their clients off, right And that's what Linsey does every week.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Minka - large oil spill Voluminous Oil Spill Just check out Minka's trim anatomy in a red-hot string bikini at poolside in this video. She's never looked better and her fit physique puts burger-eating teenagers to shame. Oiling up her national treasures has always required a lot of petroleum products but Minka is worth every drop. All Minka fans know she dearly loves to keep tan. She calls over SCORE prop-man Tony to rub her down and make her horny anatomy shine in the Florida sun. Minka's breasts glisten and shine and the rubbing has made her tingle. She could use the cock. First, between her incredible breasts, then in her mouth and pussy. They head into the house for their private party. Minka towers over Tony but there's an old tradition in the great-boobed world of short guys banging tall bra-busters. You've got great breasts, says Tony, who's never met Minka before and is probably shell-shocked. I know I have great breasts,  Minka replies with authority. But I've got a small mouth and a small pussy! Huge breasts, tight pussy, small mouth. You can't ask for more than that in life. And Minka puts that small mouth to pleasant use as she runs her pink tongue along the shaft. Then it's time to wham-bam. Minka likes to rub her clit when she's getting fuck in missionary position. She cums best doing that. And after she cums, she wants to see Tony cum...on her breasts.  See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Mary jane is smokin' hot This is the first time you've posed nude, and we are thrilled. What about you Are you having fun I was a little nervous at first, but it was such a nice day and the sun felt really lovely on my boobs. Plus it was cool to feel sexy and really show of my assets, you know  You seem a little shy. Does that mean you're a virgin, too No, I've had sex before but only a few times. I'm not a bitch or anything. If I seem shy about showing my cunt it's because I was nervous. Just letting it all hang out in the open is scary when you've never done anything like that before. It didn't help that my boyfriend didn't want me to take the photos. But when he saw me like this it actually turned him on. When we got the photos he banged me harder than ever before.  What do you like to do for fun in your free time Have lots of sex Yes! The more sex, the better. That's why I spend a lot of my free time with my boyfriend. He's really generous in bed, too. He'll be down there for hours it feels like. He's older than me so he has more experience with sex. Aside from that, I also love to swim. Actually, the water was the first place I ever had sex. I especially love to skinny dip. I love the way the water feels on my naked body. See More of Mary Jane at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Busty pay pal Busty Pay Pal Ready for a giant erection Candace Von is going to give you a woodie you can hit a baseball with.   This SCORE Video is ripped straight from today's business headlines. In the high-powered world of Wall Street finance, stress and tension are part and parcel of the job.   How does this highly-paid stock broker for Fleecem, Cheatham and Ponzi spell relief C-A-N-D-A-C-E V-O-N! One phone call is all it takes. Candace is in the act of providing relief to a customer in her favorite pay toilet stall when the call comes in from Mr. Swiss.   Candy!!! he screams into the phone. I need you now!! Since Mr. Swiss is one of her best regulars, she drops everything, including this poor schnook's schmuck out of her mouth, and heads to Swiss's office. That's not where the investors' money is going, we hope! His eyes will pop and so will he when he sees how hot Candace looks. See More of Candace Von at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Sha rizel - tight is right Tight Is Right A model like Sha Rizel knows what she looks hot in, and she looks hot in this striped dress. Short and tight is right. This is what Sha would wear on a night out clubbing or dining with friends.What kind of reactions does Sha get when she's dressed like this and out for the eveningThey look, she says. They stare. Guys sometimes say things like, 'Nice body,' or 'Nice breasts.' Sometimes they don't say anything, but I know what they are thinking. Sometimes they are with their girlfriend or wife and she gets mad. I think that's funny.Sha is so gorgeous, people would react the same way if she wore a sack instead of a dress.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Ines cudna - leopard-print lust Leopard-Print Lust Ines does not play with any of her many vibrators or dildos in this set but she does some wide, juicy spread shots and pulls her kitty lips, which many guys love for their length. Ines dreams of having her lips sucked and massaged until she cums. She's had it done by girls (Cassandra, Veronika, Linsey and Marketa), and wouldn't you love to be the guy who does it to herSee More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Sabrina linn - sexxx superstar SeXXX Superstar Neck kissing and other forms of cable TV candy-ass sex are a total waste to watch compared to watching super-MILF Sabrina Linn do the real deal. She is a real MILF, not a fake Hollywood MILF. The harder Sabrina's fucked, the nastier the position, the better she seems to enjoy it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but bang her like a bitch so the adrenaline can spike and her pussy can get wet. I am a really beautiful girl, but then people put everything together and go, 'Whoa! There's a different side to her.' Because I don't want to be like everybody else. I come from a small country town where all the girls are the same, and I wanted to be different. And I didn't want to be like them, so I had to do something to set myself apart from every other Texas girl.Sabrina can cause a stir just by walking. When men look at her pass by, their wives get extremely jealous! See More of Sabrina Linn at SCORELAND.COM!. Olivia jackson - breasts & ass superstar Breasts & bum Superstar Hanging out with Olivia Jackson in the models dressing room as she prepares to shoot a layout. Olivia was encouraged by her girlfriend to contact SCORE. Now that's a good friend!SCORELAND: What do you like about yourselfOlivia: I love my smile. I love my skin tone. I do like that I have curves and I can fit almost anything very nicely. And I have an awesome personality!SCORELAND: Do people come up to you and ask you if your boobs are realOlivia: When you're in Vegas, you deal with a lot of drunk people, but I get that a lot from women, too. They ask if I'm real or not. They grab on them and touch on them and spank them. Whatever they want to do. I was at a club, and we were just having fun. Me and some friends got a table, and a girl came up to ask me, and when I'm standing on line at the bathroom, there's always a bunch of sweet women hanging around, and they always ask me. And I let them! See More of Olivia Jackson at SCORELAND.COM!. Preggo & wet Preggo & Wet It's shower power time for Roxanne Miller as her preggo series at XL Girls comes to an end with this fourth scene. All's well now post-pregnancy for Roxanne and her bundle of joy. She's found the entire experience an adventure and she was even able to model for XL Girls during this major time in her life.  Always a positive, happy chick, Roxanne talked about her point-of-view of her bumpy experience as her body changed.  Since we are able to create a miracle--right--I think we girls deserve to be pampered, at least during our pregnancy, so we can feel beautiful while we are expanding. So I do go to the salons to cut my hair, make it curly or straight depending on my mood, take care of my nails and stuff like that because I need to feel feminine and girly. I use a lot of lotion on my body and for my belly, I use a lot of oil because it feels good.  During my pregnancy, a lot of friends, mostly guys, said to me that my breasts were going to get doubled. And a girl said to me, 'Oh. my god, you're so selfish, you already have so much boobage! You want more' See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. Patty michova - patty michova's office three-way Patty Michova's office three-way It's impossible to get any work done when a piece of butthole like Patty Michova is walking around the office. She's wearing fuck-me pumps, a short skirt, stockings and a tight top. She's showing a lot of cleavage. The guys know they're going to be in trouble if they don't finish their buttholeignment, but they also know that their balls are going to burst unless they bury their cocks inside Patty's mouth and cunt. And since Patty is a porn star on the side, she's happy to relieve their stress.Patty Michova...ah, if there were only more women like her. My favorite Patty scene is the one in which she's a stripper and gets fucked up the pole. But this three-way is pretty damn good, too.And I'll make this admission: Patty would be borderline bust-wise for SCORELAND if she didn't fuck. But she does fuck and fuck puts her over the top. Sometimes we'll get photos submitted by DD-cuppers. Our first question is, Will she fuck If the answer is yes, we might be able to fit her in, to to speak.Of course, as you read this, remember: Girls who are borderline for us are still bustier than 99% of the girls in the world. I'm sure some of the girls who submit their photos to us are shocked when they're rejected because their natural tits are too small. They've never heard that in their entire lives.Anyway, congratulations to Patty for fuck her way onto SCORELAND, and congratulations to you if you can watch this entire video without busting a nut.See More of Patty Michova at SCORELAND2.COM!. Leanne crow - a british bird under the mexican sun A British Bird Under The Mexican Sun Puerto Vallarta Vacation is Leanne Crow's second photo holiday with SCORE. Her first was a trip to St. Maarten. In the Caribbean, Leanne met Angela White, Michelle Bond, Charley Green and Maggie Green for Leanne's Stacked Summer. Here in Mexico, Leanne meets America's Jenna Valentine and they hit it off famously, becoming fast friends. She shares sun, fun and Mexican food with Hitomi, Natalie and Micky--an international smorgasbord of major melons. I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight, Leanne revealed. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat-chested and they all had natural tits. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had natural tits and then in a swimsuit, I didn't. Well, Leanne has no problems now filling out her bikini tops, as this pictorial and video amply prove!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Jmac and mrs jones got a thing going on Jmac and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on What, you're going to be late again is just about the worst thing the husband of a lustful MILF can hear (the worst being, I just called my lawyer), but those are the words 41-year-old Kandi Jones' husband hears when he calls to tell her he's going to be late getting home from work.  This is bad for Mr. Jones because his wife is ready for sex and lascivious.  I was really hoping that we could spend some time together, she tells him, meaning, I really want to fucked.  But then Kandi looks out the window and sees JMac, shirtless, washing her car. And, as we all know, there's nothing a lascivious MILF likes to see more than a porn stud washing her car. Or delivering her pizza. Or fixing her plumbing. But, in this case, washing her car.  Looks like Kandi's going to be okay with her husband being late and JMac's going to be even better. How many side jobs do these porn studs have  She invites him in, maybe for a drink. Maybe so she can sucks and fucked his cock. Maybe so JMac can fucked her in the piledriver position and hear his balls slapping against her ass. Maybe so he can ejaculate in her pussy. Better clean up that creampie, Kandi, before Mr. Jones gets home.  Kandi lives in South Florida. She once had a job as a spa manager that she enjoyed because I love making people happy. We can tell. She's 5'3 and weighs 135 pounds. She's not a traditional swinger; she fuckeds other men, her husband doesn't fucked other women. But she is a nudist (she became one after visiting Hedonism III in Jamaica in 2000) and she likes to play with her nipples when she masturbates.  We'd play with her nipples when she masturbates.  By the way, her hubby sent her our way. See More of Kandi Jones at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bringing the boyfriend Lives: Jacksonville, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: July 7; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 97 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Hipsters; Anal: Enjoy it; BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: A lot.  You guys want to know how to become a porn stud Well, you could answer an ad like what happened to those guys in the Tiff Bannister Porn Stud Tryouts (available here on NaughtyMag). But those opportunities only come around once in a blue mood. Instead, the easiest way to become a stud is to bring along a sexy, young blonde chick who is willing to gulp and have sex you on-camera. That's what this guy did.  Chloe is a beautiful girlfriend. She understood that the only way for her guy to become a famous stud was to get naked, too. So she did. I never thought I'd ever do anything like this, but I want to be supportive. I'm not the jealous type, so if he gets more jobs in porn and has to have sex other women, I'll be okay with it. He's really beautiful in bed, so I know he'll do just fine.  The guy does alright, but we can't take our eyes off of Chloe. She gulps that penish like a champion, which is impressive because she's so young. Then she lets her guy slide his penish in her tight, wet pussy. Soon, they're have sexing like rabbits.   I usually don't let my boyfriend cumshot on my face, Chloe told us. But I wanted to make sure we made an impression.  Chloe and her man are appearing tomorrow, too. Stay tuned!See More of Chloe Foster at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Merilyn sakova - a date with merilyn A Date With Merilyn It's been a fun day with Merilyn. You've gone out and enjoyed the afternoon. You've had lunch at an outdoor cafe and watched the world go by. Passersby noticed the lascivious girl you were eating with. Women shot her jealous looks. Men shot you envious glances. Women want to be her. Men want to be you. Then you went to the park for a stroll. When you returned to Merilyn's place, you were about to give her a kiss on the cheek (a double kiss on each cheek since she is Ukrainian) and take your leave. But Merilyn wants you to come upstairs and visit her home. She has something special she wants to treat you to. You must have made a powerful impression. You accept and enter her apartment. pleasure awaits in abundance.  See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Venera - get to know venera Get To Know Venera Who is Venera Once you see her, you do not forget her. Venera is the ultimate in slim 'n' stacked. She has one of the hottest, most lovely bodies ever seen in 20 years of SCORE history. Venera didn't get that anatomy by eating junk and sitting around. She is a certified fitness trainer and keeps up a grueling work-out schedule. Like another amazing discovery this year, Valory Irene, and Merilyn Sakova in 2005, Venera has the kind of big boobs (32H-cups) that are rarely ever seen on girls so slim. She is a marvel of nature and it was a big day when Venera decided to become a nude model and share her assets with boob-mankind. Learn all about Venera in this introductory interview from Montego Bay, Jamaica as she talks about her gorgeous boobs, her sensuous anatomy and her life as a SCORE super-hottie.  See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Casey deluxe - oiled & showered Oiled & Showered Casey Deluxe oils up and rubs her baby bump in the bathroom and then showers off in the final segment of SCORELAND's pregnant Casey series. SCORELAND: Casey, do you have any favorite big-bust models who have inspired youCasey: I like Micky Bells and Milena Velba.SCORELAND: Do you admire any big-boob models past or presentCasey: I like Chloe Vevrier. She is so excited and has very huge tits.SCORELAND: Do you communicate with any big-boob modelsCasey: Yes, I communicate often with Micky Bells.SCORELAND: Which models would you like to meet face-to-faceCasey: I would like to meet Chloe Vevrier.SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your cleavage Casey: Yes, from time to time some money or keys.SCORELAND: What is this activity about fans sending you pictures of their cocks cumshot on your pictures Tell us about this.Casey: Many fans jerk to my pictures and want to show me how excited they are for me with these pictures. I see it as a compliment and I'm happy about it when they show me their photos and videos.SCORELAND: Thank you, Casey Deluxe. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. A bikini facial A Bikini Facial An older businessman is stressed out from work, and Carolina is happy to give him some relief. She's tanning by the pool and tells him to rub oil on her body. Her perky, glazed breasts are glistening in the sun and Mr. Businessman can't help but squeeze them like they're stress balls. He's starting to relax.  They make their way back inside and Carolina introduces his penish to the back of her throat. It's a slobbery affair, but now that his penish is coated in spit it's just as wet as her cunt. Carolina is a bendy little fuck, putting her feet behind her head as he slips his penish in.  Carolina's cunt juice soaks his pants as she rides him. He'll probably want to change his trousers before his next meeting. As for Carolina's agenda She'll be back by the pool, tanning with his cum all over her face. See More of Carolina Sweets at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - tough as leather Tough As Leather Ow! Bow before Linsey, penitents, or feel the lash of her strop. Yes, straight from the Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. ladies fashion catalog, this decorative, butt-kicking little number Linsey is strapped into is perfect for that casino weekend in Monte Carlo or an old-fashioned ass-walloping bondage convention in San Francisco. After seeing Linsey bundled up in multiple layers of thick clothing all weekend in chilly old Chillingham Castle on the TV show I'm Famous and Frightened, it's a relief to see her wearing less material than it takes to make a cocktail napkin. Is Linsey really as tough as leather. Actually not. She's really as gentle as a pussycat. Now bend over for her.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Older woman, new shoes Older Woman, New Shoes In my everyday life, I am quite conservative, says cougar, Jillian Foxxx. I dress in very plain clothing and I rarely try to attract attention. But there are times, when I am all alone, that I want to get dressed up in slutty, provocative clothes and let loose. That is why I was so horny to get these new shoes. They just scream wild and wanton sex. And when I put them on, I felt like another woman...a loose and slutty shoe whore. I couldn't help but touch my pussy and make myself cumshotshot with them. The way the leather and the straps felt made me want to cumshotshot so cruel that I screamed and moaned like a banshee. And watching myself in the mirror sent me over the edge.See More of Jillian Foxxx at LEGSEX.COM!. Sara jay - whore warehouse Whore Warehouse Sara Jay has few rivals in the whore world. She's well-respected in the jizz biz. Her huge tits and her unparalleled booty have made her a legendary hooter ho wherever she may roam. It's demeaning that she has to deal with assholes in business suits trying to bargain her price down in the street when they should be flinging thousands of dollars at her feet as a declaration of fealty. This cheap butt has to sneak Sara into an empty warehouse because he's too stingy to spend the money on a motel room. God forbid his wife should find a motel receipt in his pocket. When they prepare an old crate as a fuck altar, Sara renegotiates, remembering the words of the large philosopher Ken U. Popmanutz, A stiff penish does not look at a price tag. Sara's trick fucks his brains out and explodes all over her tits, which Sara uses as an opportunity to get more cash. Chalk up another satisfied client for this smart slattern. These guys in their fancy suits are no match for warehouse whores. See More of Sara Jay at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's fishnet seduction Arianna's Fishnet Seduction lustful to me is a look, Arianna said. A soft touch. A curve in a tight dress that is not showing too much. lustful does not have to be my boobs hanging out of my dress or a man orgasm on too strong to me. Sometimes he might brush his arm against me and that will make me excited. It all depends on my mood, if I am libidinous. Different things for different days.Obviously, when she took these photos, Arianna was in a very libidinous mood. That thing about it does not have to be my boobs hanging out my dress Well, here, Arianna's tits are completely exposed through her fishnet mini, and for you leg guys out there, she has her gams covered in matching fishnet stockings. This is the bad girl side of Arianna...the side you'd see if you were lucky enough to be her man of the night. So go ahead and dream. Arianna in fishnets is worth jacking for.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Sandra star - the working man's ultimate fantasy The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy Here we have every electrician's fantasy as well as the goal of every guy who loves beautiful, slim blondes with big, high-riding tits. Mr. Electric has been called to Sandra Star's place to repair a light fixture. She's wearing a tight, cleavage-baring dress that shows off her bod and a bra that makes her boobs stick straight out. Shocking! While he's checking to see what the problem is, Sandra is checking him out.Sandra (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) has him sit next to her on the couch and when he tries to present her with the bill, he gets an eyeful of her jutting, jolting boobs. His dad steered him right when he told him to learn a trade. Sandra lowers the top of her dress and her bra, revealing her naked knockers, and offers him something good to suckle. He takes her up on her overture and before long, Sandra is dangling over his lap, cock suckingjob and licking his shaft. The sparks are really flying.Sandra lies back on the couch and lifts her high-heeled feet up so her new friend can pull off her panties, spread her cunt lips and lick the pink center. Sandra's moans, her crazy-sexy body and her gyrations of pleasure act like an aphrodisiac, frying his circuits. He plugs his cable into her tight socket and they cock sucking their fuses. See More of Sandra Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Give it to me beautiful and hard! Give it to me beautiful and violent! Many of you wonder what it would be like to fuck Christy and how violent you could get her off if you had the chance, right Well, we are going to give you some tips and advice on how to get Ms. Marks off, in case you ever get the chance to bone this busty beauty and need to rise to the occasion, so to speak. Christy loves having her boobs squeezed and her nipples sucked on. She also likes it when a man takes charge and fucks her like it's his last day on earth. If a guy wants to get me off, he needs to give it to me beautiful and violent, she says with a wink. And what gets her off the best Cum. Yours, of course. The bigger the load I can get out of a man, the hornier I get and the violenter I cum. Hear that, gentlemen You gotta shoot geysers of the sticky stuff on Christy. She lives for the cum, man. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!.
Lewd lesson Kyle's slutty friends at school just gave her a lesson in blow cock. That's just about the only thing she's learned so far this year, and she wants to use what she's learned in the real world. School is so stupid. When am I ever going to use algebra in real life If they really wanted to help us, they should teach us how to do things that are like, actually important, Kyle said. give suck penish is very important. That's why Kyle ditches school to test what she's learned. It's not long before she finds a guy willing to lend her his cock. Kyle takes his rod down the best she can then opens her legs for another lesson. And that's how to take a penish till it bottoms out in her pussy.See More of Kyle Clover at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Bonnie banks - busty bonnie banks on boob beach Curvy Bonnie Banks On Boob Beach A stacked sweetheart in every way at 5'9 and 147 lbs., Scotland native Bonnie Banks and her 44-29-39 rack is now a certified legend with five pictorials in curvy mag (June 1995, August 1995, March 1996, March 1997 and October 1998) and one in SCORE (September 1996). curvy mag readers considered Bonnie the classic embodiment of a V-Girl with her flaring hips, slim waist, bubble bottom and hanging, natural knockers. Bonnie was discovered by SCORE's British chief of photography. He and his team took Bonnie to Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas, where this SCORE Classic video from the Archives was filmed.   See More of Bonnie Banks at SCORELAND.COM!. Kerry marie - you're fired! You're Fired! Time to report to the boss. Meet your new boss, Kerry Marie. She's fair yet tough. Before you hear the dreaded words You're Fired, she's going to show you what she's made of. It'll be worth getting the sack. This is the kind of sexual harassment that makes it all worthwhile.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Angela works it out Angela works it out A girl with a anatomy like Angela's doesn't need to workout, but if she wants to invite us to watch her workout routine, we're all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn't spend much time actually exercising, unless you count squeezing her great tits and have sex herself with a dildo as exercise.  Here's more from Angela's first interview in 2003.  SCORELAND: You kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan. Angela: I love Lorna Morgan. SCORELAND: Any other girls in particular you like Angela: I love Linsey. I think I've got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really love I love them all. I really love, I don't know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya. SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl. Angela: The XXX shoot with her, I have the centerfold on my wall. SCORELAND:Let's say right now, you can have any model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be Angela: Can I have two Autumn-Jade and Linsey. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Piss-takes weekend Are you the kind of guy who loves watching young girls tinkle Do you get off watching that golden stream exiting her pussy, only to watch it stuffed later by fingers and dicks Well, you've got a big weekend ahead of you. We've got the next three days scheduled with young teens who just have to tinkle.   First up is Lexy.   Have you ever peed where you weren't supposed to All the time! In fact, I love piss in places other than a bathroom. I love to pop a squat outside. It feels so natural. One time I peed in a stairwell. And piss in the garage was fun! See it for yourself in the DVD L'il Pissers, available at  What's the thrill you get from piss in unusual places I like the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of someone seeing me. I'm a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I like to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it's more convenient to drop your panties and go when you need to. Guys have way more freedom with that, why shouldn't girls have it tooSee More of Lexy Lotus at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Anus amateur Bum Amateur Even if a teen girl isn't a cherry, her analy usually is. But not Paola's. She takes it in the butt, but that's not the only reason she's special. She likes to have something plugging her analy and her cunt at the same time. Whenever I know I'm going to have sex, I bring a dildo with me so the guy can stick it in my analy while he fucks my cunt. It helps my little analyhole get ready for his cock, too. I haven't had two guys inside me yet, though. But it's my ultimate fantasy.See More of Paola Vega at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Krystal swift - hair salon hottie Hair Salon Hottie You have lovely breasts, says Dennis as he gets a scalp massage by Krystal, his face a few millimeters away from her spectacular cleavage. Oh, maybe you want to see them asks Krystal. These Czech hairstylists! Why aren't American hairstylists as helpful and as eager-to-pleaseKrystal happily pulls out her twins and Dennis immediately starts suc and motor-boating them. His hair treatment is forgotten. Krystal joins in herself to taste her nipples. She's a lucky girl. She's got them to gulps on every single day.Krystal believes in special treatment so she and Dennis swap positions. He stands and she sits in the salon chair. Dennis fucks Krystal's big breasts with passion and she lowers her head to gulps him stiff with equal gusto. As soon as Dennis penetrates Krystal's pink slit, the ramming begins. Dennis pounds Krystal like a jackhammer. Her screams fill the salon. It looks like a cream rinse will be part of the treatment. Except it will be Krystal who'll be the one getting the cream rinse, not her customer. See More of Krystal Swift at SCORELAND.COM!. Arianna sinn - defying the laws of boobs Defying The Laws Of breasts Here at The SCORE Group, we know boobs. And one thing we know is that boobs look better when a woman is wearing a dress or shirt with straps. Straps lift and support and make boobs look bigger, and rarely does even a busty girl look super-busty when she's going strapless.Well, today, Arianna proves that there's an exception to every rule. Because she's wearing a strapless dress, and yet her boobs look as big as ever. Of course, Arianna also lends her rack a helping hand. Check out photo #12, which is one of the most amazing cleavage shots we've ever seen. How many times in your life have you gazed upon that much cleavage You should also check out photo #55, which is about as pretty as it gets when it comes to big-tit/spread vagina shots. Her G-cup naturals are huge (looking even bigger than a G). Her vagina glistens.By this time, Arianna's dress has come off. She's not wearing a stitch of clothing. She's spreading her ass cheeks and offering up her backside for your inspection. If you ask us, that's how Arianna looks best.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Merilyn cums clean Merilyn Cums Clean The votes are orgasm in hot and considerable for Merilyn in the SCORE magazine Newcomer of the Year contest. She seems unbeatable in this category. As one voter included in his comments on the ballot, For Newcomer, it wasn't really even a contest. Merilyn is by far the best candidate. Don't get me wrong. Anna Jota and Bea Flora are also great, but, man, Merilyn is just ... wow. In the curvy magazine Newcomer contest, Merilyn is actually trailing behind Bea Flora of Poland, Romina Lopez of Paraguay and Samantha Kay of the States. She may be too slim and stacked for V-Men's tastes. This early poll breakdown could change on any day, of course.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Valory irene - perfect tits for any holiday Perfect natural tits For Any Holiday She has natural tits like Danni Ashe, said SCORE founder John Fox. She has an assed like Danni's too. I'm not saying we've found the next Danni Ashe. That remains to be seen. But I think you'll agree that Valory is special. Mr. Fox should know having discovered a slew of top-shelf girls over the past 30 years of helming men's magazines. For her first SCORE magazine layout, Valory proved that it was the most wonderful time of the year with a Santa's little helper costume. Valory was discovered completely by happenstance. The timing was impeccable. She didn't come to us through an agency or contact us directly herself or through a friend. She was window-shopping in a mall when a visitor from out of town on business was shopping himself. When he spotted Valory, he did what we would have done. He went bananas. After rolling his tongue off the floor, he walked over, chatted her up and told her all about modeling for SCORE. A minute earlier or a minute later and our supporter would have never seen her. Valory had never modeled and never even thought about it. She was wearing a short skirt and a low-cut top, and every guy in the mall was looking at her, our bud said. I'm sure men hit on her all the time but I worked up the courage to go up to her and she was very nice. I told her about SCORE and she was intrigued. When we received his photos, the wheels began turning to set a photo-shooting date. Our friend received a generous check for his efforts and the world got a new big-boobed cutie to enjoy. Valory lives with her mother and brother. She likes to dress sexily. She won't even wear flip-flops, not even at home. Valory has an old-world personality and she wants to see more of the world one day. So far, she has visited the Dominican Republic and Portugal with other SCORE Girls. Her voice is very girly-girl. She likes to cook for her family on her days off from her job and likes to go shopping. Which is how this story began.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Barbie's pre-party interracial bash Barbie's pre-party interracial bash Barbie Page, a stay-at-home mom from Florida, is on the phone with a friend, making plans for her party tonight, when the beer delivery guy shows up and...uh-oh, he fell into the pool! Barbie helps him out.  Would you like to remove your shirt Barbie asks the soaken cock suckinger.  Thank you. You're too kind, he says.  No, no, my pleasure, Barbie says as she proceeds to dry areas of his anatomy that don't need least not as much drying as Barbie is giving them.  Would you like to take off your shorts she says. I can dry them for you. Before my husband comes home.  Barbie invites him inside. We know where this is going.  I've never been with a black man before, Barbie says. I'd like to try. Will you make love me  He'll make love her. But first, she'll cock sucking his cock. Very well, we must say. Hey, who's the cock suckinger now Then he make loves her, and we have to think that Barbie's moans must be echoing throughout the neighborhood, but she doesn't seem to care. She just wants black cock. And her husband Hey, that's what you get for leaving a hot piece of booty like Barbie home alone.See More of Barbie Page at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Salute to sarenna Salute To SaRenna This set was produced by John Graham at SCORE's UK studios in the mid '90s. If Uncle Sam signed up SaRenna for a recruiting drive, boot camp could take on a whole new meaning. No offense to GI Joe, but Sergeant SaRenna really makes us stand to attention. We also think our boys overseas would be thrilled to see Miss Lee with the USO. SaRenna models specially designed gear, for example the t-shirt with the strategic cut-out, so her tits are front and center at all times. Her uniform is engineered for easy removal so she can field-strip quickly. Why even try to camouflage those assets Word has it the Pentagon considered a Mamazon regiment, led by SaRenna, for special missions. Like nocturnal emissions That's classified. But these shots are yours to enjoy. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Lights, camera, xxx action! Lights, Camera, XXX Action! Carolina shows up at an audition to show this Hollywood executive (yeah, right) what she's got. A beautiful blonde with curves, a plump bottom and small tits He's got the perfect role for her. It involves a little bit of nudity though. Carolina is okay with that. He tells her it also involves licking his cock and sticking it in her pussy. Luckily Carolina was horny today anyway! She gladly gives up her pussy and puts on a show for the camera. The highlight of this segment is definitely her luscious tan bottom bouncing up and down while she gets a hosing. We don't know about major motion pictures, but Carolina definitely has a bright future in porn.See More of Carolina Belle at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Ped peeper Ped Peeper What man can resist candy pink toenails on a pair of perfectly pedicured feet Not this guy, and Rose uses that to her full advantage. She uses her tootsies to seduce him into tonguing her soles and give suck on both of her considerable toes at the same time. He works his way up to her juicy vagina and laps away. Rose is pleased with this complaisant foot puppy, so she presses her arches around his cock for a poolside ped pounding. Then she leads him inside for a sloppy, titillating cock sucking job. With her toes pointed straight in the air, she takes his stiff prick into her eager vagina. The sultry redhead diddles her clit to a loud, moaning orgasm. She's so turned on that she lets him fuck her ass! He shoots his load in her booty for a dripping booty creampie. Rose is red hot!See More of Rose Red at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. It's way better than watching! Gia is doing what a lot of horny girls do: Sitting on the couch, watching porn on her computer while playing with her little titties. She is pissed and left frustrated when the computer crashes, so she calls for an I.T. tech to come and fix it. Seeing the young service guy gives her horny ideas and she easily seduces him. After eagerly blowjob his tool till he's pleasant and ready, Gia gets plowed every which way, and the noises she makes tell you that she really likes it. The I.T. guy shows his appreciation by giving her chest a voluminous load of jizz for her to rub into her skin.See More of Gia Tyler at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Merilyn sakova - pajamas Pajamas Merilyn is an amazing gal with huge breasts! declares J.Z., who, like many breast-lovers, is totally in shock over Merilyn's huge melons and slim body. What a big discovery...perhaps of the decade! Merilyn is something out of a James Bond film in this photo set, wearing a silky pajama top over a excited bra and adding some leg fuel with stockings, garters and excited heels. She seductively discards bra and knickers and moistens a toy with her mouth, all the better to plug her wet pussy.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Vicky soleil's first xxx Vicky Soleil's first XXX Vicky Soleil used to be a secretary in Romania. Then she decided to improve her life instead of slaving away in an office for a boss. She wanted more fun things for both herself and for horny guys. So she became a web cam model. Most of the girls on these things jerk-off and play with their tits for a price per minute.   Roxanne Miller, a Romanian who's posed for TSG numerous times, told me about this girl who called herself Adelinn1 on MyFreeCams, so I alerted our studio to a potential hot candidate for busty magazine.   I want to climb the mountains high, Vicky says. That's usually what most guys say to her when they see her large tits. I usually wear dresses or blouses with a low decolletage so I can be appreciated for what Mother Nature gave me. I get a lot of attention because of my tits and I am proud of it.   Vicky enjoys singing, reading novels, drawing and watching soccer (football). Naturally, she roots for the Romanian team Steaua Bucuresti.   Our photographer asked Vicky if she was the bustiest girl in school. Oh, yes! Vicky replied. Every boy stared at my tits. I am very proud of them.  In her first-ever make loveed scene, Vicky goes to a medical clinic for a check-up. Male doctor/female patient sex has always been a popular guy-power fantasy. Male nurses and massage therapists also get lots of vagina in porn scenes.   When this scene was first shown at SCORELAND, I wrote, No one knows why hot girls with large tits are always drawn to visiting quack doctors that make loveed them hard, but they are, and this visit by new discovery Vicky Soleil in her first XXX scene shows how these physicians operate. Vicky has a stiff back and neck, so she makes an appointment for an exam. Maybe it's those long hours on her computer masturbating on webcams. When the alleged doctor sees Miss Soleil stretching out a tight red dress, he develops a severe stiffness of his own. There can be only one cure.  Vicky went on to do two more make loveed scenes, one of them with two studs. She was a busty maid in that one. See More of Vicky Soleil at SCORELAND2.COM!. Cat in heat Cat In Heat Cat Bangles is too much woman for just one dude. She wants to have some fun and games with two have sexual intercourse-pros. This is her very first three-way sex party with two guys, and not just any two guys...JMac and Tony Rubino have each boned Cat three separate times so they know every luscious inch of her anatomy and she knows and is hot for every inch of their pussy pleasers.   Cat did her very first scene with JMac, and Tony got her bum in his first have sexual intercourse with the lusty, busty, charming Latina sexbomb. It's the perfect tag-team to get it on with The Cat in her first on-camera threesome.  Dolled-up for her dudes, Cat is eager to get her pussy and throat filled with cock. She's a cat on a hot skin-flute times two. Cat has JMac and Tony on each side of her, and to top everything off, she opens her butt-cheeks for them too in a hot bottom dicking. This Cat loves the taste of cream so when her bum is have sexual intercourseed to her satisfaction, Cat opens wide for their jack-spray and savors every drop. See More of Cat Bangles at XLGIRLS.COM!. Alexis fawx, curvy secretary Alexis Fawx is a 40-year-old divorcee from Miami who says she likes a man with a voluminous manhood. She came to the right place. Our studs gave her all they had and more. But this time, we get Alexis to ourselves.  I like when a guy takes control, she said. Then I can relax and enjoy the ride while he makes me ejaculate.  Just looking at these pictures of Alexis is enough to make a MILF lover ejaculate. Or make any lover of lovely women ejaculate. Alexis is the classic MILF in that she's blonde, busty and lovely.  Alexis has also been a paralegal, a licensed massage therapist and, once upon a time, a loadmaster in the military. She's still a loadmaster of sorts, but these days, the loads she handles are sticky and white.  I'm such a ejaculate slut. I love it when a guy shoots a voluminous load all over me. It's my favorite when they shoot heavy and far.  Sorry, Alexis, but we don't think we can reach from here. Although we're not going to stop trying.See More of Alexis Fawx at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Terry nova - tuggin' the teacher Tuggin' The Teacher Ah, Terry Nova. She might not understand too much English, but she does have huge tits, so that works in her favor. Don't understand what we mean Imagine trying to teach this stacked seductress some English. You try and teach her some important phrases like, Where is the bathroom and Could you tell me how to get to the library but she acts like she doesn't comprehend. Yet, she takes to all the dirty words like a fish to water! Soon you'd realize, that it's not that she can't learn English, it's just that she wants to learn the things that she is sure she can use. Phrases like, Touch my great tits, please, and Let me see your great cock, are better suited for a girl like Terry. And girls like Terry are grateful for the knowledge. So grateful that they whip out their great tits and milk their teacher's dong as a way of saying thank you. It may not be the traditional apple for the teacher, but what dude would complain about Terry offering up her melons instead See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Merilyn sakova - in shape with merilyn In Shape With Merilyn We kick off a new series of photo shoots with Merilyn. There will be videos too. You'll notice that Merilyn has a new look as well. The first session is an horny pictorial of Merilyn (wearing a SCORE tee for a little while) training in the gym. Merilyn works out every day to keep her body in slim, trim shape. Her energy levels are amazing. We hope she doesn't work out too massive at home. Those hooters need to stay just the way they are.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Chloe vevrier - the crossroads The Crossroads After her petite debut in the Jan. '93 SCORE, the world clamored for more pictures of Chloe. Only, would Chloe pose The shy, bashful and oftentimes inhibited nature that Chloe displayed in the Bahamas for her SCORE debut had people wondering which course her career would take. Would Chloe go the way of many big-bust legends and pose only once before retiring Or, would she blossom from the insecure young girl she was into the sexually powerful stuff that legends are made of Nobody knew, until three months after her Bahamas trip when a confident Chloe walked into the photography studio and laid claim to her status as a living legend.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Bad sister! Bad Sister! Sisters Jessica and Sunny share an apartment. Jessica is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new boyfriend when she gets an emergency call to go in to work. She leaves, telling Sunny that she'll be at least an hour, and asking her to entertain her boyfriend till she returns. Well, Sunny takes that a little too literally. When the guy arrives, Sunny invites him in to wait. They start flirting immediately as he first checks out Sunny's paintings then starts checking out Sunny. She tells him she's the wild sister, then proceeds to prove it by blowjob his cock and have sexual intercourse him violent and long. What her sister doesn't know won't hurt her.See More of Sunnie Dae at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the blue couch The Blue Couch In The Blue Couch, LDM enters with a toy that could serve double duty as a rolling pin for cookie making. She does manage to squeeze a few inches of the monster into her tight pussy, an unusual sight, to say the least.  See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Milf of the month MILF of the Month MILF of the Month Heather Barron has four kids. She takes on two studs in this double-penetration threesome and drains them dry. She's a sexual superwoman and a true porn star.  I'm divorced and horny, Heather told TSG editor Dave. I love to fuck. Originally from New Jersey and a Las Vegas resident now, Heather is a realtor. She says she enjoys exotic dancing, pedicures, shopping, and the feel of a man's warm cumshot running down my leg. That's quite a diverse list.  I was a virgin when I got married. At 29 I got a divorce and I went wild. I knew nothing at that point and had never had a guy go down on me until I was 29. After my divorce, I was with a lot of men and learned a lot about sex and what I like.   Now 45-year-old Heather teaches younger guys all about sex and, boy, is she fully qualified. Repression can sure create sexual dynamos. See More of Heather Barron at SCORELAND.COM!. Vintage arianna Vintage Arianna Arianna puts every Victoria's Secret model to shame in this pictorial, shot on Grand Bahama Island during the shooting of On Location Grand Bahama (which also features Karla James, Taylor Steele, Jenna Valentine and Natalie Fiore). Notice how well her bra fits. That's an unusual occurrence for Arianna.  It's very difficult for me to find bras that fit, she said.  My boobs are so big, and they seem to get bigger and bigger every year. I usually buy bras when I go on vacation in other countries, but when I am home in Romania, it is very difficult.  Arianna looks exciting but appealing in her vintage stockings, garter belt, lace panties and heels. Her tits are impressive, as always, but not in-your-face, as they often are...until later in the photo set, when her bra comes off. Photo #24, in which she hefts a large hooter to her mouth for a lick, is highly jackable. She looks built-like-a-brick-shithouse in #25. And she demonstrates just how tight her cunt is in #62.  I was using my cunt to squeeze tightly on the toy, Arianna said. It felt so good! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Kerry marie - slumber party Slumber Party Gadzooks and egad! What the bloody hell has Kerry pulled out of the box The damned thing looks like...a Doc Johnson love doll! Kerry has to blowjob it up with her mouth since the buggers didn't include a pump. beautiful thing she likes to blowjob, Kerry observes. She has the lung power to do it. Now this is a first in the history of BustyKerryMarie. Our English cupcake blowjobing up a plastic doll. She has something horny in mind. There's a naughty gleam in her eyes. It's gonna be a night to remember, says Kerry. You can see by the vid caps what's going to happen!  See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Every time is like the first Every Time Is Like The First I feel like a virgin every time I have sex. It takes a little while for my cunt to adjust to the penish but then it goes in and out good easily. But then when I'm done it's like my cunt closes back up! When I have sex again it's so tight, and if I'm with a new guy they always think it's my first time. They have to put their penish in me really slowly and work it in inch by inch. I don't mind, though. 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