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A rare pair A Rare Pair  Here's the super-rare pair of Hitomi and Sha Rizel, the only time these two amazing chicks met. This is a historic event in big-bust history. They've dressed like kissin' cousins in cut-off denim shorts, white tanks and six-inch heels. Are they real or are they a mirage A pitcher of water is nearby and you can guess what the girls are going to do with it.  Hitomi is like a little doll I would like to take home, said Sha through her translator, Valory Irene. So beautiful. I can see why she is a star.  Once their Tees are soaked, Sha and Hitomi slip out of their wet things and head off to dry themselves and have a tropical lunch. They may not speak the same verbal language but they were never at a loss for communication. They spoke the same body language. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Pop your cork with minka Pop Your Cork With Minka It's cork popping time with Minka, still the #1 Asian big-bust star on the planet. Minka opens a bottle of champagne and that cork shoots out like a rocket followed by a geyser of foamy liquid, kinda like the guys in her XXX scenes.  SCORELAND: So, Minka, how was shooting again after being away for so long  MINKA: Fun, but I am sweet tired! Also, make love so much makes me hungry. When I'm done, I go back to the hotel and eat Chinese food in the hotel, then I go out to Burger King and have a double Whopper and chicken nuggets. Tenpiece. Then I shower and go to bed.  SCORELAND: Why are you so hungry  MINKA: I don't know. I'm hungry all the time. fucked makes me excited and hungry and tired.  If you've seen Minka demolish a buffet at a Las Vegas resort, you know how much she can eat yet she burns it all off with intense tennis playing. The managers try to close the doors when they see her orgasm for brunch and always fail. At this point, they've given up.See More of Minka at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dawn phoenix - scoring with dawn Scoring With Dawn If you were a large-boob magazine reader or video viewer going back to at least 1996, then you know Dawn Phoenix. People still write about her on Internet forums and groups to this day. Because Dawn's 18th birthday was in July of 1978, she beat Linsey Dawn McKenzie into busty magazine by just one month (November, 1996 V-mag). They never posed together, unfortunately. Dawn's modeling career was way too short considering her many assets. She was built like a have sex brick shithouse and if you like large kitty lips, giant areolae and bonus-sized clits (as well you should), few can rival Dawn in that department. For some reason, she never became the superstar she should have become. Maybe it was being overshadowed by Linsey in the large-bust world at that time.Dawn started doing XXX way before Linsey did, here with American porn star Michael J. Cox. He picked her up after spotting her--the old photographer routine--and had a large time have sex Dawn's voluminous jugs before giving her the plunger. See More of Dawn Phoenix at SCORELAND.COM!. Ines cudna - casually excited Casually horny This photo set was taken in Spain, a far trip from Ines' home in Poland. Ines loves Spain, especially the shopping. A lot of the super-sexy outfits she buys in Spain she can't find in Poland. But here, she's a little more laid back in a tank top, a short skirt and sneakers. And then, she lies back for your eyes only.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Double trouble Double Trouble They say that models that pose together, ejaculate together. Okay, they don't say that but that is exactly what happens sometimes. Like the one time when Lana and Valory hung out together while filming considerable Tit Finishing School. They became fast friends and were inseparable. While filming a scene for this movie, the ladies were in the garden, studying for their finals when our photographer asked them if they would mind if he took a few snaps of them side-by-side. They agreed and then one thing led to another and they were stripping their clothes off and before you know it, they were masturbating side by side, too.See More of Lana Ivans at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Kelly kay - toy time Toy Time It's a no brainer that a naked Kelly Kay gives us a boner. But we were surprised to learn that being nude is also a turn-on for our favorite busty Brit. In fact, wearing her birthday suit excites Kelly so much, she takes matters-and a dildo- into her own hands. And lets us watch!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Arianna sinn - streetwalking through your fantasies Streetwalking Through Your Fantasies Arianna Sinn A street girl Our sweet, innocent Arianna plying her trade on the streets, looking for some easy cash in exchange for a cock suckingjob job or tit-make love Really Please, say it isn't so!Well, in this video, it's so, and Arianna looks the part in a bright-pink top, large makeup and a short skirt. I am very naughty today, Arianna says to her prospective John. Do you want to seeArianna then proceeds to give up-for free!-views of her boobs and analy that most street girls charge for. Hey, we said she's a street girl. We didn't say she's an experienced street girl. Without even an exchange of cash, she gets into the back seat of the John's van-check out her slutty fishnet stockings-and plays with her huge boobs. At this point, most men would want a cock suckingjob job (or they'd want to make love her boobs), but if you're like us, Arianna in the back seat for our jacking enjoyment is enough. Pussy, boobs, analy...she gives it all up, but street girl Arianna never asks for cash. She's hooking for fun! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Lounging in lingerie Lounging In Lingerie Valory Irene enjoys traveling with SCORE to places she'd only read about and seen on TV. She wants to visit a lot of countries and wants to try skydiving one day, when she can build up the nerve. In her spare time, Valory works on improving her English. (We can't say the same for our Ukrainian.) Valory wears mostly thong panties and wears a bra as much as possible except when she's in bed. A romantic at heart, like most Ukrainian and Russian women, she likes to be surprised and likes variety in dating: movies, clubs, tourist attractions. She likes a well-groomed guy who dresses well, smells clean and wears clean shoes. In return, she'll make sure he loves how she looks. Valory's perfect day would be spending the entire day at a ladies spa, getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, sauna, salt treatment and everything else a spa offers. She could think of no better birthday gift. Her body is her own gift to boob-men.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Nicole peters - feeling horny Feeling horny Nicole has been buying new bras recently. This is no easy task. With breasts this size, many shops are not going to carry what she needs. She's far too young to have to resort to buying those terrible granny bras. It takes a lot of shopping and some measure of nice luck. There's always the Internet, but the problems with buying an item like a bra sight-unseen without an actual fitting are numerous. There are no shortage of volunteers to take Nicole bra shopping but she prefers to handle this errand herself. Her bras don't last that long anyway because of the physical demands upon the straps, cups, the band and especially the hooks. Obviously, flimsy bras are going to be demolished very quickly. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Angela & brandy talore Angela & Brandy Talore Pardon the cliche, but this is a match made in heaven. Hooter heaven. Brandy Talore, who would go on to become one of the hottest naturally stacked porn stars in the world, and Angela, who wasn't have sexual intercourse on-camera when this scene was shot in 2004 but might have gotten some inspiration from Brandy.  In these photos, Brandy and Angela are sharing a hotel room, and they're dressed to fuck. Not much sleep is going to be happening on this night. Brandy straps on a fake cock. There are more have sexual intercourse tools in her suitcase than a plumber has in his repair kit. She stands on the bed and fucks Angela with it. She fucks her tits. She fucks her vagina. The girls share a double-headed dildo. There's kissing and vagina eating and more. Don't you wish you were there Well, in a way, you are. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Harmony white - 40g-cup babysitter likes married men 40G-cup Babysitter Likes Married Men lascivious Harmony White isn't dressing like a girl looking for babysitting work. That's because the chesty cam babe is more interested in make love the dads. Harmony's 40G-cups nestled in a low-cut pink top breastnotize Tony as he attempts to interview Harmony in the living room. Before long, Harmony is on her knees on the couch, blowjob and tit-massaging Tony's boner. Obviously, father knows breasts. They get on their sides and he spreads Harmony's cunt for a hot beef injection.XL Girls: Harmony, has shooting your first scenes (at SCORELAND) changed you at all Harmony: Yes. I'm a little bit more open. I'm still nice shy, believe it or not!XL Girls: Do you watch adult videos at home What kind do you likeHarmony: I do but I only watch lesbian videos. All sorts of fetish lesbian. I recently got into watching lesbian fisting videos.XL Girls: What kind of foreplay do you likeHarmony: Sucking, licking and spanking, soft at first. XL Girls: Do you have a favorite tit-make love positionHarmony: I'm nice happy with any angle we can get it to work.See More of Harmony White at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ines cudna - burgundy skirt Burgundy Skirt Ines was anxious to wear her lustful new skirt and top for this photo shoot. Like most girls, she loves to shop and buy the latest fashions. Our photographer was anxious to get Ines stripped off and see her slipping her thick plastic friend into her young creamy pussy. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Danniella levy - the hot chick The Hot Chick I used to be a stewardess, said Daniella Levy. She's now a hot chick on British TV where the girls take phone calls and persuade innocent men to lose their jeans. You'll be hearing how dirty Danniella can talk when you fire up this video. She's got the gift of non-stop jack chat and a rack to match.I was a lap dancer as well. I did the whole grind. I'd grind my hips. I loved it. I can still bust a move. I used to be a party girl, but now I've quieted down a bit, but when I go out, it's all-out. When I'm in a club and somebody wants to do a shot, I put it between my breasts and they take it from there. When I'm being really filthy, I'll say pussy, but for everyday use, I'll say noonie. We have a British term for breasts in cockney rhyming slang, Bristol Cities Titties.Roddie commented, I used to go to the club where Danni was a lap dancer but never saw her. I certainly would not have forgotten that divine figure and breasts! See More of Danniella Levy at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Brassiere Brassiere Merilyn works in a clothing store as an assistant. Whoever works with her must find every single day, a day of pure joy. What breast-guy would not race to work to spend eight heavenly hours with this busty young angel The clothes, shoes and underwear that Merilyn models are all her own. She has very lusty taste in outfits, and knows how to choose garments and shoes that accentuate her fantastic physique.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. U bang brianna bragg U Bang Brianna Bragg  Before Brianna Bragg became a charming bad girl and bad charming girl in great-tit porn, she was in the Army, ranked as a Specialist Grade E4. Miss Bragg learned a heavy deal from her time in the military, like how to follow orders.   In this case, orders like penish gulping my penish and ride my bone. The slim brunette looks like the girl next door, talks like the girl next door and make loves like the girl next door. That's why she was so popular and so easy to jerk off to. She likes pushy guys who know what they pussy to make love and great tits to penish gulping on.   I like it when guys approach me, Brianna said. If a guy is afraid to talk to me, then what's he going to be like in bed Do you know what I mean I like confident guys who don't care about being turned down. I'm eager to please and I think it shows. Brianna is not only lovely as hell but tall at 5'10. After she introduces herself, the interviewer/man-whore gives her a tit examination, then a hands on inspection and nipple penish gulpinging.  This leads to a cock sucking job, tit-banging and pussy-plugging in missionary, doggie and cowgirl. She strokes his cock off onto her tits with her own hand, which is always preferable to these dudes jacking themselves. This is a charming, raunchy, sweaty make love date with Brianna. Her career in adult was short. Where is she today See More of Brianna Bragg at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Janet jade - training day Training Day I was a cheerleader, and I was the girl with the considerable breasts who could dance, said Janet Jade. We pay tribute to Janet with a double feature video and two photo sets loaded with outdoor exercising. I knew people were looking at me and reacting to me. There's no way you could see my breasts in a cheerleader's outfit and not notice them. I really didn't start to like my breasts until I started dancing when I was 19. Then I realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good.Janet said she likes to eat but she stays lean with a lot of cardio and dancing. I've never had somebody come up to me and say, 'lovely breasts.' Just 'nice eyes.' lovely breasts is what they were really thinking. See More of Janet Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. Naturally naughty I know I'm a natural born penish-sucker. I have large lips and I know how to use them. First I start off kissing the head and then I work my way down the shaft until the penish is touching my tonsils. I'm not afraid to gag. I actually like it. Then I like to just lay back and have the guy have sex my mouth before he have sexs my pussy. Did I mention that I'm also a natural born ejaculatemer I have a very high sex drive and I need it all the time. I ejaculate really easily from getting have sexed and if it's taking me a while all I have to do is rub my little clit and explosions will go off in my pussy.See More of Raven Lynn at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Karina hart - she's just a girl She's just a girl I love to flirt with the camera, said Karina, who speaks fluent English, Czech and Slovakian. When I look at the camera, I am seeing all the men who are looking at my pictures. There is a 3D element even to Karina's still photos, as her fabulous anatomy and vivacious personality seem to burst across and through the barriers of time and space, as if she is right there, close enough to touch... almost. Here she is, in a bathroom. A bathroom, for heaven's sake! There is nothing glamorous about a bathroom, even one as pleasant as this one, and often, Karina is ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR. And yet, she still seems excited and glamorous, but not untouchable. Never untouchable. I have never considered myself to be too nice for anyone, she said. I am just a girl. Yeah, right. Just a girl with H-cup boobs who's hot enough to get us right down there with her on the bathroom floor. Any day of the week. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Rosa isabella likes to watch Rosa Isabella likes to watch Rosa Isabella is a school teacher, and if the idea of that doesn't get you heavy while staring at her naked tits and spread pussy, maybe this will.  I'm definitely the definition of the horny school teacher, said this 43-year-old Latina who was born in Honduras and lives in Pennsylvania. One time, my husband picked me up at school after hours, and I got on my knees and sucked his cock in an empty classroom.  Naturally, Rosa is aware of the possible repercussions of being seen here.  I'm sure the school board wouldn't be too happy, but I can't worry about stuff like that, she said. I'm a very good teacher, my students love me and I've never done anything wrong to anyone. If taking horny pictures so you guys can take your cocks out and get off is wrong, then I don't wanna be right! See More of Rosa Isabella at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Z best Z Best Recent Letters to Linsey  Hello, I would like to know when all of your fans can expect your next DVD. I have almost worn out Maximum Insertion. This is the bigest DVD ever and I anxiously await your next one. Please advise.-A loyal fan, Bob.  I've been a considerable fan of yours for years and it always amazes me on how you always seem to out do yourself in every pictorial. Naughty Teacher set Head of the Class is my favorite. But I never knew you could play pool with your boobs. That must get some interesting games going.-S.  Love the site. large to see you doing what you do best. I haven't seen you in the press recently so wondered what you were up to. Checked out the site and joined. You look fantastic as ever and am glad you have done another hardcore. Will there be more to come (no pun intended)-M.  Continue to enjoy your site! I check out a lot of sites, but I always come back to yours in the end. Gets the job done! Request: How about a photo shoot where you wear bright flourescent-style makeup Please Thanks and keep up the awesome work!-C.  I absolutely love the pictorals and videos found here. Linsey, you are the sexiest model around. Keep up the big work!-J.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. One thing leads to another One Thing Leads To Another Rio is just chilling on her bed when her boyfriend walks in with his video camera. He wants to make a hot movie, but she's not really into it. But his powers of persuasion are good, and it's not very long till she's totally in the mood and posing and stripping for him. Of course, getting naked around her man starts Rio thinking about other things, so when he strips, too, and asks for a little oral lovin' she is happy to oblige because she knows that one thing leads to another. So, after sucks on his dick awhile, she gets herself well and truly fucked...and everybody's happy. See More of Rio Marxxx at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Desirae - dr gynock, m d (medical deviate) Dr. Gynock, M.D. (Medical Deviate) Well, it's that time of the year for Desirae. Yup, time for a complete medical checkup at the SCORE Medical Clinic, a division of Genital Hospital. The last patient to get a gynecological examination here was Autumn-Jade. Today, it's Desirae's turn. Keeping our models in the best of health and fitness is the goal here, and our dedicated pracTITioner, Dr. Gynock is sworn to making sure that Desirae is in perfect condition. Before Desirae got onto the table, she marveled at the medical degrees and certificates on the wall, all earned from the finest medical colleges in Chochabamba, Peruvia. (Mail order is the way to go in education.) Although Dr. Gynock seems to spend an unusual amount of time fingering her pink-n-sweet snatch, he assures Desirae that his job is to be as thorough as possible and that takes time. And although Dr. Gynock agreed to let his examination be photographed, he refused to have his face on camera. It's clear the pretty doctor is no publicity hound. Before the examination was over, Dr. G offered to give Desirae an 80 chest with his new boob implant technique. Happy with her blessings of Mother Nature, Desirae declined.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Tit-fucker's dream girl Tit-Fucker's Dream Girl Danni Lynne is a tit-make loveer's dream girl. She tests several bras to see how they look on her 36EEE naturals and her tits overflow in them. I buy Es and I bulge out of them. Girls usually buy bras a size smaller for the push and lift, said Danni.  Watching Danni's bra show, JMac can't help but stick his pocket-pal between Danni's soft, large hooters and make love them. Given the opportunity, what breast-man wouldn't want in on this super-hottie Danni wraps her warm, wondrous whoppers around his meat pipe and the look of joy on her smiling face is priceless. As her tits are boned, she glances at the camera with a gleam in her eyes. Danni's tits can bury any dick.   Danni's ready for the next course, dick down her throat and inside her wet pussy. Her tight, pink squeeze-box makes him bust a nut all over her lovely tits and again, the look on Danni's face is priceless. See More of Danni Lynne at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Angelique - nurse angelique and natalia Nurse Angelique and Natalia This was a excited pairing: Angelique and a very beautiful girl named Natalia who later became a fetish model after her time posing for SCORE. Natalia also posed with Chloe Vevrier. She specialized in wearing latex clothes and developed a stern expression like most of these women in fetish tend to do. We prefer to remember Natalia like this.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - at the neighbor's pool At The Neighbor's Pool During the Key Largo sessions, we learned that our next-door neighbors, a married couple, were very curious about the lustful girls with large natural tits that were all over the beach house. When we told them what we were all about, they invited Chloe to pose in their swimming pool. This is what happened.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - a date with kerry marie A Date With Kerry Marie While you have a sparkling restaurant conversation with Kerry in this video, A Date With Kerry (suggested by an editor with a sick, romantic bent), your filthy, tit-crazed mind wanders to thoughts of palming, rubbing and squeezing her ultra-exciting hooters, the boobs you have admired and fantasized about for so long in Then the spastic waiter knocks her plate into her glass, spilling the contents onto her cleavage. The stupid fool. You'll have his job for this outrage! Then again, maybe he accidentally did you a favor. Now you can sit on Kerry's couch next to her as her tongue twirls a pattern on a popsicle...  See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Minka and her puppy Minka and her puppy As Minka fans know, Minka is a life-long dog fancier and usually has a small army of seven little dogs at home who obey her every command in Korean. On Boob Cruise 2000, she was doing a photo shoot when a local pup wandered over to the SCORE camp on the beach . Minka naturally wanted to hug it so the photographer captured the moment.   I started feature dancing in 1995 and I stopped around 2004, Minka said. I stopped because I have seven dogs and I had to stay home and take care of them. And also because dancing puts a lot of pressure on the body.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Chloe vevrier - key largo hammock Key Largo Hammock The origin of the On Location Key Largo group shoot began with ChloesWorld. In October 2000, we photographed Chloe Vevrier in the SCORE Studio, with the exception of a few location shoots around town. For Key Largo, we wanted to create new Chloe pictorials for her website in the sunshine and fresh air, to paraphrase SCORE's John Fox. Once we had secured the Keys location for Chloe, it seemed a natural decision to bring in a few more models. Lorna Morgan, Chaz and Kerry Marie were invited. They accepted. busty young Desirae of DesiraesWorld also joined in for a few days.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Sheridan love - the doctor is in The Doctor Is In Congratulations to Sheridan Love for winning the Hardcore Performer of the Year 2015 contest. The first runner-up is the pregnant Czech Katerina Dubrova and second runner-up is Amy Anderssen. June 2016 SCORE magazine is the annual awards issue.SCORE: Sheridan, what did you think when you found out you won SCORE's Hardcore Performer awardSheridan: I honestly thought I would maybe get first or second runner-up, especially being it was my first year shooting hardcore. So sexy to be able to say I'm SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year!SCORE: Were you surprisedSheridan: Very shocked! So many beautiful, large booby girls in this contest. SCORE: Any words to the fans who voted for youSheridan: Thank you so much! You guys had been begging for years to see me with a real cock and obviously you guys really liked it. More to cum!SCORE: Tell us about this scene with Carlos Rios. Sheridan: Carlos is a considerable guy with a large dick! This scene was wet and slippery. Something about a man in a white lab coat that really gets me hot!SCORE: How was Carlos' bedside manner You two really went at it! Sheridan: Who could ask for a better doctor He did a thorough examination. Follow-up cumshot soon!SCORE: What did you think of the doctor-patient theme Sheridan: I thought it was very fun and kinky! I think next time I want to play the doctor! See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Deep in pink Deep In Pink Neeo doesn't need a sports car. He doesn't need a vacation in Bali. Everything he needs just walked into the bedroom to fuck his brains out--strap-buster Sharon Pink. For the occasion, Sharon's dolled up in pink. Hot pink sexy-wear and stacked heels. She bought the dress just for this occasion. Not that it stays on long.   Sharon is ready and eager to open her pink hole and take the heavy dick. One of Prague's sexiest fuck-toys, she leaves no man unsatisfied. She takes their loads of cum and leaves them wanting more of her boobs and cunt. What a large wife she would be. She pushes Neeo on the bed so she can first put on a big-tit show for him, then offers him her throat, cunt and cleavage to fuck. See More of Sharon Pink at SCORELAND.COM!. Maya milano returns Maya Milano Returns It's been well over a year since Maya Milano last appeared at SCORELAND. Lots of messages have come in since then asking for more Maya. She's one of a group of outstanding Euro babes that include Juliana Simms, Joana Bliss, Alexya, Micky Bells, Demmy Blaze, Larissa Linn and, most recently, Daria.   Maya's been busy wrapping up her university studies and other interests and commitments so she wasn't able to travel to the studio until now.  I did not have the time to go to Prague and model for many months, Maya explained, via one of our Euro translators. Once I was able to set aside some days, I was eager to pose again. I enjoy the experience and the chance to make new charming pictures.  Maya is more of a knock-out than ever with a pair of the most-gorgeous boobs and one of the sexiest, most curvy bods on the planet. Welcome back! See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - bra terminator Bra Terminator The following roundtable discussion was excerpted from September '03Voluptuous magazine.A Bra TaleBy Dave Rosen, editor, V-MagNobody knows more about bras then Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Brandy, Rachel Love, Paige Plenty, Cherry Brady, Gwen Sanders, Diane Poppos and Denise Davies. They've spent their lives searching for the perfect fit. When they talked, we listened.V-Mag: First things first, where do you buy your bras Linsey Dawn: I buy my bras at Rigby & Peller, the most famous bra store in England. They make all of Queen Elizabeth's bras, too. Brandy: Victoria's Secret. Paige Plenty: Victoria's Secret. Gwen Sanders: Frederick's or Victoria's Secret. Rachel Love: I always buy them from Frederick's. Cherry Brady: A bra shop in my town. Denise Davies: From on-line bra specialists. Diane Poppos: I wear Goddess bras. V-mag: How difficult is it for you to find bras that fit Linsey Dawn: I have a very violent time finding bras that fit. I usually have to have them made. I can't just walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. Brandy: If I'm just looking for ordinary bras, it's not too tough. Paige Plenty: I can't just walk into any shop to buy bras. Gwen Sanders: A lot of times I'll walk out of a store with nothing. Rachel Love: Finding bras that fit can be really frustrating. Cherry Brady: Once you find who sells your size, you just stay with them. Denise Davies: It's made a lot easier by Fantasie, an on-line lingerie store in England. Diane Poppos: Well, I almost always wear Goddess, but I'll buy anything that fits. V-mag: Do any of you girls have your bras custom-made Linsey Dawn: Every one of my bras is custom-made. Brandy: Not yet. Maybe some day. Paige Plenty: Custom-made bras cost more, but cheaper bras just don't last long. Gwen Sanders: I haven't had bras custom-made, but I have had some bikinis custom made. Rachel Love: Sometimes I have bras custom-made, but only when I really want to treat myself. Cherry Brady: I have had bras made, but the Internet makes finding big bras simple.Denise Davies: I don't have my bras custom-made because Fantasie usually carries my size. Diane Poppos: I have an unusual body. I'm so small in the back, only 34 inches around, and I'm very voluminous in the chest. V-mag: Where do your bras wear out the most Linsey Dawn: The wires are always orgasm out of the front of my bras. Then they're history. Brandy: The straps. I've actually had straps snap on me. Paige Plenty: The underwire is usually the first to go. Gwen Sanders: The straps go first. Rachel Love: In the middle, both in the back near the clasp and in the front under my cleavage. Cherry Brady: Either the elastic in the band stretches out or the elastic in the straps wears out. Denise Davies: The straps are the first to go. Diane Poppos: Probably the straps.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Busty housesitter Busty Housesitter This matching photo set of Hitomi in busty Housesitter differs from the video in that Hitomi goes inside the house for the second part of the sequence. The January 2012 edition of SCORE with covergirl Hitomi is a milestone, marking Hitomi's first American magazine and her introduction to those who've never seen this Japanese living doll before, a girl who's one-in-50-million and that's a low estimate. T.M. spoke for all tit-men when he wrote Scorecard that I would love to suc on those considerable sloppy boobs and be smothered by them. Would we all! As for Hitomi, she says she loves SCORE and wants to work with SCORE again. The feeling's mutual.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Yum yum girl Ms. Yummy's only 5'1 but she packs a lot of pretty woman in her short and stacked physique. Whether you're checking her out from the front or from the back, Ms. Yummy is a super-voluptuous, breast-shakin', butt-twerkin' hottie. She has big, wide eyes and a welcoming smile. You can squeeze this little charmer all you want if there's a connection.   Tony's her have sex buddy in this bump and grind and he's going to take advantage of this opportunity. Those overflowing tits and ass can fill any man's palms. Her hangers are spectacular and deserve a lot of lovin'.  I dress to show more of my curves than my breasts, Ms. Yummy explained. Because my breasts get enough attention. Guys are always looking at me up and down. I'm usually okay with it unless they're with their families. I wear a bra when I go out. At home, they're free so I can relax without bra straps cutting into my shoulders.  Ms. Yummy's sexual fantasy is being tied-down with red silk, my eyes covered with a red silk blindfold and men taking turns eating my cunt until I orgasm. Sounds like 50 shades of Ms. Yummy. See More of Ms Yummy at SCORELAND.COM!. Sheridan love - tied for a ride Tied For a Ride Sheridan Love becomes a big-breasted kinkster when she's tied for a ride with violent man Carlos Rios. Sheridan's in for a surprise when Carlos tells her to close her eyes and proceeds to tie her to a chair, then to the bed, and has his way with her. We asked Sheridan about her flirting with sex, bondage and discipline.SCORELAND: Sheridan, what aroused you most intensely about this experienceSheridan: I loved being tied. The fact someone else is in complete control makes me so hot! SCORELAND: What turned you on most, the restraint or the male dominationSheridan: Both!SCORELAND: Do you practice any bondage sex at home Do you go to BDSM clubs Sheridan: I don't go to clubs and I've tried only light bondage.SCORELAND: What do you like about it Sheridan: I love being at the mercy of someone else. Not knowing what they plan on doing. The anticipation.SCORELAND: What are your BDSM limits Sheridan: I'm not sure yet. I had a lot of fun doing this and would like to experience more of this. I wonder what the fans will say after they see it.SCORELAND: Do you like to tie up girls and have sex with them Sheridan: I haven't had the chance but I think it would be fun! I would love to make a girl wiggle with anticipation.  See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Danniella levy - hot jack talk Hot Jack Talk I've got a nice, pleasant side to me and I've also got my slutty side that I let people see, Danniella Levy said. I used to be a stewardess. I was a lap dancer as well. I did the whole grind. I'd grind my hips. I loved it. I can still bust a move.Danniella is a popular face (and body and boobs) on British television station Babestation and we can see why. And Danniella ranks at the top when it comes to verbally making a guy pop. There's nothing like it on Yank TV, no pun intended.Babestation is an adult TV show, Danniella explained. I do the day show and the night show. It's an implied-nude show. It's a talk show, so people call in for telephone sex. We have lots of fans, and we do the Babestation webcam show as well. There are a lot of babes.Let Danniella demonstrate, with and without her clothes. See More of Danniella Levy at SCORELAND.COM!. Kerry marie - warehouse Warehouse When a SCORE shipping department employee calls in sick, Kerry is the first to lend a hand in unloading SCORE Group magazines. We're not saying that the rest of us are lazy, but these boxes weigh a friggin' ton and a lot of us have spinal problems and hernias, so we have to be careful about lifting. Kerry is a doll and is always ready to pitch in. In fact, she often rings us from home, asking if any employees have called off so she can take the train into London and spend the day at our warehouse. If that's not dedication, nothing is.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Arianna sinn - honky tonk woman Honky Tonk Woman Retro rocker Arianna Sinn shows why early rock 'n' roll was considered too lusty and forbidden by some. She's dressed in a black-and-white striped one-piece, her hair is done up in a Betty Page and she's wearing long, red gloves. A little rock 'n' roll plays in the background as Arianna rocks our world by pulling out her boobs.I know you want more, she says, beginning a long, lusty stream of dirty talk aimed at you, the viewer. Arianna has a way of making us feel she's doing this just for you. You want to make me cum, like you always do. You want to see my boobs bounce. My cunt getting wet. She rubs her cunt with gloved hands. This is the biggest tease for you, she says. You are heavy, heavy, heavy now. Hey, how does she know My cunt is so wet and hot and ready for you.With Arianna, the tease is usually with her cunt (she almost always pulls her boobs out quickly), and that's the case here, too. She keeps telling us how wet her cunt is and accurately pointing out how heavy our cocks are. I feel you are so ready to have sexual intercourse my tight cunt, she says, finally giving us a view of her pink wetness. She'll give suck your mind. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Mandi mcgraw - darker, deeper and in her anus Darker, deeper and in her backside I'm going to do the hottest, sexiest interracial scene today, 69-year-old Mandi McGraw tells us at the start of this scene. I'm so turned on by the hot black male. I can't get enough.Mandi is a bit giggly, but that's how she gets when she's turned on.I have a wild addiction to interracial sex, she says. And she's gonna get a big, thick, black fix today. Talk about monster penish!Mandi isn't into warm, cuddly, romantic sex. She has her guy straddle her face and have intercourse her mouth. She tongue his balls. Then, while he's have intercourseed her pussy, she fingers her backside. Why Because it feels good...and to get her anus ready for his giant penish. Yes, Mandi not only wants that penish in her mouth and pussy, she wants it in her old but tight backsidehole.Are you ready to have intercourse my backsidehole she asks him. Put that big, black penish in my backside!He's ready. As for Mandi, she's always ready.See More of Mandi McGraw at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Lily madison - charming cakes Beautiful cakes I was at a music festival, and a guy was looking at my chest, and he had a beer can, and he came up to me and said, 'Do you think you could crush this between your tits' And I said, 'I'm not sure. I guess I'll try,' and so I did it, and everyone was cheering. And that's how it happened. He was very drunk. And once I knew I could do it, I kept doing it.So says English natural Lily Madison, who doesn't do that trick in this scene but does a lot of other things with her G-cup naturals. She also does voluminous things with her pussy, such as fill it with a funky looking dildo. I love my boobs, Lily said. I can't imagine having smaller tits, and I do like them on other girls, too. Having large tits makes me feel womanly.Lily makes us feel like real men. It's good having her around.See More of Lily Madison at SCORELAND2.COM!. Pink fox Pink Fox It's always a delighting to see Dolly Fox again. Dolly recently told us that she is a big fan of the spaghetti westerns of the '60s and '70s such as the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films. This is the first time a SCORE covergirl has ever said that. Dolly even took a recent trip to Mini-Hollywood in Tabernas, Spain, one of the semi-desert movie locations where many westerns were filmed and is now a tourist attraction. Dolly would make a hot western-style saloon girl.  Speaking of hooter-holsters...  SCORELAND: Dolly, what do you look for in a bra Comfort Ease of purchase   Dolly: The only thing I look for in a bra is to find my size, all the rest I look after. It's very cruel to find my size and if I look at the style, then I will like something I see but then they don't have my size! I have to look all over to find those or buy online. But mostly I don't even wear a bra. In this pictorial and the video, I wear a matching bra, garter and panty set.   Dolly's sent photos of herself in magazine stores holding up an issue of SCORE. We always look forward to seeing them. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - backstage Backstage We'll learn a few more personal things about Merilyn from this video. Merilyn prefers her hair to be straight. She has a lot of pets at home that she cooks meals for. Merilyn enjoys seeing herself in SCORE magazine (although it's difficult to find in her country). She also teaches the staff to speak in Ukrainian phrases. (You can guess what kind of words.) It's a delighting to hear her voice in both English and Ukrainian. Throughout this video, Merilyn shows her rich sense of humor, doing a little skit at the end that we've never seen a girl do before. Fun is her middle name. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Busty, wet and well-fucked Busty, Wet And Well-Fucked Stefan from Sweden is a SCORE fan who enjoys sending in his opinions and suggestions on a regular basis. He recently described Daylene Rio as an enjoyable Latin Natalie Fiore-style lady! That opinion may change once he sees Daylene lovin' up the dick in her first guy-girl pictorial. Daylene is an exotic dancer in Los Angeles.   I often dance at Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry, says Daylene. It wasn't a stretch of the imagination to picture her with a dick between her tits or in her pussy, her eyes staring worshipfully into the camera. It was a charming day when she noticed and an even better day when she decided to connect. I like to have sex whenever I'm horny, says Daylene, a woman who happens to be...always horny.   I like sex every day. I love large foreplay from a guy who takes charge and knows what to do. No shyness or hesitation, no game playing. I can look at a guy and know right away if we're going to be large sex partners. There's no need to play around or try to impress me. A guy can be a millionaire with a jet and a limo and still be nothing special...there's only one bulge in a man's pants that really counts. My fantasies are to have sex on a deserted island and to have sex with other people watching me. In a way, these pictures have fulfilled the second fantasy!See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Jordynn luxxx - studying in the stacks Studying In The Stacks If your science tutor Jordynn LuXXX thinks you can concentrate on the life cycle of fungus with her large breasts creating deep cleavage mounds in her tight pink sweater, well, she needs to up her studies of the male brain instead of fungi. There will be no more tutoring today. Jordynn gets a little prickly when she catches you staring at her breasts instead of reading your text. She offers to show you her hooters so you can get it out of your system and get back to the reason she's with you in this classroom. No chance of that happening! As soon as Jordynn takes her large fleshy jugs out, she gets into it and peels off her clothes piece by piece until she's totally naked. A little reverse psychology has worked in your favor. A hot eye-banger and all-around pleaser, Jordynn is one horny little tutor who likes to get guys as heavy as have sex railroad spikes. So our advice is to struggle in your studies so you can keep getting her assigned to you.See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. That golden glow That Golden Glow Every time we see Merilyn, she looks better and better, sexier and prettier. Her confidence is also increasing. Your editors began hyperventilating and suffered stiffness in their joints when they first saw this photo set and matching video of Merilyn stretching an extreme, metallic gold bikini to the max. She's like a goddess in human form. I'm very proud to have been blessed with this body, Merilyn says. I love to read compliments about me. It makes me feel more confident and secure! I want to be the best girl I can for the guys.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Maggie green - maggie's flotation devices Maggie's flotation devices By Elliot JamesThis video and still set were part of a week-long special in 2009 when Maggie Green shot at SCORE for the first time. Maggie was strictly solo at that point and doing very mild nude posing. It wasn't until later that she did a real girl-girl with Daphne Rosen for the feature movie Boob Science. And then, in 2011, a tit-fuck with Juan Largo in San Maarten. In the fall of 2012, Maggie did her first SCORE XXX with porn stud Rocky, and it was like something was unchained inside Maggie. She started banging out porn like crazy. If you remember Maggie when she first started as a tight-clothing model in sports outfits (booty shorts, tank tops), the transformation from hot chick to porn star is mindboggling. Puma Swede was another girl who did only topless at first, declined hardcore offers, and then...boom! Sucked and have sexual intercourse over a hundred dudes.In a 2009 interview, Maggie said: I didn't want to do porn, meaning hardcore. I was sort of naïve about the whole solo girl modeling. I didn't even think about that. I just knew I didn't want to do porn.In 2012, Maggie said: I've watched a lot of porn. I was a considerable fan of Jenna Jameson. Still am. I always thought it was hot and I was always curious like, 'What would that be like' And then I did my first girl-girl scene. I liked that. I like girls. And I like dick much more than I like girls, and you get older and you don't want to wait too long before you try something, and I'm the kind of person who doesn't regret stuff when I do it. I regret when I don't try something I'm curious about.A few years can make a huge difference. See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND2.COM!. Venezuelan butthole Vanessa Luna is a spicy Venezuelan chica who makes you say, She can get it when you see her walking down the street. If we sound a little bit excited right now, it's because we are. It's always a treat to have a new thick girl here with us, and our boy Jason Brown is the perfect person to lead Vanessa's welcoming party.  Jason is the type who handles a new chick with care, especially when she's workin' with the type of 'donk Vanessa is.  Aw yeah, that's a nice butt, Jason says as he's smacking and playing with her butt. Where'd you get all that butt from  We know she got it from her mama, but surprisingly, Vanessa said her butt didn't sprout until about six years ago.  I didn't always have a large butt, she said. I love it now because all the guys love women who have a large butt.  Girl, you're speaking our language. bottom is our favorite thing in the world, closely followed by dick-filled pussy. Jason takes care of the latter by having Vanessa hop on his cock reverse-cowgirl, doggy style and from the side before dropping a hot load of cumshot on her butt.  Welcome to BootyLicious, Vanessa. See More of Vanessa Luna at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Valory irene - behind the scenes Behind The Scenes The first time I modeled in the Dominican Republic, I met Chica and Kristina, Valory said. Here she is on-location, enjoying the warm, tropical climate and fresh air at the swanky estate she and the photo crew are living in during this trip. She laughs and has fun in this candid cam before the official cameras roll.  I met Lana Ivans, Dors Feline and Terri Jane in the Dominican Republic. Then I met Arianna Sinn, Michelle Bond, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor and Lana again in Portugal. They are all very pleasant. Back in the Dominican Republic last Christmas 2013 I met Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Joana. So many pleasant girls with big, pleasant tits and in such pleasant places! See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Milly's oil show Milly's Oil Show In the bathroom, Milly Marks checks out her amazing tits, a tape measure in her hands. She pops her big peaks out of her dress and gives her twins a jiggle. The camera moves in close and the view is tremendous. Milly has world-class tits capped by 4-inch areolas.   The brunette beauty bounces them, grabs fistfuls of tits and squeezes. They overflow her hands, naturally, as she lifts and kneads and swings them from side to side.   Now I'm going to take my dress off so I can get all oily for you, Milly says in her very horny voice, pulling her dress over her head and unhooking her bra. She moves into the shower and unloads a bottle of baby oil all over her body, then leans forward to continue to squeeze her tits and clap them together.   Milly needs more oil and squirts another load over her tits. Breathing heavily, Milly's hands move down south to her kitty and she rubs heavy and fast. Getting on her back, Milly's fingers play her kitty like a fine musical instrument. After Milly cums heavy from her finger-bang, she says, I hope you liked my oil show.  Yes, we did, and we need to see more Milly. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Rub a dub-dub, milftugs in a tub Rub a Dub-Dub, MILFTugs In A Tub My work associates would be surprised to see me here, said Zena Rey, who's 51, married and from Southern California. My friends wouldn't. They know I have a wild side.  In all honesty, we don't know how Zena keeps her wild, sexual side hidden from anyone. Her natural tits are huge. Her anatomy is hot. Her eyes practically beg, have intercourse me! She's had sex on top of a desk in her office during working hours. She's had sex in the men's room of a restaurant. She doesn't have any children, so she can have intercourse whenever she wants. Here, she gets lovely and wet and cock sucking off a guy in the bathtub before she jacks his ejaculate onto her DD-cup natural tits.  I love oral sex, giving and getting, Zena says. Having my cunt eaten before getting have sexual intercourse is my favorite.  Zena has been a swinger for eight years and a nudist for 10. When a man isn't handy, she likes to have intercourse her cunt with toys, and I love to try new ones. She loves having her toes sucked during sex. Her sexual fantasies Having sex on a sailboat or in the back of a limo. Being a sex toy for a hot couple.  Knowing Zena, we're guessing that those fantasies will be fulfilled before long.See More of Zena Rey at MILFTUGS.COM!. Girly things Girly Things Kelly was shopping for clothes and the salesgirl was fascinated by the size of her huge boobs. She was quite small on top herself. The clerk went on and on asking questions about how Kelly felt about her natural tits and did she like them. She was a bit jealous because she said she wished she had half of what Kelly had but she didn't want to get implants. One of the outfits she suggested for Kelly was this lusty number. What do you think of itSee More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Brandy talore - the breast of big breasts pov 3 The Breast of big boobs POV 3 Longtime favorite Brandy Talore is so sweet. She trots to the backyard where you're hanging out. In her arms she cradles a tray of drinks to quench a man's thirst on a hot day. Just as you're about to reach for it, Brandy spills the tray all over her huge naturals. There's only one thing Brandy can do. Take that terrible, baggy smock off and show off her juicy melons. Melons that you can't resist and must get a grip on. Brandy plays with her boobs and she's not doing it to tease you. She's going to have intercourse you right here outside on the picnic table. Who cares if the neighbors come out to spy through the fence You've got Brandy jerking your joint and they've got nothing.See More of Brandy Talore at SCORELAND.COM!. Game  set  cum! Her husband's spent large bucks to get a tennis pro to come to their house to teach his wife, Raquel, how to play tennis so they can play together at the country club. The pro is dedicated to his task and tries to get Raquel to improve her grip on her racket. But as soon as she knows her husband is gone, she makes it clear that she'd rather concentrate on a different grip - gripping the young pro's cock. After cock cock sucking him silly on the tennis court, she takes him into the guesthouse where she shows that she may be a learner at tennis, but she's a pro at cock cock sucking and fucking!See More of Raquel Sieb at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Micky bells - new look, same huge naturals New look, same huge naturals In 2014, Micky Bells, one of the bustiest curvy babes ever, lost weight. That's usually awful news. When a girl is naturally stacked, weight loss almost always means a reduction in boob size.But Micky isn't like most girls. She's super-stacked. At her most-curvy, her natural boobs were JJ-cups. Her cleavage was enormous. So even with some weight loss, Micky had boob size to spare. The result: a super-slim, super-stacked SCORE Girl who readers and members loved. V-Men were a bit disappointed, but even they had to admit that Micky still had bigger natural boobs than 99% of the women in the world.Micky told us that a combination of diet and exercise led to her achieving a 28-inch waist. Personally, I like both Mickys. The curvy Micky was a V-mag covergirl. The slim 'n' stacked Micky was a SCORE covergirl. That's impressive.And if you head over to SCORELAND, you'll see that Micky is pregnant and bustier than ever. That's really impressive.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bface and boobs blast for the 18-year-old/b Face and tits blast for the 18-year-old Noelle Easton was only 18 years old when this scene was shot.  I repeat: Noelle Easton was only 18 years old when this scene was shot.  There have been several teen SCORE Girls, but there haven't been a lot who've make love on-camera while they were teens. Christy Marks, Iva, Marie Leone, Mianna Thomas and Rachel Raxxx come to mind. Let's face it: Most girls don't graduate high school and say, I think I'm going to become a porn star. Some do. The ones who think large. And, in our case, the ones who have large tits.  I definitely want to make a career out of porn, but I also have largeger goals than that, and my largegest goal is to go to school to become a veterinarian and open up my own rescue shelter, Noelle said.  She also told us that when she did her first XXX movies, she was shy. Don't you love these girls' definition of shy  I didn't know what to do, and now I've gotten a lot better, but, you know, there's still room for improvement.  If she says so. Noelle is young and has large, firm, natural tits. Her pussy is tight. Rocky, the guy who fucks her in this scene, told us so. He cums in her mouth.  I like them to just kind of aim towards my mouth, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little gets in my mouth and then it just drips down my chin and down my boobs, and whatever I have left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it drip down, Noelle said.  And that's what she does here.See More of Noelle Easton at SCORELAND2.COM!. Stacked and shaving Stacked and Shaving  Christy is practically busting out of this top and thank goodness for that! There is nothing that tit men like more than when a lady sports deep cleavage and maybe even a little nip slip, or two. Christy doesn't disappoint in this vest and keeps it on even when she takes everything else off. And if that weren't enough of a treat, (Because who doesn't like it when a girl is so turned on that she just rips her tits out of her top and goes at it) she gets completely naked and then lathers up her cunt for some shaving. (There's something kinky about seeing a girl Bic her slit so it can be good and smooth for your cock!) Once her cunt is bare, she stuffs it full of her fingers and then a toy. The best part of this set When she suc her tittie, leaving a ring of red lipstick around her nipple. Self suckers are the best kind of busty, we think!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Rockell - the hot string-bikini girl The hot string-bikini girl Rockell puts on a yellow, knitted string bikini and then gets wet. Yes, natural tits do indeed float. Rockell gets out of the pool, oils up and shows you exactly what a Southern girl is made of. There have only been a few Alabamians who showed their Alabama body and became SCORE Girls. There was the original, Autumn-Jade, and Anna Loren. Why so few is a question no one can answer except for other curvy Alabama girls. There are not a lot of adult stores where Rockell lives. Since she really enjoys seeing herself in magazines, she often checks out the shelves when she's in an issue of SCORE or curvy. One time she contacted me when a store didn't carry the curvy issue she was in. Now that's motivation! One thing we've never done with Rockell is one of her favorite things to do on video: mud wrestle another girl.I love to mud wrestle! she said. I like to wrestle other women and get wild with them while we roll around and get dirty.Rockell dropped out of sight for a couple of years. Now she's back, I'm happy to say.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND2.COM!. Venice knight - one night in venice One night in Venice Whether she's talking, have sexual intercourse or just modeling, Venice Knight is very comfortable in front of the camera. So, we had her introduce this scene. She's wearing a pink dress with a push-up bra that exposes oodles of cleavage. She gives us a sneak peek at her body then calls in her stud.Hey, Lucas, she says. Come on over.Lucas is all too eager to get his hands on this 5'9, E-cup former Sears catalog model, who in turn is all too eager to blowjob his dick as deep as she can. Check out Venice's blowjob job style. She blowjobs lovingly but sluttily, knowing that her goal is to pleasure Lucas and get his dick ready for her cunt. And when Lucas sticks his thick dick in her tight cunt, Venice takes it easily and moans with pleasure.At this point, Venice seems to have forgotten that the camera is rolling. She rides Lucas with her shaved cunt then gets on all fours so he can jackhammer her cunt doggie-style. Cunt. There's a word you never see in the Sears catalog. Finally, he cums on her face. And our night in Venice comes to a jack-worthy conclusion.See More of Venice Knight at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Nicole peters - boobs & black lace Tits & Black Lace Nicole's bed is as voluminous and soft-looking as her boobs. With Nicole in the bed, it looks like it would be a great place for an all-nighter. Nicole certainly doesn't do anything to dispel that notion. She gets down on all fours and reaches back to bury her middle finger into her warming trim. Then she's flat on her stomach and slowly working a medium-sized dildo around her lips and clit. After getting it inside her, Nicole gets on her back and casually pushes the cock in and out of her, rotating it as she thrusts. Clearly, Nicole isn't in any kind of hurry. She wants to enjoy her diversion on a sunny day and you can't blame her for wanting to linger on a body like hers. She takes the dildo and presses it against her cunt lips, wrapping her legs around it. Nicole's orgasm isn't voluminous or demonstrative. It's the kind of reaction one would expect from a woman enjoying a relaxing day at home.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn showers come your way Autumn Showers Come Your Way Autumn Jade's a gardener -- she likes to make things grow. You dirty minded fellas -- I know what you're thinkin'! Well, if April showers bring May flowers, then Autumn's shower will give my fans a stiffy that'll make California Redwoods look like ittybitty Bonsais, if y'all catch my drift! She's just finished up a steamy, sweaty day weeding and watering her garden, and Autumn's ready for a pretty soaking! In fact, Autumn Jade's so hot she just jumped into the shower with her hose still on...frankly, we don't mind a bit. Watch her peel off her nylons and get squeaky clean in those rough to reach places! Check out how she lathers up those magnificent mounds (is that soap or is it just us..) and shaves herself silky smooth. The roughest part of this photo shoot (besides the cameraman's dick) was keeping the steam wiped off the lens -- and that's BEFORE we turned the hot water on.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Miss-behavin' Lives: York, Pennsylvania; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: August 16; Ht: 5'5; Wt: 105 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Anything cute; Anal: Licking is fun; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Doesn't everyone  Missy works as a camgirl to help make ends meet while she's in school. We've seen that trend a lot lately with young women, and we're fine with it. Girls these days don't see anything wrong or immoral about showing off their bodies online or in magazines. It's not like I'm a considerable porn star or anything, Missy told us. I'm just doing it for a magazine. I've stripped for boyfriends, so what's the difference between a handful of guys seeing me naked and a couple of thousand guys  A guy who used to shoot for us in New York sent these photos along with the contact information for Missy. I'm actually surprised that you guys want my pictures, she told us. I thought magazines only had bleached-blonde hair girls with fake tits. And I thought that mags only printed hardcore stuff. I'm super-excited about getting the issue with me in it. I think I'm going to frame it, or I might leave it on my coffee table for my friends to see. See More of Missy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sha rizel - the buxom bather The Buxom Bather It's bubble bath time with Sha, and it's a wonder that her hot, exciting body doesn't turn that bathwater into steam while she's luxuriating in it. She stands up, and the suds cascade down her body. After Sha rinses off, she fondles her amazing body, rubbing her big boobs. She rinses off again then gets back into the tub once more to enjoy the feeling of immersion in the warm, soapy bathwater.Care to jump in with her See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - hidden gem Hidden Gem What's It Like To Be Editor Of SCORE Magazine By Dave RosenbaumWhat's it like to be the editor of SCORE I get that question all the time, especially from my friends who work more normal jobs. The truth is, I really didn't realize how nice I had it until my second year on the job, when one of my friends, a tool salesman, was complaining about a difficult day at work.I had a long day, too, I said, totally seriously. He looked at me like he was ready to kill me. What did you do he said. Play with boobs No, I said, somewhat sheepishly, realizing my day hadn't been tough at all. I poured lube on Sierra's pussy. Not a lot of sympathy there. Okay, so I had also put an issue of SCORE to bed, planned another magazine and attended a few meetings. But tough This job No way. Near the end of 2001, a few months after Linsey Dawn McKenzie had done her first boy-girl, I was called into the studio to interview Linsey. While she was taking a bath. Naked, of course.I didn't take my clothes off and get into the bath, but I did have a elegant time focusing on the interview when my eyes were focusing on Linsey's floating rockets. Linsey acted as if being interviewed while taking a bath was the most natural thing in the world. My elegant-on thought otherwise. Sometimes, at the end of a long day at SCORE, one that included a video interview with a model, I'll drive home, look at the drivers in the other cars and wonder what they did today. I guarantee, their day wasn't as nice as mine. I'm not bragging. Just stating the facts. (Note: Immediately after the interview, Mr. Rosenbaum, lucky bastard, wanked in the men's room at SCORE. His interview with LDM is also on the DVD The Best of Linsey Dawn McKenzie.)See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. May west - go west, hung man Go West, Hung Man I always swallow, May West said. May's mouth was open and ready for Rion's jizz stream after they banged, played with her voluminous, natural boobs and licked and sucked each other. Sex is May's voluminous hobby and she likes to experiment. I also write erotica and go to a lot of kinky events. Since sex and wank are main events for May, a very important driving force in her life, she was really looking to bust into porn. This is her first XXX pair-off at SCORELAND.I think it's having sex for people to see that's excited for me. Having people watch me have sex. I enjoy doing that. I also like having the lights on me and having someone film me, so there's the performance aspect of it. Also, there's having sex with someone new, which is always fun. Figuring them out.I like it when people are truly appreciative of my boobs and their beauty, but I find it obnoxious when people use it as a point to make me feel insecure. But since I was 12, I haven't let people bully me about it. I was the bustiest girl in school by far. People would identify me as, 'The girl with voluminous boobs.' Other students would accuse me of stuffing, and I would say, 'I could flash you right now, but I don't want to.' I think my boobs are awesome and sexy.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the biggest tits of all Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the heavygest natural boobs of all When some girls lose weight, their natural boobs go with the pounds they shed. That makes sense, doesn't it breasts are part of a girl's anatomy, so why should she just lose weight in her belly or thighs If I were King of the World, curvy girls would keep their heavy natural boobs no matter how much they weighed. You'd have 5'11, 95-pound girls with natural boobs the size of Venera's. But things don't work that way. I am not King of the World.Micky Bells, however, is the Queen of Cleavage, and she remained so when she went from plump curvy Girl to slim 'n' stacked SCORE Girl. I'm not saying she didn't lose any boobage. She did, but she went from super-duper stacked to super-stacked, and that's beautiful damn good. Even after shedding significant poundage, Micky remained one of the curvy naturals in the world. The girl is truly a marvel.I have always had heavy natural boobs, Micky said. I was a D-cup when I was 14, then I was a double-D, and in high school I was an E-cup.At the start of this scene, Micky is wearing a tight, pink, short mini-dress with a matching pink bra and panties. She uses a full-length mirror to inspect her anatomy and to help us inspect her anatomy from various angles.Which version of Micky do you preferSee More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND2.COM!. Sultry student Sultry Student Lives: Montreal, Canada; Occupation: Earth sciences student; Age: 21; Born: March 16; Ht: 5'6; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Enjoy it; BJs: A spitter; Diddle: About once a week.  When I have time for sex, I like to screw two or three times and get a pleasant helping of orgasms, said Iveta. I ejaculate best riding my guy's dick, then he finishes off doing me. I don't care if my friends see me in the mag, but most of them are kinda nerdy and studious. They're lots of fun and I love being with them, but they wouldn't understand why I got the urge to expose everything for strangers around the world to get off over.See More of Iveta at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.
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