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Anastasia lux - sauna sex party Sauna Sex Party Anastasia Lux spends another day at her favorite spa. This is the place where she got a massage and wound up in a threesome sex game. Today is sauna day for the lusty, busty, nice brunette. She changes from a tight dress to a bikini and enters the sauna.When she opens the door, she spots Tom and stops, thinking that she's walking into the wrong sauna. Tom explains that this sauna is unisex and she should come in and enjoy the heat. In a short time, the heat levels will be rising a lot faster.Anastasia wants to oil up and asks Tom if he has any oil. He does, and offers to give her a hand applying it. Rubbing it into her huge natural tits, Tom's hands excite Anastasia and get her horny. He lowers her bikini top and massages the oil into her hot tits. Too worked-up to leave it at that, Anastasia takes Tom's penish in her hand and rubs it, then offers her tits to him for a tit-wank. Tom eagerly slides his penish between her oily, heavenly hooters. In a few minutes, the sauna's temperature will reach the dangerously red-hot zone as the heated couple get it on!See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - bathin' breasts Bathin' boobs Every time we look at Roxi Red, we're astonished by the sheer size of her big boobs, especially compared to her overall physique. We looked at the photos of this bathroom scene in our conference room during a meeting and we were blown away...again.What SCORELAND guys think about this superstar of breasts.Genuinely violent naturals and certainly in the Premier League of gargantuan boobs along with Poppos, Miosotis and a few others.-SeanAs always, she is naturally tiny and in the hands of TSG, she will be exceptionally radiant in her return.-SethYes! The gods have spoken! The voluminous and elegant Roxi Red is back!-ChrisOur photographer followed Roxi into the model's swanky bathroom this time. Miss Red never did get to do any on-camera bathing or even showering this time but she does bathe her huge naturals in lotion and that's voluminous enough in our book. Watching Roxi dangle her violent hangers never fails to be a hardening sight. See More of Roxi Red at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Chloe vevrier - anatomy of a superstar Anatomy Of A Superstar When the Miami photo shoots were planned for, the editors had creative brainstorming sessions, as they do for other models. Chloe was different. Being one of the top models, extra attention and extra details were called for. John Fox came up with the idea, An anatomy of a Superstar. This helped to spark a new wave of pictorial ideas. Up until this time, most photo shoots, whether our own or purchased from an outside studio took the traditional approach, almost always a striptease, whether it was done in a bedroom, living room or outdoor setting. Most photographers and editors have their shot list. These are the requisite poses that comprise a pictorial. For example, positions on hands and knees to show the breasts hanging, side shots, standing straight and bending from the waist, and so on. Standard poses you've seen a thousand times in many magazines and websites, depending on how long you've been hooked on boobonics. The mold got broken with shoots like anatomy of a Superstar, with pictorials that tackled a theme or concept which would not have succeeded as magazine spreads but were certainly a refreshing change of pace from the status quo and the standard, been there, done that positions.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Tiggle bitties - tiggle reads reader requests Tiggle Reads Reader Requests Tiggle Bitties. The curvy brunette has a pair that could never be called bitties in a billion years. In this pictorial/video, Tiggle reviews SCORELAND member requests and suggestions, then chooses one idea and jumps on the bed to play it out.Tiggle's previous shoot was all about the student body in a coed scene. Here, it's all about the lingerie, at least in the beginning. Says Tiggle, I'm definitely a lingerie girl, but they're expensive so I can't get many pieces. I love large lace bras, but I also love wearing corsets under my tits because it makes a really good line. And garter belts and stockings. I love that.Tiggle needs a 32MM bra to contain those giant golden globes. It's no easy job for SCORE and V-mag girls to find and buy hooter holsters to harness hangers that size.Mostly I shop online, but recently I went to Portland and found a large shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, 'Oh, honey!' and she just took me around the store and took bras off the shelf.See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Take a dip with-and-in!-arianna Take a dip with-and-in!-Arianna The seas in the Dominican Republic are rough, but when we have our eyes on Arianna, it's smooth sailing all the way! Arianna is seaside in these photos as she takes her natural tits for a dip, then spreads wide to give us a look at her wet, nice private parts.  I love modeling in pleasant places like this, she said. It makes me feel so much sexier.  Arianna always looks sexy, especially when she's totally naked from top to anally and taking in the warm surf. The look on her face says that she's nice us in for a dip. But the question is, just what does she want us to dip We have a few ideas! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Tiffany towers - golden couch Golden Couch I can deepthroat! I have to lie on my back, throw my head all the way back and just open up my throat. Then you just ram it in. I can get it all the way back there now without choking. I'm so proud of myself!-Tiffany TowersSee More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Rachel love - a garden ho A Garden Ho Gardening is massive work. There's lots of bending over, pulling, hoeing, sweating and grunting involved. You need to know that because you should encourage all the busty women in your lives to take up gardening immediately. Why Because if they are anything like Rachel Love and use this gardening hose like she does, then every day spent gardening would end with a bang! Did we mention that Rachel is busty, blonde and gardens in panties, tight t-shirts and heels Did we also mention that she gets soaking wet and then suc cock, titty-fucks, and rides and then gets coated in ejaculate Well, she does. Who knew that yard work could turn out to be so have intercourse hot We don't know about you, but we'd like to fire our lawn service guys and hire Rachel to take over their duties. Mostly because although she probably wouldn't do as big a job as our regular guys do, we'd like to see her naked on a riding mower in the middle of the day.  See More of Rachel Love at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Harmony white - i dream of harmony I Dream Of Harmony Queen Harmony White had warned us in an interview that she is a screamer and the considerableger the dick plugging her, the louder she gets. But her neighbors over at the next tent are not going to lose their heads and complain. When the considerable dick genie penetrates her royal snatch with his long staff and begins have sex Harmony, the screaming starts. He's working out a cramp from being stuck in that lamp. She's a man-killer, this beauty. She's a killer Queen.Harmony White is a web-cam model and a bartender. We found her through Twitter and invited her to transfer her web-cam talents to our camera. I don't need to wear anything to draw attention to my tits because you can't help but notice them, said Harmony. I love the attention I get from them.I want to be ravished, Harmony revealed. I also like to have complete control over a man and make him my slave. My kinkiest sexual experience was at a boyfriend's place. He tied me up, gagged me and punish me.The genie liked Harmony rubbing him and gagging her with his magic meat lamp. See More of Harmony White at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn's body shop Autumn's body Shop There was no shortage of volunteers when Autumn offered to do this sudsy car wash pictorial. They didn't want to volunteer their cars. They just wanted to see her wash one in the SCORE loading dock. You'll see why. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Dee dee deluxx - considerable tits, considerable make love Voluminous breasts, voluminous have sexual intercourse Dee Dee's name contains two Ds for a reason. Her super-sized balloons bounce oh so gently as she suc and have sexual intercourses a young stud. He takes a mouthful of this MILF's voluminous tit, and then she rubs it all over his elegant penish. Her breasts serve as cushions as she gets pounded in her 40something snatch. When her vagina reaches the boiling point, the guy pulls out and splooges all over her breasts. All of this makes Dee Dee a voluminous have sexual intercourse. Dee Dee's vagina was really tight, like an 18-year-old's, the stud said. I was impressed. She was wet from the start. She didn't need any lube. My have sexual intercourseing penish felt voluminous between her boobs. Dee Dee and Minka have the voluminousgest breasts I ever busted a nut on.If you know Minka, you know that's saying something.I love have sexual intercourseing in front of the camera, Dee Dee said. I love the idea of men jacking off while they watch me have sexual intercourse. I don't have these voluminous breasts just for looks, fellas. I want you to enjoy them. I want you to tell me what your fantasy is. I'll fulfill it.See More of Dee Dee Deluxx at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Dylan ryder - mean girls Mean Girls Here's a little 411 on chicks: They hate on each other with such a vengeance that it will make your head spin. It's an innate thing, man. If a bunch of chicks are in a room and a new, hotter chick joins the crowd, those bitches will talk shit and assault her with all their petty, jealous ammo. Don't believe us Well, poor Dylan here was at a club minding her business and looking fine in this tit-hugging number when all of a sudden a chick next to her at the bar deliberately knocks a drink down the front of her shirt. Yeah, we said it. Deliberately. Why Because she was mad that Dylan was getting all the attention from the boob hounds at the bar. Not to worry because Dylan might have gotten all wet, but a helpful patron steps in to rescue her and takes her to his house so she can get out of those wet clothes and onto his cock. And boy does she work his cock. She uses all her resources. She mouths that cock. She titty-fucks that cock. She even jacks it for a while. And then, she lowers her gushy cunt onto it and rides it until it explodes. Way to turn a bad situation into an opportunity to get some, Dylan. See More of Dylan Ryder at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Chavon taylor - hot tub, jug rub Hot Tub, Jug Rub Chavon Taylor is a nasty tit bitch who likes to wiggle and jiggle her voluminous jugs and lick the precum off the tip of your cock. Nothing gives me more pleasure than pleasing a man with my boobs. They're my best asset. Squeeze them together and my cleavage is just as tight and fuckable as my pussy, Chavon said. No man's cock is safe from her titty tornado, just like her natural tits aren't safe from loads of cum that spray all over them. But that's okay, Chavon can handle it. In fact, she loves it.  See More of Chavon Taylor at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Tiff bannister - tiff bannister's porn stud tryouts - episode 6 Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts - Episode 6 What's the hardest job in the world asks pro superstud Tony DeSergio in the very begining of this scene, episode six and the finale of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts. The hardest job in the world can make a man go soft, echoes Tiff Bannister. Travis Reed hops into the SCORE-mobile straight from the airport. It's every college guy's dream to try this, says Travis. When he learned about Tiff's challenge, he told his friends he wanted to give her his best shot. No guts, no glory. All my friends thought it was crazy. Travis is a musician and goes to college in Tallahassee. It's always party time there and lots of girls running around. I think Tiff is a lovely cool girl. She's chill.Tiff checks out Travis' doctor shots, nude photos that are taken at home and emailed to TSG. She checks out Travis' cock but admits she's not pleasant at estimating size in photos. Tiff's lovely confident she can throat it. He's got, like, a sad face, Tiff said when she first saw Travis. As a boyfriend, he wouldn't be pleasant. Maybe he'll be pleasant as a porn stud. After Travis checks out the SCORE building, he's invited to be the official lube and wipe boy for JMac and the mature model that the J-Man is banging. It's different live, Travis says in a mix of astonishment and surprise as he watches JMac have sexual intercourse her from behind. Most guys have no clue what it's like looking at a couple have sexual intercourseing a few feet from them.Will Travis succeed or will he fail to rise to the occasion in the conclusion of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts See More of Tiff Bannister at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly christiansen - boob talk & cunt baitin' Boob talk & pussy baitin' Kelly Christiansen wasn't a large find. Because we didn't find her. The friendly blonde bombshell contacted us. Her husband is a large SCORE fan, and he encouraged her to apply. His own SCORE Girl at home decided to try it and was a hit from day one. She not only posed naked and spread, she did XXX with pro porn guys. Her hubby was fine with that and enjoyed it. Before SCORE, she had never done anything remotely like this. No stripping or lap dancing, no nude modeling (except for the at-home stuff) and no swinging.Wearing lingerie and stripper heels, SCORE Model of the Year winner Kelly chats about posing and hardcore scenes. Later on, she plays with her brickhouse body. A large wife, Kelly once did a threesome with her husband and another girl and said she wouldn't mind watching him with another girl. I don't know if that ever happened.Kelly talks a lot in this video and has a lustful voice, and that's always a huge plus. This scene is also the video version of a live peepshow. Dave not only gets to chat Kelly up, he tells her to get into different hot positions as if he was at a peepshow that didn't have a glass shield and he didn't need tokens.Live peepshows are mostly a thing of the past now. If you've never been to one, such as the peepshow chambers at the infamous Show World in Times Square, they feature a naked or scantily clad girl behind glass who you tell what to do. As long as you keep feeding the machine tokens, the shutter doesn't come down to cover the glass and end your session with the girl. The webcams have replaced the live peepshows, and that makes me sad. What happened to the romanceHindsight is 20/20, but I wish we had filmed Kelly in more solos and hardcore. Every now and then, I drop her an email to find out if she wants to come back.See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND2.COM!. Marie leone - boozy big-boobed booty bang Boozy Big-Boobed butt Bang Marie Leone greets courtly Tarzan with bubbly when he shows up with flowers. Marie pours the bottle over her large big tits and Tarzan greedily licks her sucklers. She pours some on his dick so she can get her licks in also. Marie treats him to her special tit-fuck and BJ, then spreads her vagina and ass for his pole. Whatta babe. We spoke to Marie about this scene and other erotic topics.SCORE: How was Tarzan as a partner What did he do for you sexually that you liked the bestMarie: Tarzan's performance as a sex partner was as pretty as any girl could ask for. He has a very handsome body and I enjoyed him sexually, especially when he licked up the spilled sparkling wine from my breasts. I definitely enjoyed it when he make love my vagina from behind!SCORE: What's your favorite bottom sex positionMarie: I enjoy being on top when I do bottom since I feel in control.SCORE: What's your favorite SCORELAND boy-girl scene and who is your favorite SCORE partner Marie: My favorite boy-girl scene is Maid for anus and even though I loved and enjoyed Rocky in this scene, my favorite SCORE male partner would have to be JMac in The Sex Adventures Of curvy Marie. He was so easygoing and funny off the set.SCORE: Your favorite solo SCORE sceneMarie: My favorite solo scene I did at SCORELAND will have to be Super Titter.SCORE: You and Tarzan pour sparkling wine on each other and lick it off. Do you ever do that at home or with any other foods or beveragesMarie: Being with Tarzan was actually the first time I experienced the use of a beverage in sex. And it was a very fun and sticky experience!SCORE: Thank you, Marie. See More of Marie Leone at SCORELAND.COM!. The wrath of samantha 38g The Wrath of Samantha 38G Samantha 38G is not home, giving her roommate's boyfriend Tarzan time to poke around her bedroom. That's what he thinks. Going into Sam's lingerie closet, Tarzan fondles one of her bras, amazed at the size and sniffs a pair of her panties.  Unfortunately, or maybe ultimately fortunately for Tarzan, Sam comes home and goes straight to her bedroom, leaving the panty sniffer trapped in the closet and unable to escape. He freezes, trying not to make noise as Sam, still dressed, decides to give herself a quick slap on her bed. Tarzan watches through the closet curtain as Sam fingers her pussy and he tries to not breathe heavily.  Hearing funny sounds orgasm from her closet, Sam springs out of bed with a shoe in her hand, ready to crack it on the head of a burglar. When she sees who it is, she explodes on him. Tarzan can't lie his way out of this one. Sam is no sucker. She threatens to shout out to his girlfriend and move Tarzan from the frying pan to the fire. He begs for mercy and says he'll do anything to apologize. What Sam wants is for him to make love her.  Sam gets her way. Not that she's done with him after the sex is over. See More of Samantha 38G at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ines cudna - mirror, mirror Mirror, Mirror Here we see the delicate Ines in a garter belt and stockings channeling a pinup girl of days gone by. Ines was not used to seeing herself in stockings and walked over to the mirror to check herself out and ended up posing by the mirror for this entire shoot. And she is a natural in front of the lens. That is why she is a fan favorite. My favorite model is Ines Cudna, writes member l.O. It's her mix of a attracting face, a perfect body, perfect, big enough breasts and that air of sweetness she has about her. Her eyes are attracting. Ines doesn't have huge boobs like Linsey, Kerry Marie or Nicole Peters but to me Ines is the overall perfect 10. I'm glad that she does very explicit solo posing.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Curvy dusty - we dream of dusty We Dream of Dusty Glamorous Sure. Very hot Yes, indeed. The only other thing Dusty needed was a little red sports car in this lavish beachside pictorial lensed by SCORE's Brit studio shooters in 1998. The setting and Dusty's look reminds us a bit of the old TV show I Dream of Jeannie. Can you imagine having Dusty as your personal servantSee More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Merilyn sakova - black dress: Black Dress: Just what you have been waiting for: Merilyn wearing black thigh-high stockings and high heels. This video is so up close and personal, you'll feel as though you were in it, next to this spectacular bust-goddess. Merilyn grinds her cunt and splays her breasts in the most amazing ways as she cums in total exhaustion. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Kali west - large titted try-on Great Titted Try-on When Kali tries on tight tops it's kind of difficult for her to stuff her huge hoots into them. She tries, though. But in the end, she can't contain them and they bust right out of their constrictive prison. She uses the fact that she is topless to her advantage and decides to give her man a sloppy tit have sexual intercourseed. But all that titty have sexual intercourseed doesn't satisfy her have sexual intercourse lust, so she hops on his cock and rides it, hard. Trying on tight tops is forgotten once this guy tries Kali's tight pussy on his dick. The lesson learned here is that less is more, meaning, the less clothes that Kali has on, the more dick she can get. We think that for all big-titted chicks, that is sweet much a rule to live by.  See More of Kali West at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Chloe vevrier - stars and stripes Stars And Stripes Physical beauty is an ephemeral commodity, and Chloe knows this. She has never been, during her modeling career, a one-dimensional personality. In studying her pictures, her video appearances, and in reading her own musings, it is immediately apparent that Chloe isn't a figure model--she's a bright, articulate, sweet, considerate woman child who simply happens to be trapped in the body of a modern day Aphrodite.-BrentSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Chloe vevrier - shower time Shower Time Like the Chloe Tennis Court pictorial, Chloe's strip and shower series was shot in a naturalistic, candid style with on-camera flash photography. This is not a studio. It is a house, which adds to the reality factor. As always, Miss Vevrier looks out-of-this-world. And Chloe's hairy underarms will please those members who have asked for more of Chloe unshaven. Having missed the large Bust Lineup in the August '99 SCORE, I was particularly heartened and hardened to see the Key Largo Boob Lineup in the February 2002 Voluptuous. It's a great concept: five bosom buddies, tit-to-tit and cheek-to-cheek for the readers' inspection. First off, sorry to all the other girls and their devotees, but as far as this reader is concerned, Chloe Vevrier, the Wunderbabe, wins this beauty contest hands down. Only Lorna Morgan can even begin to approach her. Just for a moment, concentrate on Chloe's face alone and try to ignore that spectacular anatomy of hers. What a beauty: those dark, almost-Asian eyes, that radiant smile, those classically proportioned features. Chloe's just drop-dead gorgeous. Chloe's obviously been taking care of herself: her waist is taut and slim, her legs are muscular and conditioned. She comes the closest to that sweet hour-glass figure that V-Men prize. And that leads me to the most important point (or rather, points) of comparison: the boobs! Pound for pound, the biggest pair of bongos in that lineup belongs to Chloe. Face it: the most hard pair of mammaries in that lineup belongs to Chloe Vevrier. She is the quintessential slim-and-stacked woman. Finally, thanks for the concluding shots of the women's derrieres. How inviting! As an aficionado of the female fanny and particularly, the female poop-chute, this was most welcome. I'd have to vote for Chloe as having the most sweet nether-eye, but, as should be obvious by now, I'm partial. Keep up the appealing work!-Gary B., Tampa, Florida. The following are excerpts from a review of the On Location Key Largo DVD by critic Mike Davis of New York City, who has been reviewing various SCORE Group shows for the past four years.--Editor. On Location Key Largo DVD: This is a classic video production that must earn a top rating. Two hours of sun baked, oil slicked, wet, soapy, and huge breasts that dangle, wobble, and shimmy with the camera only inches away is all you need. This all-new material includes in-depth interviews with Lorna, Chaz and Kerry plus 40 minutes of behind the scenes and back stage poses with Kerry, Lorna, Chaz, and Chloe. We get to actually watch how the photographers work with the models, all of it presented with pizzazz and aplomb. And the interviews are real, and we get even more and more visuals as we hear the models talk. It was as if someone finally heard what I've been saying all these years, 'Hey, show us the breasts!' The back stage poses are not stills, not a slide show, but full motion action as the cameras glide over, around, and into some of the biggest cleavages you're going to find anywhere. We aren't talking about a single set for each model. No, each model is captured both wet and dry, in multiple settings, and with lots of eye contact and smiles. And never have there been so many winning shots of absolutely stunningly large breasts. And guess what Besides all of the above, there is a slide show too. After checking the captures you will want to see more. Combine the time of the two discs and you get over three wonderful hours. No, Linsey doesn't appear, but this DVD edition of On Location Key Largo must get a 5.0 out of 5. For all of you big-tit men, you won't find anything better.--Mike Davis.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Leanne peels it off Leanne Crow likes fruit as much as any SCORE model but it sounds like a taste for chickens takes precedence over a hunger for bananas. I love to go out with my girlfriends and go to appealing restaurants. I love going to Nando's for chicken. But most of my fans know that because they know that I LOVE chicken. Someone told me that they inject chickens with hormones to make them grow. That must be what happened to me. Jenna Valentine, in Mexico with Leanne, would probably back up Leanne's love for chicken dishes since they got nice tight over there. We're not scientists but we know that something's going on in the UK. No other area has produced the number of naturally large-boobed girls than the land across the large pond. Think of Linsey, Lorna, Kerry, Jessica Turner, Kelly Kay, Karla James, Susie Wilden, Denise Davies...the list goes on. America is definitely way behind in the international natural tits race.See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna?s bridal boob bang Arianna�s Bridal Boob Bang  It's said that a bride is at her most pleasant on her wedding day and honeymoon night and that is also true for Arianna on this special day. Looking like a goddess in her pure white corset and stockings, her immense naked tits hanging free, her bridal veil still on her head, Arianna is radiant and ripe with raging hormones. She toasts her new husband in their bridal suite and he begins to feast on her lush hooters, savoring and suc her pointy nipples, squeezing and rubbing the soft, velvety-smooth breastflesh. Arianna needs her honeymoon stiffie in her mouth. She opens his pants and out pops her wedding present, ready for Arianna's tongue. It's time to bob for the knob. The bride kneels before her groom, lips quivering and hungry for a taste. She begins to suck, squeezing her heavenly knockers as she places his fuck-stick between her trembling mounds. She is not a virgin, of course, but today she feels like one and wants the feeling of being deflowered by her ramrod groom. Don't miss a single moment of Arianna's honeymoon sexing. But don't worry, friends. This is only Arianna's bridal fantasy, her midnight wet dream. She's not ready to settle down with one man and get married! There's more wild oats for her to sow at, like rice tossed at a wedding! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Big, bigger Big, bigger... Not quite at her biggest here, Dusty was making the transformation from Rocky Raquel to busty Dusty when these pics were taken. One thing that never transformed: the woman behind the huge tits. The thing about Dusty is that you could have never met her before, and if she sat down to talk with you, you'd feel like she's known you her entire life, SCORELAND editor Elliot James said. She has that way about her that makes everybody feel special.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Ejaculate for eva notty Cumshot For Eva Notty It's no surprise that Eva Notty won 2010's SCORE Model of the Year award. She has it all: A appealing face. A hot, slim 'n stacked body that looks amazing in tight clothes and swimsuits. considerable hair. Long nipples. Incredible sex skills and a cock-lovin', man-pleasing personality. Eva's back at SCORE and she's hot and excited for a pole dance. Boob-banging is on the menu, of course. What does Eva like about tit-have sexual intercourse so much That my boobs are considerable and they can wrap around any-sized cock so it's kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the cock-head orgasm out from between my boobs, and if the cock is long enough, sometimes I can put it in my mouth and blowjob it, Eva told us. And you will see that in this SCORE video, cumshot For Eva Notty. Eva kneels, holding her long-nippled boobs squeezed together and high enough so that Tony can slide his sausage between her deep cleavage straight into her mouth for blowjoby-blowjoby time. Eva lies on her back for more titty-banging and shaft blowjobing. Then she gets her pussy tongue-banged and is ramrodded every which way in what could be her most high-energy have sexual intercourse yet. Finally, Eva jerks off the cock in her face until he blows his load on her. Eva Notty is one hell of a sexy woman. It's 23 minutes of non-stop hooter heaven with one of the hottest SCORE babes.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Valory irene - ass cleavage and tan-lined tits Ass Cleavage and Tan-Lined breasts This is the kind of bikini I usually wear to the beach or pool, Valory said, recalling the spectacular--but, in her view, unwearable-in-public places--monokini she has worn in the past. I think my mother and brother would let me out of the house wearing this. Nonetheless, Valory's FF-cup naturals seem to overwhelm her bikini top, and in a few photos, we're treated to some ass cleavage. When she takes her top off, her areolae look paler than usual, but that could be the result of her tan lines which are quite dramatic in these photos. She pours tanning oil on her boobs, then rubs it in. I think I could use some help rubbing it in, Valory says, knowing that thousands of men would gladly step forward to offer their hands-on assistance. I think this would be something for my new boyfriend to do!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the boss The Boss What if they did a remake of the musical Chicago, but instead of just a was a Linsey movie What if Linsey Dawn was cast as the great, brassy attorney who had to defend those gals accused of murder Wouldn't that be something to see Linsey decked out in that '40s era gear, the men's boxer shorts, those sock suspenders, great stogie in her mouth barking orders to her complaisant legal assistants, paralegals and law clerks What if Linsey told you she needed some help in private with her briefs -- Like taking them down and stripping them off What cast member would cry out, Objection! to Linsey making a motion for recess in the judge's chambers We're not sure about Linsey singing a rousing rendition of Razzle Dazzle, but we definitely know that she's quite capable of playing the part of the defense attorney. Defense attorneys are supposed to get their clients off, right And that's what Linsey does every week.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bra-whoa! Bra-Whoa! Our girl Kelly may not be in the Guinness Book of World Records with her 42F bra, but, let's face it, her boulder holder is still something of a miracle. The one thing we love more than getting to see her in her super-sized lingerie Getting to see her out of it!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Christy marks - curiosity killed the cat  and the pussy! Curiosity Killed the Cat...and the Pussy! Christy Marks is one of the most inquisitive and curious girls that you will ever meet. She always has a wonderful smile and lots of questions whenever we see her. And she loves to poke around the office and find new things to fool around with. In this case, she is looking for someone to fool around with so she sort of ransacked the studio (we let her do whatever she wants because, well, she's Christy!) and found some shots of a new porn stud she'd never met. So, in true Christy fashion, she contacted him and then told us that she was ready to make love and that we should be ready to film. (Yup, when she is ready to go, she is ready to go.) What else could we do but go along with her plans to make love We couldn't possibly tell her no. Watch as she gives this stud, Enzo, a hearty and hootered welcome to SCORE and then rocks his dick with everything she's got. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Eva notty - sex it to me! Sex It To Me! In 2004, lovely, tall and horny Eva Notty (pronounced Ehv-a) posed for a Naughty Neighbors photo shoot, and that was the last we heard from her until 2009 when Eva was encouraged to send her pictures to by a friend of hers who's a SCORE fan. He's a friend of all tit men now, too for recommending SCORE. Recently Eva Notty unfroze Santa's north pole with the greatest of ease in the SCOREtv Holiday Edition on SCORELAND. She can do anything! Taking the inspiration from one of the SCORE sites called BigTitHooker, Eva's a hot escort in Sex It To Me! It's taken you months to arrange a date with her and when Eva finally shows up at your place in a mesh anatomy suit, your expectation and your build-up is so high, you're just about ready to explode before anything even starts. But no worries. Eva knows how to wind you down just a notch to prevent that until later, and at the same time, she knows exactly how to start you up in her own special way. In her low, soothing, cooing, horny tones, Eva lays her hands and lovely, voluminous ornaments all over your anatomy, touching the right spots and hitting the right nerve endings. Her double whammies massage your pole like two thick pillows made of the softest, smoothest velvet. Squeezed into her cleavage, it becomes an iron bar, ready for her wet, attracting mouth. Eva makes love to your pole, cooing and moaning and murmuring words that are like an audio aphrodisiac. Hookers know how to please a man and charge him up. When she sees it's time to have sex, Eva does one of the tricks of the trade that can drive a dude crazy. She puts a rubber on you using her mouth to slowly slide it on your stiffie. Now it's time to have sex and when Eva eases your Johnson into her wet, waiting, tight pussy, you hear the trumpets of the angels announcing your arrival into hooter heaven. Now ride her and let her ride you! You'll be dousing her lovely anatomy with your man-juice soon enough. Thank you, Eva Notty. Stay Notty as you are!  See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Georgette parks - georgette fucks two guys for the first time on-camera Georgette have sexs two guys for the first time on-camera When this scene opens, 65-year-old Georgette Parks looks very libidinous but classy. She's wearing red lingerie and stockings. Even when she's talking about getting have sex by two guys on-camera for the first time, she still has that air of class.But then the camera pans down. Hey, Georgette isn't wearing any panties! Her shaved kitty is right there for all the world to see! And then we remember: Georgette is a classy slut.The two guys show up, one on each side of her. I want you to have sex me, slut Georgette says. I want to get have sex so bad. And I want to cock cock sucking both of you.Georgette kneels between them and cock cock suckings one while jacking the other. Then she lies back and takes turns cock cock suckinging one guy while the other fingers her kitty. When the have sexing starts, there isn't a moment when Georgette's mouth and kitty aren't simultaneously stuffed. Okay, there are a few moments: when they're changing positions.Question: How much ejaculate can Georgette coax out of two cocks at the same time You'll have to watch the video to find out.I love cock, Georgette said, and the more the merrier!See More of Georgette Parks at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Jasmine jones - cumshot loving wife Ejaculateshot Loving Wife Playing with dripping ejaculate is Jasmine Jones' fetish. She says her big tits are 40DD, but they look much bigger. We found Jasmine on her website and invited her to taste the ejaculate of the SCORE Group boys.As Jasmine has matured, she's gotten more into sex and ejaculate games at home. She's a real gem. I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth onto my tits, Jasmine said. I like to swallow sometimes, but I really prefer to see it splattered on my body.My favorite positions are doggie and being on top. I like to be fingered, licked all over and have my nipples sucked. I've been in three-ways. I had my first time with another woman about three years ago. I enjoyed it. If I am attracted to a woman, I really enjoy playing with her. My sexual fantasies are watching my husband being pleasured by another woman and having sex with him in public.See More of Jasmine Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Joana bliss - pure bliss Pure Bliss My sexual fantasies are to have many orgasms all of the time, like cosmic ones, said Joana Bliss, SCORELAND's stacked new-age flower child. The blend of spiritual love and Tantric sex is very satisfying to me. It has changed me a lot, but it's not so easy to explain. It's something you have to experience. I enjoy being with girls, as you know. My favorite position is 69.This isn't the first time Joana's cumshot by toying herself. She was using toys over ten years ago in her earliest appearances. I like to masturbate because I feel it is very healthy to release the sexual energies and not let these energies build up for too long in the body. Joana might be the ultimate sensuous woman. On-camera or in person, she has loads of confidence and sex appeal.I don't have sex on the first date with someone but it happened one time. It wasn't sex. It was something more than that. I can't just have sex right away or it can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. I must feel a connection and know my partner. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Valory irene - valory's poolside lingerie show Valory's Poolside Lingerie Show The fantasy girl-next-door shows you her mouthwatering slim-n-stacked body, dances, jiggles and shares the love. Some of the world's greatest big-boobed girls have been discovered by SCORE readers who share the breast obsession and fixation. One of them spotted Valory while going about his business. He could have just drooled and watched her go by. We all have done that. But this Boob Brother walked over to her, introduced himself and started talking to her about modeling. He was that confident that Valory had the right stuff and he was right. She always likes to look perfect. She won't even wear flip-flops, only heels. She will always wear low-cut tops and dresses. Her voice is very girly and feminine. She's had sex but doesn't have a boyfriend and is really a shy girl. She loves '80s disco, dogs, cats and Hollywood movies. She is perfect from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.  See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. First xxx First XXX Mya Blair enters an empty shoe store and gives salesman Brick a reason to be happy and grateful. Her large breasts are ready to fall out of her open blouse and as he talks heels, Brick's eyes are pasted to Mya's lush bod. She makes him jittery and that gets Mya hot to have intercourse him right then and there. Maybe someone will walk in and catch them in the act and that adds to her excitement. That's shoe biz, folks.  Mya clued us in about her XL Girls hardcore debut.  XLGirls: Mya, you looked very comfortable and natural on-camera having sex. Do you watch porn at home, and if you do, what kind do you watch   Mya: Yes, I watch porn pleasant often. It all depends on my mood but I love watching scenes that are in public or have the risk of the couple getting caught, also scenes with MILFs teaching a younger couple or my best friend's mom style.  XLGirls: Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques by watching porn  Mya: Honestly, I learned most of my skills from watching porn. I remember before I gave my first BJ I was really nervous about not knowing what to do, so I watched porn and used what I saw to kinda teach myself. I guess it paid off.  XLGirls: It sure did. Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques at XL Girls  Mya: Most of what I tried while I was filming were positions and techniques I had tried at least once in my personal life.  XLGirls: Do you plan on watching this scene with a friend or by yourself  Mya: I'm lusty about it so I think I'll probably watch it with a friend.   XLGirls: We don't get impressed easily, but we are by you. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe black gloves Chloe Black Gloves Looking at these pictures, I have to laugh. Not because they are funny, but because they remind me of this man, this wonderful man who I adored. The man I wanted to marry. The man I loved. The man who got away. I was dancing at this club in Berlin and he was the manager. The first moment I saw him, I saw something special in his eyes. I can't say what, but they sparkled, which I still find strange because they were brown. Usually blue or green eyes draw people in, but the moment I looked into his eyes, I was smitten. Of course, he didn't say anything to me. In fact, he didn't show any interest whatsoever. Now, I thought I was good and attractive at the time, and lots of men asked me out, but this man...All he ever said to me was, Hello, nicebye, You're on, and nice show. That was it. During a year, I would do anything to catch his attention, which is why these pictures remind me of him. I started by playing rough to get. Smiling, than looking away. Showing enough interest in him to make him think I wanted him, but not going any further. After a week of this, I realized it wouldn't work. I needed another plan. So, I asked him out to lunch. Nothing sexual, just lunch. He told me he didn't have time. I asked him out again. He said he already had lunch plans. I asked him out again, and again another excuse. good soon, I lost track of how many times I asked him to lunch and how many excuses he gave. By now, I was desperate, so I started to dress lustful, at least I thought I was dressing lustful. I would show as much of my breasts as I could, and he would look at my legs. I would wear lustful stockings, and he would look the other way. I wore a fishnet body stocking one time and he didn't even glance. Needless to say, it was very frustrating. Plus, I was young and a bit immature, so I couldn't accept that he just didn't want me. I didn't understand. But, now I do. Some people are just made for each other and some aren't. And, even if you think you are, both have to believe or else it won't happen. I certainly believed, but he didn't. Now, I often wonder about him. I haven't seen him in years and, no, we never did go to lunch. The sad part was, the only time he did show any interest in me was when he was engaged. I didn't tell you that, did I He got engaged. And, when he did, he started to talk to me. We would have chats -- innocent talks that didn't amount to anything, but meant the world to me. One time, he told me that he saw something and it made him think of me. He was actually thinking of me. I thought there was hope. But, still, we never did anything. The worst part was, after a while, I didn't even think of him sexually. I just wanted to get to know him. I know that sounds strange, because if he offered, I would have gone anywhere and did anything he said. But, really, I didn't think we would go to lunch and have sex. It was enough that we went to lunch and talked. I could ask him all kinds of questions. Like, who invented liquid soap, and why Why is the sky blue when space is black (Actually, I know the answer...refraction of light, correct) I would have liked to have seen if he chewed with his mouth open, or talked with food in his mouth. If he held my chair for me. If he opened the door for me. If he ordered a Coke or a Diet Coke. If he wore cologne or was natural. If his hands were as delicate as they were strong If...he liked me. I still wonder...and I guess I will never know. Sometimes, now, I think I am fortunate. You see, he was my fantasy...and how can a fantasy be real The way I see it, he was perfect just the way he was. He was my dream come true, and he will always be that...up here. In my head. In my mind. In that infinite space where lost love becomes paradise found and is special forever. In the land of dreams, where we are all perfect and every moment is magical. Yes, I am a dreamer. I always have been. And, I am a hopeless romantic. I'm sorry if I have bored all of you this week, ranting and raving about lost love. But, that's how I am. I start thinking about something and I cannot stop. As so many of you have e-mailed me, you have discovered that there is a lot more to me than just pictures. I hope, through these talks, I am sharing some of who I am with you and that way you can better understand me. I also hope I have not scared too many of you off. If I have, I apologize. As I am prone to say, please do not confuse my eccentricity with dysfunction. I think I am as normal as the next person. Actually, I know I am. I know many of you have had experiences like the one I described, because many of you are romantics as well. And now I am going off to sleep, where my love will be there waiting for me, as he is almost every night when I am feeling lonely. We will walk barefoot, hand-in-hand on a secluded beach, then will will lay down in a green, mountain meadow, and we will talk. We will talk about nothing and everything and I will fall more in love with every syllable he speaks. I hope you have good dreams, too. ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - phone sex Phone Sex Linsey tries her voice at phone sex whith her mobile, which she is great at, but she really needs two hands to finish the job on her lustful and moist snatch so she swaps the phone for a voluminous pink lady toy. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Noelle easton - the fake doctor & the busty brunette The fake doctor & the curvy brunette When Noelle Easton walks into a clinic, the physicians must fight over who gets to give her a check-up. This scene is a fantasy, of course. Real doctors don't behave like this, unless they want to wind up on the cover of the New York Post.The fake doctor Noelle is seeing is Juan Largo, MD (medical cock) and could be the first physician to not wear a shirt, just pants. He believes in the hands-on approach and so does Noelle. This scene was shot in P.O.V., my favorite form of filming porn. It puts you right up there in the driver's seat, and it's becoming increasingly popular. Noelle makes the first move, reaching for his tongue depressor.Noelle is a Southern babe, and she was 18 when she first came to SCORE. A real cutie, this delicate Kentucky gal has a HUGE apdelicate for sex and voluminous cocks. She talked about jizz and where she likes it to land when the sexin' is over.I like them to just kind of aim towards my mouth, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little gets in my mouth and then it just drips down my chin and down my boobs, and whatever I have left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it drip down. It's just so much hotter than normal, y'know, cumshot in your pussy. I'm just like, 'Cum on my face! Let it drip down me.' I'm a swallow girl! If you can stick a cock in your mouth, you can swallow the cum. Spitters are quitters. But I do like it on my face for the show.See More of Noelle Easton at SCORELAND2.COM!. Kerry marie - pink nighty Pink Nighty Voted busty magazine Model of the Year for 2003, Kerry was the first runner-up for the busty Model of the Year Award 2007 which went to Australia's Angela White. The readers and web members have not forgotten Kerry! Angela first modeled at 18 in 2003 and has been a big fan of Kerry's since Angela first collected and read SCORE and busty magazines. Maybe one day she'll meet Kerry in the flesh! Who knows...She's already met Kerry's lovely mate, Lorna Morgan in the SCORE DVD Big-Boob Paradise. They even shared a bed!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Mexican masturbate Mexican fuck-off  Hitomi is hanging out in the living room of the mansion she and her chesty friends have taken over for the week. Hitomi looks extra-hot dressed like an American girl-next-door. She's wearing a tight, white tank top, Daisy Dukes cut-off shorts and very high heels. A killer look. Our photographer walks in and sits down. Hitomi asks if he's got his camera with him. He does. Hitomi gives him that look and a smile. He gets the picture. She stands up and slowly strips off inch by inch, uncovering her delicate young body. If her friends return while she's still naked, they can join in. After all, they're all SCORE models too.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's wet t-shirt show Arianna's Wet T-Shirt Show Arianna hits the beach once again in a lovely set shot on-location on Grand Bahama Island. She's standing under a shower, and before we know it, her T-shirt wet and sheer, breasts poking right through, proving once again that sometimes, a girl doesn't have to take it all off to get our attention.Of course, this is Arianna, so before long, she does take it all off, and she's shoving her big, wet breasts in our face and spreading her pussy on a bench. There's lots of boob play and titty tugging, too, and Arianna's obviously having a good time.I love my outdoor photo shoots on the beach, Arianna said. I love how the sea breeze feels on my nipples and my pussy.By the end of this set, that wet T-shirt is long gone...but not forgotten. We bet you'll keep going back to those wet-T shots.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Allie pearson - meet new xl girl allie! Meet New XL Girl Allie! First announced on the SCORELAND Blog, Allie Pearson makes her XL Girls debut, the first time Allie has ever appeared anywhere. She's never modeled before and she's only here because a SCORE Group fan met her and recommended she try out modeling. It was a suggestion she went with. Allie's a natural at it. Some of the greatest TSG models were referred by friends, boyfriends, husbands or acquaintances. They were not looking to model and never considered it. Allie had never heard of XL Girls magazine or this website. I've always wanted to try modeling, said Allie. I just always felt too fat. As people who reject the mainstream opinion of what kind of body and breast size a model should have, we applaud her decision. It modeling never came up. It wasn't an option for me. I'm very happy to be here. Allie was not the bustiest girl in school. I didn't have huge natural tits until I was 21. I wear tight, low-cut dresses.I don't get that much attention only because I don't show a lot regularly. But when I do, I love the attention. Welcome, Allie Pearson.See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Arianna's bikini bust-out Arianna's Bikini Bust-Out On the beach in the Dominican Republic, looking a bit more busty than we've seen her before, Arianna Sinn proves how exciting a curvy, full-figured girl can look in a bikini. Her tits overflow her top, which only looks petite (on most women, it would cover their entire tits), and her fleshy anal cheeks make her G-string disappear. We're almost disappointed when Arianna takes off her bikini, but our disappointment fades when she hangs her natural tits into the camera, takes a dip in the infinity pool, then spreads her anal cheeks to give us a gyno view of her pink cunt and fuckable (but virgin) analhole.  I think women like me should wear little bikinis, Arianna said. Some women think they have to be thin like sticks, but I think a real woman has curves and should show them off. If I wore this bikini to the beach, I am sure I would get a lot of attention.  She sure would. By the way, this set has some unusual photos, such as No. 22, in which our photographer slowed the shutter speed to capture a petite waterfall off of Arianna's hair. And later, we get wet, jumping tits before finally finishing things off with Arianna's bunched-up tits and her good smile. Life is good. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Karina hart - a great day to jack to voluminous breasts A voluminous DAY TO JACK TO big tits A appealing field of yellow flowers. And Karina Hart's cruel tits. It is, indeed, a appealing day to be a lover of big boobs. This photo set has several other natural wonders, such as Karina's spread and puckered butt (wouldn't you love to have sex it) and Karina's slick, sweaty, have sexable pussy. Check out photo #37. Ya just gotta love a chick who smiles so appealingly while she's exposing her lascivious have sex hole, but that's Karina: appealing and lascivious at the same time. That's why we love her. Check out photo #50, too. Now, Karina would probably say, You're looking at what I'm doing with the dildo, aren't you but we'd say,No, Karina. Our eyes are focused on the way your tits are stacked on top of each other. But we'll get around to that dildoed cunt eventually.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Kendall caine - was she busty enough for iscore/i Was she busty enough for SCORE There are times when we debate whether or not to place a girl in SCORE, agonizing over whether her boobs are great enough. This happened with Bella Blaze, a bartender from the mid-west. That time we blogged and asked the readers for their opinion. She got in. Recently, a Czech named Jessie Simmons came our way, and we decided to go with her. She looks like Kendall Caine.Kendall Caine appeared in the March '06 Naughty Neighbors. She attracted attention from more than NN guys. Several SCORE Men emailed, too. T.W. wrote, Holy shit! Kendall is a knock-out. Her boobs aren't SCORE-sized, but they're beautiful! A waitress and new model looking for assignments, Kendall had that freshness and cuteness, like Jessie. She said her boobs were a natural 34DDs and her nipples were very perky. Kendall never did get in SCORE, but she came very close and did a shoot for Leg Sex as well as more Naughty layouts plus this multi-part video. The video opens up with Kendall at a desk talking about wanting to model. Then from the terrace of the apartment, the cameraman voyeuristically films Kendall in a bikini walking to the pool, where she relaxes and oils on a lounger. She meets him as she heads back upstairs to be filmed stripping off her bikini and masturbating with a great toy, which she sticks in deep. Our cameraman got in close, and that heated things up a lot. But it's not over. Another TSG photographer arrives to shoot a still set of Kendall, and we see that, too. She was inviting and knew what she was doing.Kendall didn't model much. I don't think she went to any professional studios after us. I'm surprised she didn't continue on the amateur circuit, even part-time like many girls. She had the invitings. But that's how it goes in the world of photography. Girls dabble, get naked then leave.See More of Kendall Caine at SCORELAND2.COM!. Eva karera - sex spa Sex Spa Eva Karera goes to a spa for a massage but the afternoon doesn't go exactly as she planned. Another customer couldn't help but notice her at the front desk checking in and now he wants to make love her. Concocting a scheme to impersonate one of the staff, Peter sneaks into Eva's massage room where she's awaiting Ingrid, her regular masseuse. This dude is nuts.Eva figures out that this guy is a fake when he makes a few boners as she questions him but Eva likes boners and decides to go with the flow. The massage barely gets started when the make loveing takes precedence over a full body rub.European porn star Eva talked about her voluminous tits, sex and porn. The first time I made my boobs voluminousger, I did not do them for porn. I was surrounded by friends with voluminous, fat boobs who were always asking me why I wasn't doing mine, and the more you ask me something, the less I want to do it. I had very nice, small boobs, but because I was enjoying wearing lusty outfits, I thought having voluminous boobs would make them look nicer.Eva became a specialist in assy scenes.Some guys love assy sex, but I think it's more because of the visual. They like to see the gaping. They like to play going in and out, but just for sex, they go back to the pussy. But I like it. If I shoot a scene and it's not an assy scene, it seems like something is missing, and in my personal life, if I make love a guy more than once, at some point I want to stick his penish in my ass, and it's not because he's asking. It's because I want to do it.See More of Eva Karera at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - bra-palooza Bra-palooza Letters To LinseyLinsey, you have saved my life. I know it's an odd way to start a fan post, but I've always believed in giving credit where credit's due. And you, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, have saved my life. I knew that you were the only one that could break my, shall we say, 'dry spell.' So I surfed a bit online and found your site here and immediately filled out a three month membership. I made a beeline for the members' section. Even though I had only just laid eyes on you again once more, I could feel the pipes beginning to loosen up and let the blood rush to my tool in excitement. Before now, I had only seen you in actually see you move, hear your I went to Ultimate Linsey and started with the part three (the lingerie reminded me of the one you wore in the magazine I had) and by the time you said 'No, stop, no wanking,' I was fighting myself not to! My tool was so massive I could have poked a hole in a wall with it and I was so libidinous from watching you and listening to your unbelievably lustful voice that I was about ready to might have a go at that wall. And your timing for the things you said in that clip was uncannily perfect. No more then two seconds after you said, 'I'm gonna ejaculateshotshot, baby, spunk for me, fill me up, 'I shot torrents of ejaculateshotshot all over my own chest and the wall in a screaming, wracking orgasm. It was one of those ones where my tool went off like a geyser, the ejaculateshotshot spurting out into the air like cannon shots. I couldn't help myself but to call out your name over and over again. In my mind, I was imagining myself spurting all that saved up ejaculateshotshot deep into your pussy, and the things you were saying in the clip matched my fantasy exactly. So there you have it...Linsey Dawn McKenzie, you saved my life. And so I thank you, deeply, for sharing your beauty, your gifts with the world, and with me.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Minka - asian bra busters Asian Bra Busters The sexual allure and charm of the Asian woman is powerful and impressive. Minka is the ultimate Asian fantasy woman for tit-man. Most men don't seem to really care about my costumes, said Minka. They care about my boobs and my nipples. They've never seen such large nipples their entire lives And they're pink. Very large. Very sensitive! Even so, many do want to see Minka wear certain kinds of clothing. Above all, they have to be skimpy and lascivious including her high heels which Minka almost always wears in her shoots. Many are partial to swimsuits and short dresses. My bust is so large, I have to wear a bra, said Minka. But I love when the men look. They look at my boobs, and then maybe they look at my face. Some men look at my legs.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. By the pool By The Pool Linsey once said that the best way to pull (pick-up) a girl was to NOT talk to her. This is one school of thought in the seduction playbook and Linsey seems to have subscribed to it early. What does she mean You get so many people orgasm up to you that you get bored with it. If he just ignores you, and he looks nice, and he's not paying any attention to you, it gets you wanting more, I think. You want to go up and talk to him. Sort of like 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.' If he ignores me all night, how do I know he's actually interested in me Well, I don't! I have to go up to him and find out. Sometimes the chase is the best. Judging from these pictures, being a photographer is a pleasant charming way to get girls to take off their clothes right away without having to pull any techniques on them. Just point that camera at them and they start to slide out of their bathing suits. Sweet!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Kitana flores - kitana's big-boob lingerie shageroo Kitana's big-boob lingerie shageroo Elliot James wrote, After seeing Kitana Flores in 'Big-Boobed Lingerie Shageroo,' it's more difficult than ever to say who is currently the hottest, busty Latina on SCORELAND. Right now, we're being torn apart by Kitana, Angelina Castro (both Florida beach bunnies) and west coaster Daylene Rio. Then there are the Dominican girls: Miosotis, Chica and Kristina Milan.Kitana Flores isn't as busty as most of those girls, but she has incredible sex appeal. Here, she's very much a Latina sex kitten, pleasing her man, being very feminine, but taking charge when she has to, too.I live in South Beach now, but I was born in Puerto Rico. The islands of pretty people and pretty booties, Kitana said. I don't like to brag about my body or think I'm all that.But she is.I'd rather be naked than wear clothes, but I think there's a time and a place for everything. I always wear a bra, even though I can probably get away with not wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a bra is because I don't want my nipples poking through and part of the reason is because I want to keep my breasts nice. I don't want them to sag too much when I get older. But I like to be comfortable in everything I wear. I like to be classy but fashionable. I don't like to put it all out there. I like to keep the guys guessing a little bit.Not much guessing goes on here. That's alright, too. Time and a place for everything, you know.See More of Kitana Flores at SCORELAND2.COM!. Valory irene - the valory irene-danni ashe connection The Valory Irene-Danni Ashe Connection When we handed this yellow micro-monokini to Valory, she looked at us and said, What is this We explained to her that it was a bathing suit, and she laughed. I think if I wore this to the beach where I come from, I would get arrested! Not every girl can do justice to a monokini like this one. It takes a girl with a 42-27-38 body, Valory's chest and her anus to make it look as wondrous as it does here. And check out Valory's anus as the monokini slices through her apple bottom. Valory's amazing anus, combined with the size and shape of her breasts, will inevitably result in people comparing her to Danni Ashe. We showed a picture of Danni to Valory and she said, She is very beautiful. Then she paused and said, She looks a lot like me. Then she laughed, realizing she was calling herself beautiful. By the way, note the dildo in the final photo: Is that a sign of things to comeSee More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Bubbles & tits Bubbles & tits Africa Sexxx. This is a woman who was built for fucking. And boy does she love to fuck. So much that she needs to take cold showers and baths every day due to the insane amount of dirty thoughts she has. So dirty, she has to soap up her knockers really well, rub suds on her slit and keep scrubbing until she gets squeaky-clean. Well, maybe until she squeaks and creams, but the whole point is this chick is a dirty girl at heart and she likes to be wet. And hey, that's not a problem. tits that are just a little lewd and dripping wet all the time are quite all right.See More of Africa Sexxx at BLACKANDSTACKED.COM!. Jessie simmons - delectable tablemate Delectable Tablemate If Jessie Simmons, the cute, beautiful blonde from the Czech Republic, wanted to use your table as a stage, we doubt you would complain about scuff marks and the oil from her shining anatomy soaking into the wood. We didn't complain either.Now that Jessie has done her first XXX scene with a guy, and quickly too, what does she want to try nextI want to have sex with a girl, says Jessie. I have never done that.Jessie is a what you see is what you get girl. She says she has no fetishes, no interest in kinky sex, no whips, no weird costumes. She rarely masturbates, just likes penish in her pussy and is a spitter. But who knows That could change. You know how chicks are.Check out Jessie's Bonus scene, Girl In The City.See More of Jessie Simmons at SCORELAND.COM!. Katarina dubrova - prowling for pud Prowling For Pud  exciting is as exciting does, and when chestastic Katarina feels the need to smoke some pole, she puts on her sluttiest and most stringy outfit and goes out to the streets in search of satisfaction. This seductress doesn't prowl for pud very long (not dressed in that outfit, anyway) before she finds a man who is more than willing to let her handle his package with care. I don't always want to have sex, she tells him as she fondles his trouser snake. I just like to see how fast my tits can make you cumshot. I want to see how much cumshot you can make shoot out of your cock just for me. You heard the lady! Show her how much cumshot her jiggling jugs can bring forth! See More of Katarina Dubrova at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Joana bliss - tit chat Tit Chat The great Joana Bliss chats with our photographer on a terrace overlooking the street. It's too windy and not conducive to recording a conversation so they move indoors. The statuesque stunner tells us a little more about her background and her interests and also shows us one of the abdominal exercises she does. Anytime we see this nice woman, we are hit with brain freeze and get boob drunk. This time is no exception! See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Casey deluxe - oiled boobs & bump Oiled boobs & Bump Casey Deluxe oils up her ready-to-pop baby bump and now-largeger boobs and fingers her hyper-sensitive pussy. Casey said her sex drive was through the roof at this point and she was wearing out her baby-daddy.I was having sex four-to-five times a week before, said Casey. I wanted it every day at this time of my pregnancy. My favorites are doggie-style and having my cunthole licked.I get emails from lascivious guys who are horny to jerk off looking at my large belly and swollen tits. They tell me what they do at home and some of them take pictures of my photos stained by their cum. They are nasty men. I hope they like this video and photo shoot. See More of Casey Deluxe at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Elle flynn - elle flynn's creampie art class Elle Flynn's creampie art class First of all, I'd like to know why when I was in school, none of the students dressed like Elle Flynn is dressed here. Oh, sure, there were some hot girls with great tits, but my classmates didn't wear low-cut tops that showed off 90% of their great naturals, short skirts that barely covered their butts and fishnet stockings that were open at the slit.Of course, not many girls are like Elle. I'll give her that.In this scene, Elle is a student in an art class. Turns out she's the only student in the class. I suspect that the male members of the class are all in the bathroom jacking off to Elle. Anyway, Carlos, the male model, comes over to Elle's desk to see what she's drawing, and she ends up cock sucking his cock and have sexual intercourse him. Yep. Happens all the time. He also gives her something to remember him by: a creampie in her pussy.I'm usually dressed pleasant conservatively, said Elle, who's a bartender back home. It probably depends on what I'm doing or where I'm going. If I'm going out on the town, you might see me wearing something like a corset that shows off my great boobs.I suspect that there's no hiding Elle's great boobs.By the way, Elle never modeled or fucked on-camera for anyone but us. God bless her.See More of Elle Flynn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Back to school Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: April 17; Ht: 5'5; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: I like lace; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Rarely.  Winter brought this schoolgirl outfit with her from home. I love roleplaying, she explained. I got into it with an ex. He told me that we were just going for condoms, but he surprised me by telling me to buy any horny outfits I wanted. I ended up getting almost an entire closet full of horny clothes!  I think that the most-elaborate roleplaying experience I ever had was when I dressed up as a maid. I pretended that I found my employer's porno stash and I started masturbating on his bed. He (my boyfriend at the time) walked in and found me there with my black and white French maid uniform pulled up around my waist. He scolded and embarrassed me, then he bent me over his knee and gave me a spanking. I told him that I would blowjob his tool if he didn't tell anybody about my secret! As I blowjobed him and fondled his balls, I looked up and said that he better not tell his wife about our naughty escapades because I wanted to do it more often. We even created a back story that he's going to leave his wife for me!See More of Winter at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - too hot to handle Too Hot To Handle As a longtime member I must confess to my Linsey addiction. My Thursday evenings are usually devoted to devouring your new offerings and I find myself wrecked for the women I know in real life because your raw sensuality and provocative nature captures my attention. Be well, TomSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Eva notty - bikini busting beauty and an ocean view Bikini Busting Beauty And An Ocean View If you saw Eva Notty nice the pants off a flummoxed Santa Claus in the SCOREtv Holiday Edition, you already know that this stacked brunette has more sex appeal in her little pinky than the average woman has in her entire body. In Eva's newest SCORE photo set Bikini Busting Beauty And An Ocean View, she shows once again how talented she is at man-pleasing, starting with just the sight alone of her charming bikini body and progressing to offering up her 34F tits for the hottest breast-sex as a warm-up. Her elegant bod was built for skimpy bikinis. Tit-fucking can happen in foreplay, advises the SCORE Model of the Year 2010 candidate. So, say the guy is up here playing with my breasts and puts his tool between my tits, that's great. The most amount of time that you can spend before actually getting to my pussy is the best because it's really, really, really getting hot and bothered and then the orgasm is better. Eva's a very sensuous, sensual, erotically-minded woman and that personality comes across on video even when she's simply sitting and waiting for her date to show. As SCORE editor Dave put it, A guy could lose his mind with a woman like Eva. And they have, no doubt about that.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Brandi sparks - butts & tits Butts & tits nice Brandi Sparks was spotted on the MyFreecams webcam site showing off her lovely body and voluminous tits to a rotating audience of filthy pervs. She calls herself a Student and Professional Masturbator. Since we, as filthy pervs ourselves, liked her looks and style, and we like students who are professional masturbators, we invited Brandi to do her thing at SCORELAND. She did more than her cam thing. She fuck Juan Largo's pocket-python.A mid-westerner from Ohio, Brandi also owns a voluminous, perfect bottom. This scene focused on that round, ripe rump. It's a nice thing Juan is a pro because I am sure the average dude would lose his load within 10 seconds when Brandi was twerking on his cock. Like Felicia Clover, Brandi could be called a whooty, a white girl with a anus or a PAWG (Phat bum White Girl). Eventually, Largo blows his load like a broken fire hydrant all over Brandi's pale and pink bottom cheeks. Totally bottom-tounding.I can make a guy cumshot with just my eyes, Brandi said. I've had sex in a church parking lot, at a rest stop and at a state park. They're good frisky in Ohio.See More of Brandi Sparks at SCORELAND2.COM!. Cami cooper - a mom becomes an xl girl A Mom Becomes An XL Girl She's a mom from the mid-west with a best friend who suggested she model for XL Girls. So Cami Cooper went with that piece of excellent advice and emailed her at-home photos. Cami had never modeled before, and while she seemed shy and a little nervous at first, she wasn't shy at all when the cameras were turned on.Cami has 38G-cups that are very pliable. She shows how pliable they are in the video. She can cock sucking her own nipples also. Back home, Cami likes to masturbate. I have a huge trunk full of toys, says Cami. Cami doesn't toy herself in this debut shoot and opts for finger-banging instead. Masturbating with a guy in the room pointing a camera at her made her cumshot harder. She kept her eyes on him the entire time. Cami's sexual fantasies are having a threesome with another woman and going to a swingers' party. Cami says she's the passive type in bed so a strong male is her kind of sex partner. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chevy cobain - tight top & tight anus shorts Tight Top & Tight anal Shorts Chevy Cobain came all the way from Erie, Pennsylvania to be an XL Girl. She said she was a little nervous in the beginning her first time here but that disappeared as the shoot went on. She has a laid-back personality, warming up as her clothes came off so she could rub her considerable natural boobs and finger-bang her pink taco. Chevy's on a few social networks like most chicks today. She loves taking selfies. Our studio people saw her there around the same time she saw XL Girls. Chevy's only 19 years old and sprouted young. Her boobs are a 40H-cup. The stylist measured her bustline at 50-inches. Definitely more than a handful. I have to go to special bra stores to get the right sizes. I get my bras online from a place in Buffalo, says Chevy. big natural boobs are not easy to support. Next on the to-do list for Chevy is a bust-out bangeroo. Gotta see those natural boobs bounce some more.See More of Chevy Cobain at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kerry marie - braless in pink Braless In Pink As mentioned earlier, Kerry is not dancing anymore in the Sunday Sport newspaper calvacade, taking the buses to nightclubs all over the U.K. with other British showbirds. I prefer the modeling because the dancing is quite heavy work and when I travel the country all the time, the hours are long and I'm away from home quite a bit. Dancing is quite tiring and draining. And the money, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. At least with modeling you always know what you're gonna get.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Lipstick nipples Lipstick Nipples Hitomi is voluminous at self-sucking her pliable breasts. She leaves her nipples covered with red lipstick smears in the video while she spanks it on top of a bar. Her nipples are clear of lipstick marks in this photo set.  Hitomi was in Prague for the first time after last year's trip to Miami, which is featured in a SCORELAND special. She didn't get to spend that much time touring the city's historic spots but she did get to play beautiful with British bird Lily Madison. She did get the tour of a bee museum, of all places, shown in a Bonus video, breasts Over Bees. (That city needs a pleasant bra museum.)  Hitomi's English is getting better all the time and she works heavy at it. When she first arrived in Mexico for her group shoot, she brought along a translator. In the Dominican Republic, Hitomi had a translating app on her smartphone. She's always looking to improve herself.  Now if you ever met Hitomi in a club or bar, the last thing you'd want is for her to get on a bar top and play with her voluminous breasts and pussy. You'd try to take her to your place where you could be alone with her. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!.
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