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Jasmine shiraz - oils well when jasmine shows her boobs

Oils well when Jasmine shows her boobs When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do this, even though I thought about it, said F-cup natural Jasmine Shiraz, who was pointed in our direction by her boyfriend. I've always liked to show off my boobs.And we very much enjoy seeing this F-cup Jersey girl's great boobs.When you've got it, why not show it off Jasmine said. I don't understand why girls would be embarrassed. I've had friends who asked me why I dress the way I do. I tell them, 'Because they look nice. Why should I hide them'No reason, and nice answer.Jasmine was born in Iran. She went to graduate school. We've known all along that the brains/boobs prejudice was ridiculous, and Jasmine provides additional proof that busty girls can be smart, too.I don't know why they'd think they wouldn't, Jasmine said. I guess when they see these, they forget the rest. I definitely have to prove myself a little bit more all the time, more than girls who have smaller boobs. I guess women bosses can be a little intimidated or distrustful of girls with great boobs, but there's no reason for that. I know they can be a distraction, but when I'm at work, I don't dress to show them off.By the way, men do get stupid when they see great boobs. That's a fact.See More of Jasmine Shiraz at SCORELAND2.COM!


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