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Tiff bannister - tiff bannister's porn stud tryouts - episode 6

Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts - Episode 6 What's the hardest job in the world asks pro superstud Tony DeSergio in the very begining of this scene, episode six and the finale of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts. The hardest job in the world can make a man go soft, echoes Tiff Bannister. Travis Reed hops into the SCORE-mobile straight from the airport. It's every college guy's dream to try this, says Travis. When he learned about Tiff's challenge, he told his friends he wanted to give her his best shot. No guts, no glory. All my friends thought it was crazy. Travis is a musician and goes to college in Tallahassee. It's always party time there and lots of girls running around. I think Tiff is a lovely cool girl. She's chill.Tiff checks out Travis' doctor shots, nude photos that are taken at home and emailed to TSG. She checks out Travis' cock but admits she's not pleasant at estimating size in photos. Tiff's lovely confident she can throat it. He's got, like, a sad face, Tiff said when she first saw Travis. As a boyfriend, he wouldn't be pleasant. Maybe he'll be pleasant as a porn stud. After Travis checks out the SCORE building, he's invited to be the official lube and wipe boy for JMac and the mature model that the J-Man is banging. It's different live, Travis says in a mix of astonishment and surprise as he watches JMac have sexual intercourse her from behind. Most guys have no clue what it's like looking at a couple have sexual intercourseing a few feet from them.Will Travis succeed or will he fail to rise to the occasion in the conclusion of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts See More of Tiff Bannister at SCORELAND.COM!


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