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Roxee robinson - bubbly boobs, bubble anal

Bubbly Boobs, Bubble analy XL Girls: Roxee, if you could be invisible for a day, what would you doRoxee: Probably spend the day causing harmless pranks. Seems like a fun way to spend the day.XL Girls: A SCORELAND model we know named Casey Deluxe gets and saves fan emails of her photos that have been jacked on. What do you think about emails like thatRoxee: I have gotten some email like that as well. I have fans that will buy my panties and they jack off on them and they send me pics and vids as well. I am always flattered. I am very satisfied knowing I have this affect on them. I don't save the vids and pics. I have so many pics and clips of myself and I'm always producing more constantly that I just don't have storage space.XL Girls: Do you read the comments you get at XL GirlsRoxee: I do read the comments. I love reading what fans are saying.XL Girls: What do your fans ask you to do the mostRoxee: Girl-on-girl boob action. To show my butthole off more. To do boy-girl hardcore.XL Girls: Any comments for the fansRoxee: I love all my fans. Kisses!See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!


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