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Lavish styles - breast pumpin' areolas

Breast Pumpin' Areolas There's something totally hot, yet totally deviant about the way that Lavish's mind works. This is the type of chick who sees a breast pump and sees it as an opportunity to use it on her round, brown areolae. Why would she do this, you ask Because she wants to make sure that her suckable nipples are nice and sensitive and very, very cruel before she tells you to stick your cruel dick between them. And why wouldn't you want to pound Lavish's lovely chocolate titties Especially when she has taken the liberty to cream them up for you so that they are nice and slippery. We say that any girl who goes out of her way like that for you deserves a gift or an award, or something, right So why don't you go ahead and cream all over her boobs and show her that you care. See More of Lavish Styles at TITSANDTUGS.COM!


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