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On the patio

On The Patio From The Best of Desirae's Hot and libidinous Letters--picked by Desi herself! Hi Desirae, I was just surfing on the web and I came upon your site. I am going to be honest with you. I love your anatomy. It is off-the-hook. The photos that I saw of you are large. I like those huge tits you have, and that ass, and those cute, thick legs of yours are so pretty. I would love to take a bite out of you. On top of that, you are so beautiful. You have a very lascivious look about you that is appetizing to the eyes. I had to go beat my meat off to your photos. That's the kind of effect they have on me. Normally, I don't do that, so you know you have some large photos. I am really enjoying myself. You have a cute anatomy and that's the way I like a woman's anatomy to be, cute and thick. So take care, baby, and keep up the pretty work. Bye, bye, your new largeest fan.-B.W.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!


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