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P-chan - creamy asian natural tits

Creamy Asian tits Miss P-Chan (February '15 SCORE) unleashes her super-huge natural J-cups that have made her one of Japan's top bra-busters. Licking a vanilla ice cream cone, she tongues the creamy goodness off her considerable tits. SCORELAND: When did your boobs start developing P-Chan: My boobs started getting considerable from around 14 years old. No other girl in my neighborhood came close to the size of my boobs. Normally I try to cover them when I go out but because of their size, they are difficult to hide. I always wear a bra when I go out, not at home. SCORELAND: What are your sexual desires P-Chan: Sexual desires It's not that I don't have any, but it's nothing perverted. Just normal sex. I like guys with long fingers. I jack-off with my fingers or a vibrator. My boobs are very sensitive so I like to touch them. I don't really have any sexual fantasies. I have sex maybe once a year. I like to be on top. I am not a considerable fan of anal play. I'm a passive girl but when I have some drinks, I get really horny.See More of P-Chan at SCORELAND.COM!


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