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Eva karera - i am from europe we are not uptight

I Am From Europe. We Are Not Uptight Eva Karera is a Belgian porn star. She began her porn life in France since Belgium is no hotbed of hardcore production. She moved to the US in 2008 and does porn on both continents. I like to push myself, explore my limits, says Eva.I used to be really, really shy. I started to become more comfortable with myself and began doing photo shoots and going to swingers' clubs. Eva met a girl at one who was doing porn so Eva decided to try it herself. I didn't know a thing about porn. I really didn't know anything. So I did research and contacted producers in France. I was booked in Paris the next week. They asked me if I did butthole in my personal life, and I do, so my first scene was butthole.I am from Europe. We are not uptight over there. I have had a lot of sexual encounters with girls. My favorite is a threesome with a girl with large breasts who isn't a dead fish and a guy.Eva talks with SCORE editor Dave in the dressing room in All About Eva. Love that accent.See More of Eva Karera at SCORELAND.COM!


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