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Have sex the president Yeah, we've heard people express that sentiment many times over the years. In this scene, Elektra Lamour is one president who we'd like to grab by the cunt. By the hairy cunt, that is. She wouldn't mind. She'd whip out her considerable tits, bend over to give suck your cock then let you have intercourse her cunt every which way. That's because she wants it. And then she'd let you have intercourse her butt because, let's face it, most politicians are butts, and then she'd let you cumshot in her cunt. Elektra, who's 50 years old, is one politician who wants to serve her constituents, especially the male ones. She's turning the oval office into the oral office. And the butt office. As if it wasn't that already. Elektra said, I haven't shaved my cunt in 17 years, and even when I did, I didn't shave it all the way. Guys say that a shaved cunt is just not natural and they feel like pedophiles. They just like a hairy cunt. My husband won't let me shave it. Not that I want to. He loves my hairy cunt and he loves my considerable tits. Most guys do. As for the scenario here, Elektra has no plans to run for office. I like my real job better than being a politician, said Elektra, who's a porn star and an escort. I get to feel cute and make other people feel cute. What politician can say that See More of Elektra at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!


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