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I used to get a lot of attention from boys in school because of my anatomy said Allie Pearson. Having a graceful face helped too. I developed at a young age, so my boobs, my butt, all that elegant stuff, got their attention. That's when I remember really standing out and having largeger assets than the other girls. A lot of the other girls would look at me and say, 'Oh my gosh! You have large boobs! I wish I had large boobs,' because at that age, every girl wants boobs, but as far as participating in a lot of activities, it was uncomfortable at that age because whatever you do you're flopping around. The funniest boob thing is when my friend has come up to me a few times and played the drums on my boobs. It's hilarious. She'll just come up to me and do it in public. Usually after a few drinks. Allie is the top-rated girl at XL Girls. Considering all of the other knockouts, that says a lot. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!


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