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Juicy blonde

Juicy Blonde Madison is very much the girl-next-door. Madison's birthday is January 1st and she's just as much a breath of fresh air as the new year. Blonde and cute, she fulfills every role you'd want in a blossoming teen. There's her innocent side, where she bakes and goes dirt biking for fun. And there's her naughty side, where she has three-ways and public sex. Tell us more about the time you had sex in public. My ex and I were at a public lake in Georgia. I was super horny. We were floating near the edge of where you couldn't swim any farther and I was playing with his dick. It felt so rough in my hand as I was stroking it. There were other people swimming nearby and I wanted to have sexual intercourse so bad. I wrapped my legs around him and he put it in. I was so turned on that it was rough to be discreet, but at that point I didn't care if anyone knew. Madison, how many times in a row have you cumshot Three so far. And it was when I was on top. I love riding guys; that's my favorite position. It just hits all the right spots. See More of Madison Hart at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


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