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Tit-fucking the british lady

Tit-fucking The British Lady Goldie Blair reminds us of one of those way-too-hot young moms you might see at one of your kids' back-to-school/meet-the-parents nights. You know the type. Smokin' hot, somewhat haughty look, bored, looks like she needs to be pounded by someone besides her husband, and sporting some natural tits that you just know she is dying to wrap around a dick. You see, this is the type of chick they write all those Real Housewives of reality shows about. She is so bored that the minute she gets a chance to jerk off a total stranger, this type of woman jumps at the chance. Not because she can't fuck anyone else, but because she lives in a glass cage and she just wants to be reminded of her younger, free days when she ho'ed it up for fun with everyone who came her way. So, do a little public service if you bump into a smokin' hot chick like Goldie Blair. Gentlemanly offer Goldie your dick to jerk and tug. It will make her day and she will make you spray. See More of Goldie Blair at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


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