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Vanessa del & the banana man

Vanessa Del & The Banana Man Vanessa Del, a name synonymous with lush, plush, tropical tetas and a analy made for spanking. Vanessa jiggles and wiggles on a staircase, shoving her bountiful gifts at the camera. Recognizing her greatness and her dedication to promoting all things Dominican, especially Dominican melons, Largo, standing by, awards Vanessa his medals of honor, namely his face and banana. Vanessa pummels him with those hard jugs, her own special way of rewarding an hombre. They retreat to the shady veranda so Vanessa can swallow his tube-meat where it's cooler, preparing it for placement in her colossal cleavage, a crevice where many before Largo have gotten lost. Tit-fucking Vanessa is an endeavor of delight and could last for an hour. But Largo must tear himself away from banging her bongos so he can present his banana to Vanessa's pussy. Her eyes light up as he fills her snatch, their hips pounding out a merengue. Here's a woman who loves the coconuts and their juice all over her melons. See More of Vanessa Del at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


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