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Bcummed-on tits in tight tops/b

Cummed-on breasts in tight tops This scene combines a popular theme in solo shoots (a curvy girl trying on tight tops and talking about them) and hardcore fucking. Our guest is Kianna Dior, someone I consider one of the hottest and nastiest porn stars of them all, something I've stated since she started doing boy-girl. Why she never won an official award from the porn industry is the crime of the century. Kianna is the all-time best at giving the sloppiest, messiest, most-gaggy cock suckings jobs and then playing with the cumshot for a considerable amount of time after she drains the guy's balls. In the opening segment, Kianna tries on three tops while I ask her about what she's been up to since her previous visit to SCORE. I also ask Kianna if she would wear any of the skimpy tops while driving around town. I was surprised when Kianna said she's more low-key in public than most of us might think. Once the breasts in tight tops portion ends, the stunt-cock of the day, Commando by name, moves in to get cock suckinged and fucked. At that point, the cameraman gave me the eye to leave the set. Not because of Kianna. She wouldn't have cared if I stayed and watched her cock sucking cock. She would have liked it. It was for the guy's sake. Some of them want as few staff on-set when they're concentrating on fucking. See More of Kianna Dior at SCORELAND2.COM!


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