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Milky mamazon

Milky Mamazon Like milk If you're not lactose intolerant, Milky Mamazon starring Shyla Shy is just the liquid refreshment for you. Shyla was a month fresh from giving birth. She still had a little belly pooch from baby fat and her top was still large from carrying all that mom's milk so Shyla offered to visit again and dispense that nutritious goodness. She strips off naked and prepares to take a shower. First she turns on the shower faucet, then she turns on her nipple faucets, squirting her milk on the glass shower doors, her bloated natural tits releasing their supply of jug juice and splashing against the glass. Carlos enters the bathroom to see what Shyla's up to. He joins her and watches while she sprays, which gets his dick up for action. He wants Shyla in the bedroom now so he can starting playing with her engorged tits and have sexable, fertile cunt so he frog-walks her into the bedroom to have sex her face and hot, wet vagina and enjoy her amazing natural tits! A must-see for milk and dairy lovers. Shyla Shy is a very quiet girl, rarely speaking, but her anatomy speaks very loudly! See More of Shyla Shy at XLGIRLS.COM!


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