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Barely legal blonde

Barely Legal Blonde Jessica, we couldn't help but notice you aren't wearing a brassiere. Yes, and it's not just because I was going to take naked pictures. I regularly go out without a bra. I find them uncomfortable. My titties are still perky so I don't really need a bra anyway. Honestly, I kind of like it when people stare at my chest because they notice I'm braless. My nipples get cruel and stick out like they're saying hi! Do you have sensitive nipples, Jessica I would say they are medium sensitive. I like a little bit of pinching and light biting when I'm turned on, but nothing too cruel. I like it when I hook up with a guy and he spends time feeling up my titties and squeezing them and blowjob and licking my nipples. But then again, what girl doesn't natural tits are big playthings. How do you like your cunt played with rough or more gentle I like a little of both. My clit is delicate so I like pressure on it. When I use a dildo I put it on full blast so I can ejaculateshot cruel. And when a guy eats me out I like him to really work my clit with his tongue, flicking it and making circles around it so I can juice all over his face. When it comes to sex, being pounded is fun. It definitely makes me scream. But sometimes my cunt will get sore if I'm going cruel for a long time, and I'll need to take it easy. I've ejaculateshot both from slow sex and fast, cruel fucking, so I like them both. It just depends on my mood. See More of Jessica Jensen at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


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