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Milf monday-jamie

MILF Monday-Jamie Guys, meet Jamie. She's 48, still has perky 34B-cup titties, and lives just outside of LA. Her favorite TV show is Twin Peaks, and her favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs. She drives a vintage BMW. We're telling you all of this because we've been seeing a lot of teens lately and although we love their taut, nubile bodies, listening to them talk about music and celebrities can be exhausting. Jamie is a breath of fresh air. She's sophisticated. She's mature. She's horny. I prefer intellectuals, Jamie told us. Men who keep their minds as fit as their bodies are always sexy. I don't have a height requirement for men I date, but I expect them to keep me engaged in thoughtful and flirty conversation. I'm not afraid to push boundaries. I'm into the taboo. When I'm with younger men, I enjoy playing the mommy role. I don't mind playing the young, corruptible daughter role, either. Roleplaying incest and familial-sex is excited and naughty and I always enjoy being 'out there.' See More of Jamie Foster at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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