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Breach for the skye/b

Reach for the Skye Cameron Skye is a married lady who wanted to try nude modeling. She quickly made the switch from solo posing to hardcore with pro studs. I guess Cameron liked it, and her husband had no objections. A big, strapping girl, Cameron has a hot, fleshy body, and she's proud of it. She likes to swim but has trouble finding the right suits. No swimsuit can really hold my tits all the way in, Cameron said. I always end up with them squished in and poking out. She likes to stay fit but she doesn't workout so much that she'll lose her tits and ass. I have strong legs. I love to lift weights and stuff. I like to be strong. There's some muscle on them. I think my tits are so noticeable that most people just don't come up to me and say, 'Hey, you have great legs.' It's usually, 'Wow, I can't believe how big your tits are!' Cameron does her own thing now on-cam. We're glad we had her first. See More of Cameron Skye at SCORELAND2.COM!


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