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Tit chat with amaya may

Tit Chat With Amaya May On the bed where she will spread her legs and bounce her bongos in her big boobs and toy scene, Amaya May talks to SCORE and Vmag editor Dave. He wastes no time asking Amaya to get out her clothing. This is how all interviews should be conducted. Amaya talks tits, her tattoos, web-cams, how she made her way to SCORE and more. SCORELAND: So you get on the webcam and then what happens Amaya: I just do all kinds of things. I cam from my dance studio, so there are all kinds of fun rooms. I'll go into the gymnastics room and hang out in there. I can do naked tumbling, cartwheels and splits, or I can go into my dance room and tap dance. Guys love to see naked or topless tap dancing. And I have a tanning room, so sometimes I do a show where I'll oil up. I do all kinds of different stuff. SCORELAND: And you were actually discovered on your webcam, weren't you Amaya: Yes. It was just an average day in my room and someone named Elliot from The SCORE Group said, You should get in touch with us. You might be large to come in and film and do some modeling. Maybe some videos. So at first I didn't get a hold of him. I had him email me through my cam site. Kind of blew it off. I thought he was somebody trying to act like he was important. But then he emailed me back and I actually sent in pictures and the whole nine yards, and it kinda went from there.... See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!


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