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Katarina dubrova's creampie table dance

Katarina Dubrova's Creampie Table Dance Katarina Dubrova is not a stripper but she could have been a hot one if she had moved in that direction. She got into hot nudity and hardcore porn instead. Now a young MILF spending her time being a mommy and pushing a stroller, Katarina still keeps a hand in porn with her man and we were glad about that. She's been one of the prettiest naturals at SCORELAND for years. Dave wrote, The dude is the same guy who knocked her up to begin with. The same guy who have intercourses her in all of her scenes. Some girls are like that...they'll do porn but only with their friends or boyfriends. My feeling about this is that I want to see the girl get have intercourseed, and if this is the only way, fine, as long as the guy can maintain wood on-camera. Now if Katarina was a stripper and you walked into the club where she danced, you'd make a bee-line right to her. When she approaches him as he sits on the couch waiting, Katarina's tight dress fits her curves like plastic wrap. The black boots on her feet and the pearl panties that fit between her vagina lips mean he's in for one hot dance and have intercourse. At first, she slaps his hand away as she gyrates closer, teasing the hell out of him. Katarina gets on a table and continues her show. She takes her big tits out and touches them, taunting him. Sitting on the couch next to him, Katarina gets hotter, pulling on those sex panties and smiles at him. She stands up and gives him her back so he can unhook her. Getting back on the couch on top of him, Katarina takes his tool out of his fly and checks it. Stretching out, Katarina gives him hot head and a cock massage between her tits. Now he can have intercourse the blonde beauty and savor that tight vagina as her hips swivel under him. That grinding pussy makes him explode his load inside her pink slit but it's okay. She's been creampied before. See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!


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