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The biggest fantasy boobs in Europe Probably no category of SCORE Girl generates more debates and controversy than the super-augmented girls. A far second is the bushy cunt vs. shaved cunt debate. I've found that a noteworthy percentage of the normally silent majority get involved when these two subjects come up. When Beshine arrived at SCORE magazine and SCORELAND in 2011, the barrage of comments began, as we expected. Jack wrote: Thank so much, Beshine, for your incredible bust enhancement and sharing your remarkable figure with SCORELAND fans. I know you must work and exercise very heavy to keep in top shape and support your big bust. I luv your positive attitude and ever-present pleasant smile. I hope we can enjoy your modeling career for many years to come. Rooster added: This is the type of woman that made me a SCORE Man in the '90s and will keep me a SCORE Man in the future. D.S. added: I happen to like Beshine a lot. I haven't seen this much controversy about a new girl like this since Chelsea Charms, even more than Keisha Evans. I mean, there are only a handful of women like this, so why get so negative Beshine is strictly a fantasy tit model. That includes stretching delicate tops, which is part of the extreme-boob fetish. Beshine's fulfilling her personal extreme-breast fetish and the extreme-breast fetish of her fans. It takes extreme effort for women to do this because not only is society ultra-critical of them, many breast-lovers themselves can be ultra-critical. Beshine never shows her cunt let alone spreads, toys her cunt or does heavycore with men or women. I don't remember ever seeing any shots of Beshine bottomless. Like Chelsea Charms and Keisha Evans, Beshine didn't go through a transformative process to do more than show her boobs. On the flip side, Kayla Kleevage, Elizabeth Starr and Minka have done heavycore fuck scenes from the start. I've known these three for a long time, and they love have sexual intercourse and porn. And like Kayla, Chelsea, Minka, Maxi Mounds, Melonie Charm, Elizabeth, Casey James, Keisha and SaRenna, Beshine is a living Otis Sweat painting. And that's a rare sight. See More of Beshine at SCORELAND2.COM!


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