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Boobs & tugs (& tongue)!

When she first posed at XL Girls, newcomer Alaura Grey said, I just thought I'd give modeling a try. Do something new. The pictures. Being naked on-camera. And I don't get dressed up that often, so doing that is fun. It makes me feel lovely. I like getting my hair done and my makeup put on, especially when I don't have to do it. For the past two years, ever since Alaura Grey's last XL Girls' posting in February of 2015, questions about her return continued to come in. Several times a week without failure, someone would email or comment pleading to see Alaura again. The truth was, we had no definite answer for them. While we might reply no for the time being, we tend to believe in never say never. We just didn't know if Alaura would ever model again. And then...the heavy news. Alaura wanted to shoot again. And this time, she would use a toy. And even better, she would also use a real penish as a toy in another scene! When 4'11 Alaura guides the guy's hands over her boobs and lowers her top, the sheer sight of her 36M boobs wobbling in her bra cups (yes, they're heavyger now) is astounding. She takes them out of the bra cups herself and places her hands over his, guiding him as he feels the weight and firmness. Alaura instructs him, telling him to squeeze them and letting him know how it feels. Her heavy nipples get rough and she tells him it tickles when his finger rub them. Alaura invites him to lie down so she can straddle him while his hands squeeze and knead her boobs. While he's massaging and rubbing her natural marvels, Alaura reaches for his junk and pulls his penish out to blowjob and then engulf inside her deep cleavage. She rocks back and forth, squeezing her tits with his penish between them, taking it out to blowjob again and then making it vanish in her cleavage again. They change positions and she lies back so we can look at her lovely face as he fucks her boobs faster and faster...the ultimate tit-fuck dream. See More of Alaura Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!


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