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Blonde amazons

Blonde Amazons Bunny Glamazon at 6'3 in her bare feet towers over C.C. Moore who's a mere 5'1. Here are two blonde Lezzie Amazons straight out of a fantasy painting by the master of large-tit art Otis Sweat. The year is 1991 and the place is California. C.C. (also billed as Christina Cream, BJ Biggs and Staci Staxx) attends to dominant Bunny, applying lotion to her large breasts as they recline outdoors. C.C. was known for her serpentine tongue which is shown here in detail as she licks Bunny's nipples. C.C. also shows her throating techniques that she used to do on-stage with toys. She takes a banana off the food tray and swallows the entire thing, then removes it from her throat intact. C.C. would not do hardcore with guys, not even a one-time blowjob job, but she could have swallowed the longest cocks. They get covered in a vanilla shake that they pour all over themselves. It's only at the end as they hose off that we see the contrast in height as they stand up to clean up and walk into the house.See More of Bunny Glamazon at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


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