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Bostonian bra-buster

Bostonian Bra-buster Of Greek-American ancestry, billed on strip club marquees at a ridiculous 97ZZZ-24-32 (and at other times 95FFF), Toppsy Curvey called herself The Kissing Babe and patterned her baseball hobby after Morganna, the famous Kissing Bandit, who smooched over 40 major league baseball players and 100 other pro athletes as part of her long running Operation Morganna Kiss publicity gimmick. Did Toppsy compare herself to the famous Kissing Bandit I wouldn't say Kissing Bandit, said Toppsy in her strong Boston accent. The kiss of luck. I think any pitcher who gets kissed by me should consider himself lucky. The kiss of death, New York Post sports columnist Steve Serby once called it. Once past her huge tits in her videos and pictorials (which can take some time), you look at Toppsy's face and take note that she's a damn sweet-looking woman. There are worse things that can happen to a major league baseball player on the field than a chick like Toppsy tearing at him from out of nowhere. Yet Toppsy knows that running out onto a playing field can be extremely dangerous. Every year, people sitting in their seats are badly hurt by balls and broken bats flying into the stands, and the injured can't sue. A dancer with massive, heaving breasts running out to the diamond during a game in progress is taking a very large risk. Most of the baseball players she's buzzed, and then bussed, wish she wouldn't do it. The whole thing is an interruption. New York Yankee Steve Howe said, It's not sweet for a pitcher. Breaks their whole concentration. See More of Toppsy Curvey at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


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