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The ballerina has boobs

The ballerina has breasts There's a reason we haven't seen many ballerinas in SCORE. Most ballet dancers would tip over if they had SCORE-sized breasts. I've interviewed many SCORE and busty Girls who told me they danced ballet (or played basketball and other bouncy sports) when they were little, but their above-average chest development gave them no choice but to stop. Ballerinas need to be petite from top to bottom. SCORE Girls can be petite down below, but they're definitely not petite up top. One look at Romanian beauty Estelle Taylor tells you all you need to know about her career as a ballerina. She's tall and thin with long legs and a petite waist. But those large, natural tits...well, you just don't see ballerinas with tits like hers. Which is why you'll never see Estelle in Swan Lake. Maybe Boob Lake. Estelle was referred to us by a makeup artist who told us, I grew up with a girl who had the largegest breasts in school. She was a ballerina, and when she changed into her dancing tights, all of the other girls stared. They couldn't believe how large her breasts were. Estelle found a home at SCORELAND, and the ballet world's loss was our gain. Wrote one admirer, When I look at Estelle's pictures, there is nothing else in this world for me but Estelle. Her good face, exquisite body and the grace of motion hinted at even by still pictures quickens my heart, deepens my breath, fills my eyes and seizes my every thought. By the way, if Estelle were in a ballet, I'd watch it. Especially if she were dancing naked. See More of Estelle Taylor at SCORELAND2.COM!


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